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Winter Wonderland

By BeMu


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NOTES:  I took the Buffy timeline and totally screwed it up.  This takes place right after Amends, but somehow I don't think Willow is behaving much like a virgin.

RATING:  NC17, of course.

DISTRIBUTION:  Anyone who already has my stuff

DISCLAIMER:  Not mine it all belongs to Joss.

DEDICATION:  Merry Christmas, Lore I know it's a special one for you.  Lucy, my marvelous beta-reader, Happy Holidays, sweetie, and thank you!   For David, Merry Christmas to my oh-so-divine inspiration, and, most importantly, to everyone here on Willangel.  I love you guys, and I love being a Co-List Mom. Here's to a Merry Christmas for all of us and a Happy New Year, too!!!  You guys make this list the best list EVER!!!


The snow lasted a week.

Falling in the early morning hours of Christmas, it blanketed Sunnydale and didn't show any signs of leaving.

No one really minded. It was a pleasant change from the usually warm Southern California weather. Things had gone back to normal for the slayer and slayerettes. Angel knew something was happening to him, something to do with the snow and the First but he wasn't sure what it was. He had a feeling he'd be leaving soon, but wasn't sure why or where he was going.

He trudged through the park on his way back to the mansion after making a sweep of the cemeteries, having told Buffy to stay home and out of the cold weather.

The snow crunched beneath his feet, and he pulled his leather jacket tighter around his body, more out of habit than because he was feeling the cold.

The night was silent, dark and crisp. The light from the moon illuminated the icicles hanging from the trees, casting a fragile glow across the drifts of snow.

Angel paused, taking in the beauty of the still night. Two hundred and forty odd years and it was still the simple things that took his breath away, and this perfect, placid night was one of those simple things.

He closed his eyes, and shoved his hands deep into his pockets, taking a long, deep, unneeded breath.

And then it hit him.

A snowball.

It came from his left side and hit him square in the head, shattering and covering him in crystalline white powder.

He spun, searching the night for the culprit, but only saw a flash of red out of the corner of his eye.

And then it hit him.

Another snowball.

This time it hit him in the chest. Stunned, his eyes followed the direction that it came from and he spotted her, poking her head out from behind a tree, giggling.

"Willow?" he called, "What are you doing?"

"Pelting you with snowballs," she laughed, throwing another one that grazed his shoulder.

"Besides the obvious." He couldn't help but grin at her.

"That's pretty much it," she replied.

"It's not safe being out here alone at night," he said as he started walking towards her, "you should know that."

"I'm not alone, I'm out here with you!" She launched another snowball, this time hitting him directly in the face.

Her green eyes grew as she watched him splutter, wiping the snow off his face.

"I'm sorry, Angel," she squeaked, "I didn't mean"

Her apology was cut off by Angel threatening, "Oh, you are so in trouble."

He squatted down to the ground, forming a snowball in his bare hands.

Willow shrieked and took off running, leaving her shelter behind the tree. She didn't get far when the first snowball flew, hitting her right in the back of the head. She spun on the vampire, a wicked grin crossing her face as she paused, noticing they shared the same devilish grin.

She leapt behind a snow-covered bush, quickly forming a small pile of snowballs, realizing, with a hint of glee, that Angel was probably doing the same thing.

She peered from around the bush and a snowball glanced off her head.

"HEY! It's not nice to hit a girl!" she screeched, launching a barrage of snowballs at the vampire.

"You started it!"

In minutes, the pair were both covered in snow from head to toe, Willow was laughing so hard she could barely breathe, and Angel was laughing a laugh that Willow had never heard coming from him.

She ran back behind the bush, frantically attempting to restock before Angel pelted her with another round.

She never heard him sneaking up behind her and screamed in protest as he gently pushed her over as she sat hunched down in the snow, forming the snowballs.

She landed face first, sputtering and giggling into the wet snow, "No fair, stealth guy."

In a move that would have made Buffy proud, she spun around and kicked Angel's legs out from underneath him and he landed next to her with a thud. Grabbing two handfuls of snow, she smothered his face with it, "Take that!" she yelled proudly.

Angel wasn't about to let the little witch have the upper hand, so he quickly flipped her over, tickling her unmercifully.

She squealed, and laughed, and screamed, begging for mercy as she unsuccessfully fought against his onslaught, pounding him in the chest with her small fists, tears of laughter streaming down her face.

Finally, Angel grabbed her wrists and pinned them above her head as she struggled to catch her breath.

"Do you yield?" he asked, evilly.

"NEVER!" she howled.

Angel held both of her small hands in one of his, continuing his tickling torment with the other.

"Do you yield?" he asked again, laughing harder than he could ever remember laughing.

"Angel, please!" she squealed, "I can't breathe!"

"Do you yield?"

"YES!" she finally screamed, unable to stand it another minute.

He released her hands, and rolled over to lie on his back next to her, his laughter dying down as he watched the stars in the sky above him. Gradually, Willow's laughter died down, too, and her breathing slowed to almost normal.

She rolled over onto her stomach, and watched Angel's face as his eyes twinkled behind a smile that just wouldn't seem to go away.

"You should laugh more often, Angel. It's nice."

He reached over and tucked a strand of wet hair behind her ear. She looked radiant, he thought, like a little snow sprite. Her red hair shone in the moonlight, and her pale skin was flushed from their fight. Her green eyes sparkled, as her eyes met his.

"You're beautiful," he said, unable to stop the words.

"What?" she asked quietly, her forehead crinkling in confusion.

"You. You're beautiful."

"Angel?" her voice was barely above a whisper.

Their eyes held, and before she knew what she was doing, she had leaned over and planted a small kiss on Angel's lips.

She started to move away, but he caught her and held her steadfast in his grip. He lifted his head off the snow, and caught her lips in another kiss. It started sweet and slow, but quickly gained in intensity as Angel slid his arms around her tiny waist, and pulled her on top of him.

Willow reacted without thinking, bringing her arms to rest on either side of his head, her fingers running through his hair. Her legs slid across his and she was suddenly straddling him, her core pressed against his pelvic bone.

A groan brought her out of her reverie, and she pulled out of his kiss, her eyes round and her mouth forming a tight 'O' as she realized what they were doing.



"You're freezing and soaking wet" he murmured quietly.

"I-er--" she shivered, from the cold, and other things.

"Do you want me to take you home?" he asked, running his hands along her arms, trying to rub a little warmth into them.


Angel paused, looking into her eyes for a sign.

"Tell me what you want, Willow."


"Here?" Somehow, the thought that she wanted him didn't phase him nearly as much as the thought that she wanted him in the snow.

"Now, Angel."

Angel quickly unsnapped the buttons on her coat and slid his ice-cold hands underneath her sweater, causing Willow to jump at his touch. He wasted no time moving his hands to cover her breasts, squeezing them together harshly.

"Willow, are you sure?" he gave her one last chance to back out, never even pausing for a moment to wonder as to what he wanted to happen. Everything in his being was screaming at him that he wanted her, and that he wanted to make her feel as happy as she had just made him.

Her only response was a loud gasp as she ground herself against his body.

"It's cold, Willow."

"Warm me up then."

Angel shook his head before suddenly flipping them over, tossing Willow over onto her back once more in the wet snow.

Sitting up on his knees, he pulled his coat off and spread it on the ground alongside them before urging Willow's body on top of it.

She did, lying on his coat on her back, her legs spread in invitation and anticipation.

"This isn't going to be eas--"

With a small grin, he flipped her back over onto her stomach, grabbed her around the waist and pulled her to her knees.

"Sit up," he instructed and Willow did as she was told.

Once she was standing on her knees, Angel reached around and unsnapped her jeans, jerking them down around her knees, along with her panties, before gently pushing her back down on her hands and knees.

Angel lowered his zipper with one practiced hand. With his other, he reached between Willow's legs, teasing her with his fingers. He was mildly shocked and massively pleased by the wetness he encountered.

He couldn't resist-- the sight of her shapely bottom thrust in the air waiting for his invasion was too much. He found himself on his hands and knees in much the same position as her, his tongue sweeping between her lips to taste her.

Willow hissed, pushing back against him. His fingers and tongue went to work, pinching and pulling her swollen clit while his tongue captured her juices.

He could sense her knees beginning to give out as she quivered under his ministrations. Out here in the cold night, in the freezing wet snow, with both of their backs turned to anything that might stumble upon them it was not the time for an extended bout of foreplay.

Angel lifted himself back to his knees and pulled his straining cock out of his pants, pumping himself once twice three times until he was ready.

Positioning himself at her entrance, he slowly pushed forward. Willow's groan started softly, then grew louder the further he pushed inside her.

Angel steadied her with his hands on her hips, and slowly began thrusting. Willow met him stroke for stroke, pressing back against him as if she were trying to pull him further and deeper inside her than was possible. Her vaginal walls clenched around his hard cock, squeezing him so tightly that Angel thought that he might combust from the pressure.

He knew that he wasn't going to last long. Reaching around, he rubbed his fingers across her clitoris, his middle finger massaging her core as she started to spasm. She screamed a long, deep cry emanated from her soul as she came, her muscles holding Angel so tightly that he couldn't move, so tightly that he joined her, spurting his cold seed deep inside her as she came down, her trembling body collapsing to the ground with Angel on top of her.

He seemed to sense when the trembles became shivers from the cold, and rolled off of her. He refastened his pants and then helped Willow to her feet, wrapping his coat around her as she put her own clothes back in place.

He pulled her into his arms, kissing her softly, before turning her and steering her towards her home.

They walked in silence, each casting almost shy glances at the other hoping that they wouldn't be caught. He reached down and caught her tiny gloved hand in his, swinging it slowly as they walked.

Reaching her door, she turned to him, their eyes finally meeting once again.

"Willow? What got into you tonight?" he finally asked, "What happened?"

She smiled, reaching up to run one hand through his hair, bringing it down to softly caress his face. Stretching up on her tiptoes, she planted a lingering kiss on his lips.

"Nothing that I haven't wanted since the day we met, Angel."


"Shhh," she cut him off, placing a finger on his lips.

His eyes pleaded with her, questioning.

"Angel, I wanted you. I wanted to see you smile and laugh, and I wanted to feel you. Tonight, I did."

The twinkle returned to his dark eyes, "So you planned this?"

"Well, as much as I could-- the snowball fight-- I wasn't sure how far you'd be willing to go. I was terrified that I'd hit you with a snowball and you'd just start brooding."

He laughed and said, "I don't know how you do it, Willow, but you make me feel human again. You can hit me with a snowball anytime you want."

"I don't think we'll have that chance too many more times here in sunny southern California."

Angel bent down and kissed her lips before turning to leave. "Yeah, in a couple of weeks it'll be hot enough for water balloons."

The End


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