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Below are some awards that I will be handing out to sites I think deserve them! :)

The requirements are listed following each award. Please keep in mind that awards are given at my discretion.

If you would like to be considered for one of these awards, or would like to nominate

someone for them, simply send me an email.


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This site must have a unique layout; be centered around W/A, W/S, or S/A; contain Willow/Angel/Spike centric fic (meaning W/S, W/A, S/A and or W/S/A); a banner link back to my site; Owner must have signed my guestbook.


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This site must be centered around Spike and or Angel; contain atleast five (5) A/S stories; have a link back to my site; owner must have signed my guestbook.


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This site must contain sections for W/A and W/S; have sections of W/A and W/S fan fiction; have atleast four (4) stories with Willow, Angel, *and* Spike as the main characters; a link back to my site; owner must have signed my guestbook.


More to come soon!!!!


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