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By Terrina

Disclaimer:  I own nothing, everything Buffy belongs to Mutant Enemy and Joss 
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  "Well Willow," Buffy said, sounding excited," Giles gave me the night off,   
 Xander and Angel are handling patrols, and I have been told to relax.  I   
 guess Giles finally realized even Slayers need to have a break   
 occasionally.  So, what are we going to do tonight?"   
  "You yelling at him had the desired effect, huh?"   
  "I couldn't help it.  The boys get to go out and party, why can't I?  It's   
 not like I want to go bar hopping every night or anything, but I need to go   
 wild every now and then.  Especially after having to kill that chaos demon.   
 So, tonight we go out, get drunk, meet up with Xander and Angel, and I can   
 take Xander home and seduce him."   
  "He still trying to take things slowly?"   
  "Yeah.  I think he's afraid if we sleep together it would mess things up.   
 I know we've only been dating a few weeks, but it's been building for so   
 long it feels much longer.  I'm going to make him take advantage of me   
  "Sounds like a good plan.  So, where do you want to go anyway?"   
  "Not the Bronze.  Too many kids there.  How about we try that new club   
 across town?  We can get dressed up and do a little dancing?"   
  Later that night   
  "Damn this club is awesome," Buffy yelled over the music and their dance   
 partners.   "I love this place.  We have to bring our boyfriends here."   
 Buffy emphasized the word boyfriends for the benefit of the guys that were   
 hitting on her and Willow.  Finally fed up with the way her dance partner   
 was trying to grope her; she dragged Willow back to their table.   
  "No more dancing for you.'" She told Willow giggling.  "You're drunk and   
 have no slayer powers to defend yourself against all these guys."   
  Buffy ordered the girls 2 more drinks as Willow was dancing around in her   
 chair.  Just as Willow finished her drink and was about to order another   
 one, a guy came up and asked her to dance.  She said yes and was about to   
 head to the dance floor when Buffy grabbed her arm.   
  "Sorry," she told the guy, "she's had enough dancing for one night."   
  "But Buffy, he was cute."   
  "Willow!  What about Angel?"   
  "Angel's not cute, he's hot.  And sexy."   
  "That's not what I meant and you know it!  I thought you two had something   
 going on?  What's wrong?  My ex not good enough for you?  You know I'm okay   
 with this don't you?  I want you and Angel to get together. You make him   
 happy in a way I never could.  It was tough at first, when he got out of   
 hell and was closer to you, but now I'm really happy he has you.  You guys   
 are such good friends, he and now never were friends.  And you should be   
 friends first.  Plus, I love Xander now.  And…"   
  "Buffy, stop babbling!  That's my job and now everyone else is doing it.   
 First Xander and Oz, and even Angel.  Now you."   
  "Willow, back to Angel."   
  "I really just don't want to start anything right now.  It's too soon.  Oz   
 and I just broke up a couple of weeks ago, and I need time.  Angel   
 understands that, why can't you?  Now, if you won't let me dance with cute   
 boys, you're going to have to dance with me."   
  "Of course.  I guess my little wallflower grew up.  Let's boogie."    
  About 2 AM, Buffy and Willow stumbled out of the bar, literally.  Buffy   
 tripped on the way out and landed flat on her face.   
  "Ouch, that hurts."   
  "Poor Buffy, hehe, the slayer fell on her face.  And I'm still standing.   
 And dancing," Willow said doing her best ballerina impersonation and almost   
 ended up beside Buffy.     
  "Help me up prima donna."   
  Willow helped Buffy up and they began walking home.   
  "I'm glad we live in a town where you can walk everywhere, but shouldn't we   
 page the boys and have them walk us home?"  Willow asked, trying to figure   
 out if her and Buffy's laughing and stumbling would get them killed.  Plus,   
 she really wanted to see Angel.   
  "Nope.  I may be drunk, but I am still the slayer. Besides, I want to   
 surprise Xander.  They should be finishing up the last patrol through the   
 cemetery.  Let's head there."   
  The girls made their way to the cemetery still dancing, stumbling, and   
  The guys were fighting a couple of vampires.  As Angel staked the last one,   
 the girls stalked out from behind one of the big crypts.   
  "BOO!!"  The girls shouted in unison.   
  "Damn you two.  You scared the shit out of me," Xander yelled at them after   
 he realized who they were.  He had hidden behind Angel when they jumped out.   
  "Not me," Angel said "I heard you coming."   
  "Angel, you little…blood sucking fiend you, you could have warned me."   
  "Ah, Xand-man, what's the fun in that.  So, how are you doing?  Did you   
 have a fun night off?"   
  "Oh yeah," Buffy said.  "We had a blast.  A little dancing, a little   
 drinking.  I think Willow danced with every single guy there, and some of   
 the taken ones too."   
  "No I didn't.  Only a few boys.  And you danced with as many as I did!"   
  "Buffy," Xander exclaimed, as Willow doubles over laughing and pointing at   
  "Don't worry Xanderpoo, I was wishing I was dancing with you the whole   
 time.  Well, except when I was dancing with Willow…  Xander, get that look   
 at of your eyes mister!  Man, I mention dancing with Willow and you go off   
 in some sort of threesome fantasy."   
  "No, I didn't.  Okay, I did.  I'm sorry."   
  "Forgiven.  Hey, where did Willow and Angel go?"   
  "I don't know, but Angel can take care of Willow.  Come on drunken slayer.   
 Let me walk you home."   
  "Oh goodie, and Xander?"   
  "I just wanted  to tell you I am planning on seducing you tonight."   
  Xander started walking faster, almost braking into a run, as they headed to   
 the apartment she and Willow shared.  Buffy just giggled and tried to keep   
 up.  But a part of her couldn't help but wonder what Willow and Angel were   
 up to.   
  As Buffy and Xander headed back to Buffy and Willow's apartment, Angel and   
 Willow were walking across the other side of the cemetery.     
  "Thanks for walking with me Angel.  Buffy needs some time alone with   
 Xander.  For what she has planned for tonight, I think it would best if I'm   
 not there."   
  "And just what does Buffy have planned for Xander?"  Angel asked with an   
 amused sound in his voice.   
  "I can't tell you that.  It's private," Willow said, turning redder by the   
  "That's okay.  I can tell by the look on your face what it is.  So, Buffy's   
 planning on making her move tonight?"   
  "Yep.  Xander won't know what hit him.  He doesn't stand a chance."   
  "Oh, I don't think he'll protest too much.  He's really in love with her."   
  "And she's in love with him too.  I'm glad they got together.  She needs   
 someone who understands who she is.  Someone who knows she is the slayer.   
 Xander understands what her life means and he can help her.  Plus, they   
 look so cute together."   
  "So, do you want to stay at the mansion tonight?  To give the lovebirds   
 some space?  The guest room is free."   <I just wish you would stay in my   
 room, but I can be patient.    
  "I'd appreciate that."  <I want to stay with Angel in his room.  Hmm, maybe   
 I can seduce him tonight.  Hehe.    
  They continued on to the mansion, with Willow stopping occasionally to try   
 to get Angel to dance with her.  In order to get Willow there without   
 running into any more vamps or nasties, Angel finally decided to just tango   
 their way home.  It was late enough that no one saw them, but if they had,   
 they would have assumed they were a couple in love.  And behaving in a very   
 silly manner.   
  By the time Angel managed to get Willow inside, she was close to passing   
 out, but she wanted to have another drink anyway.  <Maybe this will give me   
 the courage to seduce Angel.   She headed straight to the kitchen   
  "Angel, don't you have anything to drink besides blood?"   
  "Oh yeah, I have OJ, Coke, water, and maybe even some apple juice if Xander   
 didn't drink it all."   
  "Cool, OJ.  Now where's the vodka?"   
  "Willow, I think you've had enough to drink.  Let me get you a glass of   
 water, " Angel said as he steered Willow to the living room.  "Now, have a   
 seat and watch TV."   
  Willow just sat there and pouted until Angel got back.  "But I want a   
 courage drink."   
  "What do you mean, a courage drink?"   
  "So I can get up the nerve to seduce you."   
  "You need to be drunk to seduce me?  Should I be flattered or insulted?"   
  "I don't have to be drunk to seduce you, but to get the COURAGE to seduce   
  "Oh, well no offense Willow, but in your state I don't think I can let you   
 seduce me.  However, when you're sober, feel free.  In fact, I'll even help   
 you out.  Just knowing you want to seduce you will help me get the courage   
 to seduce you.  Now, drink your water and we can watch a movie."   
  "Only if we can watch 'The Little Mermaid' again."   
  Ever since she had introduced Angel to Disney movies, he had begun   
 collecting them.  They usually watched a least one a week.   
  "Okay, but I am NOT singing this time."   
  "You're no fun."   
  Angel put the movie on and settled in on the couch beside Willow.  She   
 decided he would make a better pillow and snuggled up against him.   
  "Angel makes a nice pillow," Willow said, sounding very sleepy.   
  Angel sat enjoying the feel of Willow resting in his lap.  She had her head   
 on his shoulder and he could feel her heartbeat beside him.   About the   
 time Ariel got her legs, he could tell Willow was fast asleep.  Angel   
 carried her into the guestroom and placed her down on the bed.  On an   
 impulse, he got in the bed next to her and cuddled her close to him.  He   
 thought about the sweet, loving women he held in his arms.  Her offbeat   
 sense of humor that always made him smile.  Her intellect and insatiable   
 curiosity that amazed him; she always hungered for knowledge, whether or   
 not she wanted to learn about the things she researched.  She never tried   
 to pretend that monsters and the like were just myths.  She faced things   
 head on with courage rarely seen in one so innocent and sweet.  Her   
 dedication to studying magik was rooted in a desire to help the slayer and   
 others.  She wasn't the slayer, but she stood by the slayer's side time and   
 again.  She was a true friend to all who knew her, especially him.  She   
 always listened intently when he talked about how his life used to be and   
 how he wanted it to be in the future.  She made him want to open up in a   
 way no one else could.  He had shared everything with her, and she never   
 turned away.  She accepted him for who he was and who he could be.  When   
 she didn't understand a part of him, she would talk to him, not pretend it   
 didn't exist.  How could someone as sweet as her ever know the life he had   
 lead?  But she wanted to find out and she used that knowledge to learn how   
 to understand him.  She had given him the peace he had never been able to   
 find.  In all years on earth, as a mortal or as a vampire, she had given   
 him the unconditional love that no one else had.  And he had never loved   
 anyone as much as he loved her.    
  Never has someone attacked my soul like you,   
 Never have I felt so secure,    
  Today I do.   
  Finally someone sees me,    
  The real and complete me   
 Understands when she does,   
 And she does not lie   
 When she really don't see   
  The thought of love to me was just a dream,    
  Unattainable like a quilt without seams-   
 Like an angel you crept inside as I lay musing,   
 Wrapped your healing hands around my soul so abused   
 We hand and hand stepped out that cage into reality,   
 And pushed aside the walls of distrust beneath me,   
 Cries of redemption, the longing to be free   
 Fulfilled by an angel infiltrating my dreams.  

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