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Willow/Angel stories

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Stories by BeMu

The Tinkerbell Series

How Angelus Stole Christmas

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

A Guy Like Angel

For Once in My Life (FOIML)

Under My Skin

Trapped Inside a Month of Grey


Stories by Lorelei

Obsession Series


Role Reversal

High Above Me (PG)

Love Gives (PG15)(sequel to High Above Me)

Hopelessly Addicted (Sequel to Love Gives)


Stories by TheWicked Sluts

Private Lessons Series

Don't Thank Me

Madness Kissed

Hard and Fast

Sweet Surrender



Truine (WAX)

Three's Company (WAX) (follows Truine)


Stories by Emmangel

Heart and ...Demon Series


Stories by Terrina

No Rest For Willow (Pg13)

Even Girls Get to Have Fun (PG13) Sequel to No Rest for Willow


Stories by LadyFae  (outside link)



Stories by Melinda Dawney (Outside link)


Sequels to Friendship

Other Stories




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