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By The Wicked Sluts

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There was something tickling his ear.  Xander stretched lazily, his arms pushing against the headboard of the king size bed.  And there was that tickle again.  He pried an eye open and looked at Willow.  She was
smiling happily at him, her fingernail gently brushing his ear lobe.  Her legs were intertwined with his and with Angel's and the vampire's arm lay loosely across Xander's waist.

This was the third morning in a row he'd woken up nestled between his two friends.  He liked to sleep on his back; they liked to sleep on their sides, so more often than not, Xander was the one who was the
filling in their nighttime sandwich.  He liked it.

Willow whispered, "If you're going to make it back to your apartment to shower and change and then be at the Realm to do inventory by eight-thirty, you ought to get up now.  I'll make you breakfast."

He kissed her gently on the lips before answering. "I can pour my own bowl of cereal.  I don't need you to do it for me."

Willow stood up, making an indignant sound as she searched for her tee shirt. "Humph.  I wasn't going to do cereal.  I was actually going to fix you a hot breakfast."

Willow threw him the robe that was lying over the dresser and motioned for him to get up. She left the room, but not before placing a finger to her lips and motioning at Angel, warning Xander not to wake him.  Xander disentangled himself from Angel, putting on the robe and heading for the bathroom.

After using the toilet, Xander splashed cold water on his face and ran his fingers through his hair.  He had about two hours before he needed to be at work.  That wasn't a lot of time to eat, drive back to his apartment, shower, dress and arrive in his usual jovial mood. Willow was right, it would be a lot easier on him if he gave up his
apartment and moved in here.  He shrugged and belted Angel's robe tightly around his waist.  Heading towards the kitchen, he was surprised to actually smell something cooking.  Willow was not renowned for her culinary expertise, but she definitely made up for it in other areas.

Walking up behind her, he kissed the top of her head and slid his hands around to her stomach, caressing her through the thin fabric of the tee shirt.

"I'm impressed, Wills.  You're actually making breakfast."

Willow leaned back against him. "Well…it's just toaster waffles.  But it almost qualifies as cooking.  The coffee's done.   Pour me a cup and set the table?"

They moved silently about the kitchen completing their tasks.  Xander, as he so often was lately, was filled with an extreme sense of well being.  The simple domestic act of setting the table and preparing for breakfast with Willow made his heart soar.  When the three of them actually sat down to a meal together in the evenings, nothing else could compare with his feeling of being loved and accepted for who he was.

"Let's eat."  Willow said.

Xander, ever the bottomless pit, was not going to argue.  He tucked into the waffles with a vengeance.  After his third one, he finally slowed down enough to look at Willow.  Her coffee cup cradled in her hands, she was peering over the rim, with an intense look on her face.

"What? Do I have syrup on my chin?"   Xander questioned.

"No…no syrup.  I was just wishing you'd go ahead and move in here.  It would be so much easier, for all of us.  We miss you on the nights you're not here."

Xander wiped his mouth, suddenly not hungry anymore.  "Willow…I don't…. I can't…. Well, it's so great right now.  I don't want either of you to get sick of me."

Willow rolled her eyes. "Don't be silly.   Of course we'll get sick of you.  And you'll get sick of us and Angel and I get sick of one another.  It just happens sometimes.  Then it goes away.   It's part of having a relationship."

"I just don't want to mess this up.  I don't want Angel to resent me, either. I love what the three of us have."   Xander's voice was hushed.

Willow reassured him. "You won't and he won't and so do I.  Look...just think about it some more if you want.  But don't ever think that we don't love you and wouldn't adore having you here all the time.   Okay?"

Xander managed a smile. "Okay."

Willow took a sip of her coffee and flipped her hair back off her shoulders.  Xander noticed the bite mark on her shoulder.   He'd known that Angel had bitten Willow last night during their lovemaking, but hadn't noticed the mark he'd left.

"Will, can I ask you something?"   He said.

"No, Xander.  You absolutely cannot ask me any questions.  It's not allowed."  came her retort.

He looked at her in shock for a second before realizing that she was kidding.  He grinned at her momentarily, and then his face was serious again.

"You let Angel bite you during sex." He made his statement boldly.

"Yes.  And that wasn't a question." she replied.

"Does it hurt?"

Willow shook her head.  She scooted her chair around so that she was closer to him and took his hands in hers.

"Did it look like he was hurting me?" she asked.

"No…no.  It looked like you liked it.  But we were in the middle of…well, he was behind you and I was in front.   I couldn't tell what you were liking. I just knew you were liking something an awful lot."

"No, Xander.  It doesn't hurt.   Well, maybe just a touch.  But I like it.  I  *really * like it and so does he."  Willow answered him and glanced up.

A cool hand traced along Xander's jugular and he jumped when Angel spoke.

"I bet you'd like it, too.  Just let me know when you're ready for it."

Angel strode over to the refrigerator, pausing to kiss Willow on his way, and removing a container of blood, emptied it into a cup and stuck it into the microwave. Rubbing his eyes, he yawned and stretched.  He
was wearing a pair of tartan boxers and nothing else.

Xander exclaimed, "Those are mine, you know."

Angel glanced down, "Yes, I guess they are.   But someone made off with my robe."  He looked pointedly at Xander then burst into a big grin.

The microwave dinged and Angel removed his cup and leaned against the counter, sipping the red fluid slowly. All was quiet for a few moments, and then Angel spoke up.

"Willow's right.  You need to move in here.  This is getting ridiculous.  You're self- employed and there's no one we need to worry about keeping up appearances for.  At any rate, we'd have to keep some of your stuff in the spare room, so we can tell anyone that gets nosy that you're renting the room."

Willow piped up, "See!  I told you that you needed to move in.  It's settled then.  We'll get some boxes and start moving you out tonight!  I can't wait! This is going to be * so* much better."

Xander sat there, a little stunned, but finally found his voice to speak. "Well…I guess we can do that.  If you're sure that's what you…and I mean the both of you…really want."

"I'm sure."  Willow and Angel's voices joined to form one response.

Angel, finished with his snack, swirled some water in the cup and sat it in the sink. "I'm going back to bed." He paused a moment. "And you two should shut the bedroom door when you get up in the mornings."

He walked over to Willow and kissed her on the lips. "Come to bed after you and Xander finish breakfast."

Angel turned to Xander next, brushing his lips lingeringly over the younger man's. "And you…I'll see you tonight."


That evening, Angel and Xander sat in front of the huge fireplace, both trying to read.  Willow was at school, having to take one night class to get the course requirement that she needed.

Angel didn’t like it, and neither did Xander, both due to the fact that it meant time away from them, and also because it meant that she would be walking the streets of Sunnydale alone at night.

It made both of them tense, but neither said anything about it.  Angel finally set his book down, a worried sigh escaping his lips.

“Bored?”  Xander asked, glancing up from his book.

“I thought you were going to start moving in tonight.”

“I thought I would wait until the weekend.   I suppose, though, that I really ought to go home and start packing.  Are you sure you want me moving in here?”

“We’ve been over this already, Xan.   I want you here.  All the time.”

“It’s just… I just…”

“What, Xander?  Tell me what has you so worried,”  Angel coaxed.

“I still feel like I’m intruding on your relationship.  I mean, it’s you and Willow.  Are you ok with me and Willow?   And, then, there’s me, you and Willow.  Can that sort of a relationship really work?”

Before Angel could answer, Xander continued quietly,  “And then there’s the me and you.”

Angel turned to face Xander,  “You’re my best friend.  Along with Willow, you’re what keeps me going… why I keep going.  I need you.  For what you give me now, and for what you’ll give me in the future.  I’m not going to grow old.  Willow is, and I need you to be here to grow old with her…”


“Don’t, Xander.  It’s true.   You and Willow will be a couple long after the three of us are over.  I don’t like to talk about it, either, but it’s a fact we’re all going to have to face sooner or later.”

“Later, Angel… much later.  And this conversation should include Willow.”

Angel sighed again,  “You’re right.   But, I need you to know that I want you here.  Every minute of everyday…”

“For Willow.”

“For Willow, yes.  And for us.  And for me.  We have something, too, Xander… me and you.  I know you’re still a little uncomfortable about there being a me and you, but there is, and I love every minute of it.  I love you.”

“I… I…”

“You don’t have to say it, Xan… not until you feel comfortable with it.  Just know that I love you and that Willow loves you, and nothing pleases us more than having you here.  Nothing pleases me more than having you here.  This is right… it feels right, doesn’t it?”

“It does.  Angel, I’ve never had a family before,”  Xander answered darkly,  “You know about my own family, my blood relations.  I never had this before, what we have.  I never allowed myself to dream that I could have anything like this.”

Angel moved closer to Xander and pulled him into his arms.  Xander tensed for a moment, then relaxed in the vampire’s arms, allowing himself to be comforted.

“We are family, Xander.  The three of us.  No one will ever come between us, no one will ever take you away from us, and no one will ever take us from you.”

Xander felt tears begin to well in his eyes, and he quickly blinked them away.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you again, ever.  I promise.”

“I love you, Angel,”  Xander whispered quietly against his chest.

Angel tilted Xander’s head back slightly, brushing his lips against Xander’s.  Xander deepened the kiss, enjoying the masculine feel of the older man’s lips.  Somehow Angel could be completely in control, yet
soft and delicate at the same time.

Xander pulled back after a moment,  “We shouldn’t… Willow… we should wait.”

“Xander, when you’re not here, Willow and I are together.  When I’m not here, you and Willow are together.  There is nothing wrong with you and I being together when Willow isn’t here.”


“But nothing,”  Angel cut him off, covering Xander’s mouth with his own.

Xander opened his mouth and returned Angel’s kiss.  Two warring arguments were occurring within him.  His head was telling him that they should wait for Willow, but his heart was saying that he was right where he should be.   And his body…well, his body was responding to Angel’s insistent mouth and the soft hands caressing his back. //Two against one always wins//, Xander thought to himself.  He broke the kiss and stood, grabbing Angel’s hand and heading towards the bedroom.

Inside the room, Xander started to undress in a very businesslike manner.  Angel stopped him and Xander gave him a questioning look.

“Let me do it.  I want to make love with you, Xander, not just fuck.”

Xander’s stomach gave a pleasant lurch at his words, desire shooting through his body.  He lowered his hands to his side and allowed Angel to begin to remove his clothing. Slowly, Angel untucked Xander’s shirt from his jeans, running his hands underneath the younger man’s shirt and up his sides.  Smiling slightly, Xander closed his eyes and let him continue.   Unbuttoning his shirt with torturous slowness, Angel kissed his way down Xander’s body, giving attention to each newly revealed part of his torso.  Reaching the snap on his jeans, Angel popped them open and unzipped them quickly,  pushing  his jeans down his body and lifting each leg in turn
to remove them.  He trailed his tongue up the inside of Xanders thigh, stopping when he reached his boxers.  Angel looked up at him with a slight grin on his face.

“Don’t move, this’ll only take a second.” Angel stood and quickly shucked off his shirt and jeans.  Xander wasn’t surprised to see that he didn’t have on any underwear.  He remained still, and Angel went down on his knees in front of him again.  Xander waited, expecting him to remove the last barrier between them.  It didn’t happen.

With one hand, Angel cupped Xander’s ball’s through the silky material, the other he used to draw Xander’s erection out through the fly of his underwear.  Xander groaned at the first contact of Angel’s cool hand on
his throbbing member.  Angel chuckled and drew the tip into his mouth, suckling him.  Xander’s knees almost buckled and he clutched at Angel’s shoulders, steadying himself.  He closed his eyes, letting the sensation run through him, not quite believing how good it felt.  He let his mind drift momentarily, wondering at the fact he was having sex with another man…and only another man.  Somehow, he still didn’t think of himself as being gay, or even bisexual.  It was just the expression of love between two people, regardless of gender.  Angel sensed his
thoughts wondering, and slowly inched his mouth farther down Xander’s cock until he was engulfing the entire thing.  Xander groaned loudly and dug his fingers into Angel’s shoulders. Angel knew that he had his full attention.

With deliberate movements, Angel moved his mouth up and down Xander’s length, fondling Xander’s testicles through the silk of his boxers, enjoying the tactile sensation of the soft material rolling over course pubic hair.  Moan after moan was coming out of Xander’s mouth and his hips were bucking forward slightly with each downward thrust of Angel’s face.  Not wanting him to hold back, Angel used his free hand to grab Xander’s ass and push him up to meet him.  Xander let go then, knowing that he wasn’t hurting Angel.  They strove together, Angel taking all of him into his mouth until Xander began shuddering wildly.  With a loud grunt, he came, grabbing Angel’s head and holding him as he shot his semen down the vampire’s throat.

Angel slowly let Xander’s softening cock slide from his mouth, catching it and kissing the tip.  Xander pulled him up so that they were facing each other and kissed him, his tongue delving into between Angel’s lips, tasting his own essence there.  Angel pulled him closer grinding his erection into Xander. Never breaking their hold on one another, Xander walked him backwards towards the bed, and they fell to the mattress, still groping one another, their mouths still locked in a sensual dual.

Xander could feel Angel’s hard cock pressing against his stomach and knew what was going to be coming next.  This would be his first time, and he instinctively tensed, fear and trepidation creeping through his

Angel sensed the change in Xander, and rolled off to his side, giving the younger man his space.

“Xander, if you’re not ready for this, there is nothing that says we have to…”

“I want to, Angel.  I really do.  I just… I don’t… I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.”

“Roll over on your stomach, Xander,”   Willow’s voice called from the doorway.

Xander jumped at hearing her voice,  “How long have you been there, Will?”

“About two minutes,”  Angel answered for her,  “I can hear her heartbeat.”

The redhead slowly moved towards the bed, removing articles of clothing along the way,  “Roll over on your stomach, Xander,”   she repeated.

Xander did as he was told, resting his head on his arms, and felt the bed give a little as Willow sat next to him.  Willow stretched across him, meeting Angel half way, giving her lover a warm, wet kiss with an evil twinkle in her eye.

Her left hand came to rest on the small of Xander’s back, which she lightly caressed before bringing both of her hands to his shoulders and beginning a long, sensuous massage punctuated by small butterfly kisses
to his back and shoulder blades.

Angel let Willow’s eyes guide him to join her in the massage, beginning at his calves and working his way up until his hands met Willow’s.   Together, they gently massaged Xander’s buttocks, their fingers entwining and gradually increasing the pressure, spreading his cheeks a little wider each time before Willow would guide their fingers to glide over his tight entrance.

Xander was nothing but a quivering mass of hormones at this point, his already hardened cock pressing against the comforter as Xander realized that these two people could do anything they wished to him at this
point, and he wouldn’t object.

He felt someone spread him open, and suddenly there was a wet tongue sliding across his hole.  As the tongue gently laved the area, Xander moaned into the pillow, urgently pressing his erection against the bed.

 Angel sat back on his heels, watching Willow ready Xander for his invasion.  She had done this to him before, but watching her eagerly probe Xander aroused him beyond belief.  Stroking his shaft, he watched as Xander pushed back against Willow, trying to force her tongue further inside, and he knew Xander was ready.

Digging around in the drawer of the bedside table, he grabbed a jar of lube, and Xander turned his head and caught his eye.  Leaning in to capture Xander’s lips, Angel handed the jar to Willow, who opened it up and scooped a generous amount out of the jar with her fingers.

Very gently, she coated his anus, gingerly sliding her middle finger into his tight hole.  She quietly slid her index finger in also, beginning a slow, relaxing pumping motion, as Xander gasped against Angel’s mouth.

Kissing his way from his lips to his jaw line and along the back of his neck, Angel languidly moved into position.  Willow continued to loosen Xander up with her fingers, while sliding her lips over Angel’s erection, using her own saliva to lubricate him.

Soon, both men were on the brink of orgasm, as was Willow’s desire.  She knew from personal experience that for his first time, Xander wouldn’t be able to tolerate having Angel’s immense girth inside him
for long.

Releasing his cock from her mouth, Willow swiftly guided the tip to Xander’s anus.  Angel grabbed the younger man’s hips and lifted him to his knees.  Angel waited until Willow had removed the pillow from beneath Xander’s head and replaced it with her own body, cradling his shoulders and chest against her welcoming form.  She lightly kissed his lips as Angel pressed forward, burying just the tip of his cock inside Xander.

He immediately tensed, clenching his muscles tightly, causing Angel to groan loudly.  Willow caressed and kissed Xander gently, quietly urging him to relax with tender words of love and reassurance.

After a few moments, Xander felt the tension slipping away again, and Angel pressed forward again, easily sliding about halfway in when he felt Xander’s muscles tense again.  Once more, Willow soothed the
tension away, this time slipping her hand between their bodies to stroke his hard cock.

Xander thrust forward against Willow’s hand, allowing Angel to slide the rest of the way inside, relishing in the delicious sound of their flesh smacking together.

Angel paused, giving Xander time to get used to being filled the way Angel filled him.  Willow continued stroking Xander, growing wet herself watching Angel’s dark eyes, flashing golden as he struggled not to come immediately, and listening to the soft whimpers that Xander was making as he grew used to having Angel inside of him.

Taking that as a hint, Angel slowly pulled out, and equally slowly, pushed back in.  Xander’s whimpers grew to full-blown moans as Angel placed pressure against his sensitive prostate.  Xander was so close to
the edge that he was trembling in Willow’s arms, and Angel began a series of deliberate thrusts, driving them both closer and closer to their orgasms.

“Let go,”  Willow urged, closing her hand tightly around Xander’s shaft, pumping him, feeling drops of moisture begin to seep out the head.

Angel’s eyes were steadily glowing gold the closer he drew to release, and he felt his canines begin to elongate.

“Give him permission, Xander,”   Willow ordered.

Xander stared up at her, for a moment not grasping what Willow was asking him to do.  Then, as if a light bulb went off, he understood.   He tilted his head to the side, baring his neck for Angel.

Angel hesitated only momentarily before leaning over Xander, sucking the delicate skin of his neck into his mouth before cautiously sinking his fangs into Xander, letting the warm blood fill his mouth and slide down his throat.

With one last hard thrust, Angel spilled his cold seed deep within Xander.  Xander’s head was swimming with the delicious feelings that were flowing through his body.  Willow was right—Angel’s bite didn’t hurt.  It was an erotic kiss delivered by a caring lover, and a warmth spread through Xander’s body that he hadn’t experienced before.  For the first time, he realized that Angel truly did love him… that he was loved, fully and completely, by the two most incredible, most important people in his life.

With a loud groan, Xander came, spurting against Willow’s thigh, totally spent, and totally content.

His legs would hold him no more, as he collapsed against Willow, followed by Angel, who held them both in his strong arms.

“I love you, Xander,”  Angel reaffirmed in his ear, as Willow squirmed out from beneath them, her own legs quivering with unspent passion.

She slipped quietly into the bathroom, retrieving the small box of gauze pads and tape that had come in handy for her and Angel so many times before, then returned to the bedroom, softly cleansing Xander’s small wounds before bandaging them.

She returned to the bathroom, replacing the supplies, anxiously wanting to return to the bedroom so that she could relieve her own tension.

She sank down into the armchair next to the window, spreading her legs as she watched Angel and Xander cuddle together on the bed.   Watching the two men together was one of the most erotic things she had ever
witnessed in her life.

Angel turned his head to watch her, his eyes having returned to their natural dark brown color as the redheaded witch slipped her hand between her legs, deliberately spreading her legs farther apart to give Angel an eyeful of what he was missing by lying on the bed.

He whispered to Xander,  “Someone else needs my attention,” and pulled away from Xander, who propped himself up on his side to watch his two lovers.

Angel moved with feline grace on all fours, crawling off the bed and over to where Willow sat waiting for him.  With purpose, she hooked one of her legs over the arm of the chair, further exposing herself, at the same time tilting her pelvis.  Angel moved closer, bringing his face within inches of her throbbing center.  Heat was radiating from her core and Angel knew that very little stimulation would be needed to make her come.
Briefly, he considered teasing her but reconsidered.   After all, he and Xander had been satisfied; it would hardly be fair to make her wait.

Gently, he buried his face in her, his tongue snaking out to lave her labia.  Willow groaned and pushed forward, urging more contact.  Angel began his assault in earnest then, alternating every three or four flicks of his tongue with a delicate nip at her clitoris.

Willow’s fingers dug into the chair, but her lids never fluttered closed.  Instead, she locked eyes with Xander.  One of the more pleasurable parts of lovemaking for her was being able to gaze into her lover’s eyes when she had an orgasm, to share the intensity of her feelings.  That was something she couldn’t do when she’d had oral sex before.  Even though she was receiving the gratification from Angel, Willow could share her emotions with Xander.

Relaxing on the bed, Xander watched the sensual tableau before him and was surprised to feel himself stiffening again.  He was amazed at his sexual capacity since he’d become a part of their menage a trois.  It
was if he was fourteen again and had just discovered the joys of masturbation.

Willow’s low shriek of joy snapped him out of his daze. He watched as her thighs quivered and shook and found himself overcome with an almost dizzying desire to have  her.

Willow slowly released her death grip on the chair and pulled Angel up for a slow kiss.  When he finally pulled away, she was more than a little disappointed.

“Well, that was okay for starters. What’s next?” She asked a little petulantly.

Chuckling, Angel stood and pulled her from the chair, swinging her around and plopping her mildly on the bed next to Xander.

“I need to clean up a little.  You two amuse yourself while I’m doing that.  But don’t get so far ahead that I can’t catch up!”

 Angel headed for the bathroom, leaving Willow curled quietly in Xander’s embrace.  The silence didn’t last long.

“Let’s neck.”  Willow’s request was more demand.

Xander was more than happy to oblige.   Kissing Willow…and Angel…was one of his favorite things to do.  He loved the sex, wanted the sex, but sometimes a kiss seemed a more intimate act to him.

Willow’s tongue teased along his lips, tracing the outline and tickling the corners of his mouth.  Xander drew it into his mouth smoothly.  They were content to lie together, not exploring one another’s bodies. Instead, they let their mouths convey to one another their full desire and love.

A slight shift in the bed broke them out of their reverie. Angel was back, sitting on the edge of the bed.  Willow patted the space on the other side of her, but he shook his head, motioning for them to continue.  Willow and Xander shrugged in unison and returned to their kiss, this time allowing their hands to roam to now familiar places.

Within minutes, Willow was shuddering and ready.   Xander’s hand had found it’s way to her mound and was rubbing lazy circles there.  She arched against him, silently pleading for more contact.    Angel moved up on the bed, reaching out to caress both of their buttocks with either hand.  Easily, he moved them apart.  He positioned Xander sitting on the bed, leaning against the headboard and helped situate Willow so that she was straddling Xander, facing towards Angel.

Angel’s eyes were dark with lust as he moved back to watch.  Effortlessly, Willow slid down on to Xander’s turgid shaft, burying him inside of her.  Xander fought to keep from grabbing her hips and thrusting wildly into her.  He let Willow set the pace for them, marveling in the exquisite feel of her hot body grasping at him.

Willow was watching Angel now, as her breathing became more rapid.  Her eyes captured his for a brief moment before she held out her hands to him.   Nodding, Angel kissed her briefly and then spread Xander’s legs apart, wedging himself between them.  Lying on his stomach, he had full view of Willow and Xander’s joined sexes.    Without hesitation, he swirled his tongue around Xander’s sac and then continued on up his
shaft as Willow raised and lowered herself.  He continued his journey upward then, running his tongue up over Willow’s clit.   They began a rhythm, and Angel couldn’t help but think of it as a slow waltz.

They continued their dance until first Willow then Xander started to shake.  Angel furiously rubbed his erection into the bed, wanting to join them in their ecstasy.   Willow groaned aloud, her walls gripping Xander like a vice. She grabbed Angel’s hair, pulling him tight against her throbbing sex as she climaxed.  Hearing the sound of his lover’s pleasure, Angel thrust into the sheets once more, semen spurting out of his twitching cock and with one final thrust, Xander found his release, driving into Willow with a hoarse cry as his juices mingled with hers.

They moved up to form a cozy pile on the bed, this time with Willow in the middle of her two lovers.  Wrapped together, they made a blissful picture.   All three were content to lay in silence, gentle touches reminding each of them that they were loved.

Just as Xander was about to drift off to sleep, he realized that Willow was humming a tune.  He did a double take when Angel joined her.

Xander began to laugh, then united his voice with theirs. He was singing though.  A little off-key and with a few word changes, but he didn’t think they’d mind.

“Where the kisses are his and his and hers…”



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