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By The Wicked Sluts

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Willow rushed around the house, opening closet doors and looking under the furniture.

"Where are my shoes, dammit?  I'm going to be late for class!"

A voice called to her from the bedroom, "And which shoes would those be?  You have at least thirty pairs."

"My tennis shoes!  The same one's I've worn everyday for the past week! I swear I left them next to the front door."

Angel strode out of the bedroom, the tennis shoes dangling from his fingers.

"You did leave them by the door.  I put them in your shoe rack. Why do you need so many shoes when you consistently only wear one or two pairs until they crumble?"

Willow snatched the shoes from him and began to put them on.

"Why do you have to be so anal about putting everything away?  It's not like they were spoiling the ambiance of the room by letting the shoes sit by the front door.  Besides, I need that many shoes.  Some of them go with specific outfits."

Angel watched his lover tie her sneakers as he gathered her other things.  They'd been living together for the past two years, after spending a year at separate places.  For someone with an extremely organized mind, she could be very disorganized with her belongings. Not that he minded looking after her.   Willow was the light of his life.  The twenty-two year old woman was wise beyond her years and always made him smile.  Their conversations about topics ranging from the arts to the best video games could last for hours, and usually ended with a round of passionate lovemaking;  one of the reasons she was going to be late for her first class of the day if she didn't leave the house within the next five minutes.

Willow relaxed a little as she finished lacing her shoes.  She looked up at Angel.  He was standing next to the door, holding her book bag in one hand and a sack lunch in the other.  She walked over to him, but instead of taking her belongings, she wrapped her arms around his waist and lay her head on his chest.

"Thank you.  I don't think I could handle school *and * a business if it weren't for you."

Angel hugged her back.  "My pleasure.   I'd do anything for you, you know that."

"Mmmm.  I particularly like what you did for me earlier.  It's one of my favorite things you do for me.  That, and the twirly thing with your tongue." Willow giggled and finally wriggled from his embrace.   She was suddenly all business.  "Will you e-mail the Weatherby's and let them know we'll have the site for their bed and breakfast up by tomorrow?  You're going to have time to finish up today, aren't you?"

Angel gave her a peck on her forehead. "Yes.   You did most of it.  I'll just add the finishing touches.  Shouldn't take more than an hour. Now go, before you're late again. You've only got this semester to go before you graduate, can't let you fall into bad habits."

Willow leaned in and gave him a quick kiss goodbye. "Yep.  One semester left.  Then I get to start on graduate school."  She wrinkled her nose in distaste and took her things from Angel.   He opened the door for her, careful to stand out of the sun’s rays and swatted her on the bottom as she headed for school.


The computer work was done and he'd slept.   Now Angel puttered around the house, cleaning and straightening.  He liked being domestic, liked making things comfortable for himself and Willow.  Willow was a fastidious person most of the time, but when she was tired or preoccupied, she had a tendency to leave things where they fell.   It didn't bother him, but he really liked teasing her about it.  It had turned into a game they played with one another.

A metallic glint over by the sofa caught his eye.   Angel grinned and shook his head.  Willow had been sitting in that exact spot doing her homework last night. She'd had her usual bag of 'brain food', as she liked to call her chocolate kisses.  Angel bent, reaching down between the cushions of the couch.  There were several of the empty wrappers…and something else.  He pulled the object out.  It was Willow's journal.

Heading for the kitchen to throw away Willow's wrappers, Angel thumbed through the journal.  He felt a slight twinge of guilt, but quickly dismissed it.   Willow had started keeping the diary for a psychology course last year; she'd sometimes read passages from it to him. She continued writing down her thoughts, even after the course had ended.  He'd teased her that he was going to read her dark secrets when she wasn't around, but Willow had simply handed him the book, telling him that she didn't have or want any secrets from him. He hadn't read it, of course, but now…a little more insight into his partner's thoughts would certainly allow him to please her better.

Angel absently headed back to the sofa, sitting down where Willow had sat the night before.  He skipped past the passages that were written during her course.  Willow was too private a person to have shared much with a professor she barely knew.  Angel finally settled on an entry from three months earlier to begin his reading.

November 12, 2003-

I had that dream again last night.  It always wakes me up and leaves me unable to sleep.  I could've gotten up and talked to Angel, or maybe even done something else with Angel, but I wouldn't have felt right about it.   God, I can't help loving him!  He's the most fantastic person I've ever known, in every sense of that word.  Sometimes I shudder to think what would have happened if I hadn't gone to LA for that intercession course at UCLA.  We never would have found each other, never would have become close friends, and certainly never would have been lovers.  He was my first, and more importantly he's going to be my last.  I don't regret anything for a minute.  I just wish I would stop having that dream! Maybe if I put it down into words it will stop nagging me.

It's always the same, it never varies, not even one iota.  I'm sitting working at a computer in the library. The library at Sunnydale High, not the one at college.   Suddenly, masculine arms wrap around my waist.   I don't even know how he got behind me without me seeing him, but my fingers stop what they're doing, and I reach up to drag his mouth to my neck.  The kisses and nips he places there send shivers down my spine.  And when he swirls his tongue in my ear…God!   I can almost come just thinking about that dream.  When I turn to face him, his dark eyes are full of hope and an unasked question.  I answer it with a savage kiss and bring my hands to unbuckle his belt, sliding his jeans and boxers down past his knees.   I want to grab him, but instead I tickle the underside of his hard cock with gentle fingers.  He lowers us both to the floor, pulling up my skirt and tearing my panties right off my body.  He's not savage. It's just that it's been such a long time of wanting, of not knowing, that we can't wait any longer.  He pushes my sweater and bra up over my breasts, exposing them, and licking the tips with his tongue.   Crawling on top of me, he slides his hands between my thighs, caressing me, even though I'm already hot and ready.  He whispers in my ear, 'Please, Will…please."   I open for him and he moves inside of me.  There's no pain in the dream, even though I was a virgin all through high school, only pleasure.  He rocks back and forth, bringing us so close to orgasm. Bringing his mouth to mine, his tongue plunges in and out of my mouth, keeping time to our thrusting.  Finally, I come, my mind reeling from the sensations.  He groans my name, and he's coming, too.  He rests on me, holding part of his weight on his arms.  Looking into my eyes, he speaks after a long moment. "I'm glad you’re my best friend, Wills."  I am so contented I don't want to move. " I'm glad you're mine, too, Xander."

And that's it…I always wake up right after we finish.  I don't know why I keep dreaming this!  I love Angel!  He makes me feel things that I never imagined I could feel.

Maybe it's just not knowing.  Angel is my one and only.  If things had gone just a little differently, though, it could have been Xander who was the only one.  I don't love Xander, not beyond best friends, anyway.   But I think a part of me is always going to wonder if it would be that good.   I'm always going to wonder what it would be like.

It's probably because we've been hanging out more recently.  Rigby's grandmother, Xander's great-aunt Nadine left him a load of money.   Now that his arcade-video store is doing so well, he has a lot more time to hang out.  I don't know.  I just wish it would stop…. I think. This is driving me crazy!  And I can't help being a little flustered every time Xander's around now.   I wish I could talk to Angel about this, but I don't want him to take it the wrong way.  Hopefully, writing it down will make it stop.


Angel sat on the sofa in stunned silence.  He hadn't thought this was what he was going to read.  Quickly, he thumbed through the pages.  She was still having the dream.

A thousand thoughts raced through Angel's mind.   Strangely, he wasn't jealous, not even in the slightest.  Xander and he had finally, after a lot of years of animosity, become friends.  And Willow and Xander had always had feelings for one another, despite being involved with other people.   Of course, Willow was curious!  Angel had had hundreds of lovers, literally.   Willow had only one.  Angel smiled.  Willow loved him, of that he was certain.  And he *had * read the journal intent on finding new ways to please her.

Angel picked up the receiver of the phone on the end table and punched in a number.  It rang twice before a familiar voice answered.

"Xander's Realm."

"Would it be possible for me to rent a copy of Milo and Otis?" Angel kept his tone level.

Xander chuckled. "That you, Dead-Boy?   What's up?"

The nickname he had once hated only made Angel smile now. "I need you to come over before Willow gets home.  And don't give me any crap about being too busy.  You're the boss…delegate."

"Fine…but if I lose my fortune, you and Will are going to have to support me, you know.  I'll be over in fifteen."

"Great."  Angel replaced the receiver.  Fifteen minutes was not a hell of a long time to figure out how to approach this.


"You want me to do *what * while you watch!"  Xander sputtered out the words.

"You heard me.  I told you about the dream and about the journal.  You want to make her happy, don't you?"   Angel's voice was calm and soothing as he spoke to Xander.

"But…but…she…you…together…not she, me."   Xander gestured wildly with his hands.

"That's right.  She and I, together.   And that's the way it's going to stay.  But I'm willing to give her what she needs, what she wants, for one night.  One night, no strings, the next day it's all back to normal for all of us."

Xander's mouth moved, but no words were coming out. He threw his hands up and slumped in his chair.

"C'mon, Xander.  Don't try to pretend that you don't want to.  You've wanted to be with Willow since your senior year.   This is finally your chance, providing she agrees to it.  And once she's sure that I've got no objections and that you're willing, you'll both finally know.  So…is it a deal?"

Xander finally found his voice. "Why do you want to do this? And why do you have to watch?"

Grinning, Angel replied, "I want to do this because I love Willow, and I want to give her everything she desires.  I want to watch because the idea of it turns me on.  Plus, if I'm there, there won't be any secrets between Willow and I."

Xander's mind raced a mile a minute.  This was weird!  This was sick and perverted!  This was unnatural!  This was… the only chance he was ever going to have of making love to a woman he had desired, had loved, in a best friend way, for his entire life.

The front door burst open, and Willow rushed into the living room and landed on Angel's lap.

"Great news!  I got an 'A' on my research paper! Hi, Xander! Are you staying for dinner again tonight?
Willow was bubbling with excitement.

Angel cocked an eyebrow. "Yeah, Xander. Are you staying for dinner?"

Xander gulped. "Uhm, yeah, I think I would probably like some…dinner."

Angel stood up, pulling Willow with him.   "Great!  I'll get things started.  Willow, you take a shower and Xander can give me a hand in the kitchen. We need to talk about dinner."

Willow scrunched her nose and looked back and forth between the two men she loved most in the world.  Something was up.   Resigned, she shook her head and walked towards the bathroom, leaving the two men to discuss 'dinner' in the kitchen.


Willow took a rather long shower, reflecting over her life and feeling somewhat uncomfortable about whatever it was that was going on between her lover and her best friend.  She had interrupted something, and it was something more than dinner preparations.

Leaving the bathroom, she strolled into the bedroom she shared with Angel, rubbing a towel through her wet, red hair.  As soon as she saw the bed, she froze.  Lying on the corner, obviously strategically placed, was her journal, lying open.  Hesitantly, she started towards it, fear clutching at her heart.  Glancing down to the open page, she suddenly realized what was going on.   Angel had left it out for her to see, insuring that she knew that he knew…   And from the looks of things, Xander knew, too.

“What the hell are you two up to?”   she screamed, throwing the journal on the counter in the kitchen, sending the carrots that Angel was slicing flying into the floor.

“Willow…”  Angel started.   Xander just stood there staring, his mouth open as if to speak, but no words coming out.

“You read my journal, Angel,”  she cried.

“You told me that I could,”  he tried saving himself, knowing that what he did was wrong.

“While I was with you!  Not like this… not reading it secretly when I wasn’t around!  You know that, Angel, you know that I would have let your read it if I were around!  And Xander… did you tell him what you read?  Did you?”

“Yes,”  he croaked out, realizing that he had made a huge mistake.

“Willow, he just…”  Xander tried to interrupt.

“He just what, Xander?”  Willow spun on him.

“He… we… just wanted to make you happy.”

“Are you kidding me?  Ambushing me in my own home, surprising me like this, not giving me a choice in the matter?  That’s supposed to make me happy?  They’re dreams, Xander… dreams.  I’m not consciously sitting around having these dirty thoughts about you.”

“But you’re having them all the same,”   Angel said.

“Angel, everyone has fantasies and dreams… that doesn’t mean they *act * on them.  I can’t believe you two.   Weren’t you thinking about me at all?”

“You’re all we were thinking about, Will,”  Xander told her.

“Bullshit!  You are both acting like you don’t know me at all!  If you thought about this for two seconds you’d know I’m not the type of person that would get involved in something like this, no matter how much I love both of you!”

“You’re attracted to us both, Willow.   I’m giving you a chance to be with him, to find out what it’s like…”

“Shut up! *You’re * giving me a chance?   Since when is that your decision to make?  Last time I checked, I was still in control of making my own decisions…”

“That’s not what I meant and you know it.”

“Angel, if you loved me, really loved me, how on earth could you be willing to just pass me off to another man?”  she cried, tears streaming down her face.

“First of all, Xander isn’t just another man.  He was your first love, and he’s our best friend.  I’m not willing to pass you off to just some other man, and I’ve made it perfectly clear that this is the only time this will ever happen.”

“Are you listening to yourself?  Do actually believe the things you’re saying?”

“It’s one night of pleasure, Will,”   Xander finally spoke up again,  “One night of me… us… making your dreams come true.”

“And where is Angel going to be during our little escapade?”

“Watching,”  Angel growled.


“I want to watch.”

“You’re sick… both of you… God, I can’t believe this is happening…”  Willow turned and tried to run out the door, but Xander caught her.

“No, you don’t, Will…  You’re not going anywhere until we talk about this.”

“Fuck you, Xander,”  she bellowed, attacking Xander in her anger.

With his hands firmly holding her upper arms, Willow could only kick out at him, hitting him in the shins.  He released his grip on her arms, and she slapped him hard.  He still stood blocking the doorway, so she starting trying to punch him and push him out of the way.  He struggled with her briefly before capturing her arms again, and pressed her up against the wall, crushing his lips on top of hers.

She fought him, battling to break the kiss.   Just as Angel was getting ready to cross the room and pull Xander away, Willow suddenly began returning his kiss, bruising his lips with equal intensity.

He released her arms and they encircled his neck, her hands tangling in his hair as he pressed his body harder against hers.  His arms snaked behind her back, and Willow felt herself being lifted off the ground by him.   Instinctively, she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Willow struggled for control in her own mind, trying to make sense of the events.  She was furious, furious with both of them.    She couldn’t believe that Angel had read her journal, even though she had offered it to him before.  If he had read it then, they could have talked about it and talked about what Willow was feeling.  She suspected that Angel had the best of intentions, but the way he had handled it was wrong.   And Xander.   Willow couldn’t believe that he would go along with such a thing.   Agreeing to have sex with her was one thing, but agreeing to let Angel watch was too bizarre for her mind to comprehend.

But when Xander kissed her, all logical thoughts flew out the window.  She wanted him.  She wanted this.

She ground herself against his body, never breaking the kiss.  Opening her eyes, she searched for Angel.  He had sunk back against the counter he had been leaning on, his eyes wide with surprise, yet extraordinarily calm.   Catching her watching him, he mouthed the words “I love you”.  She closed her eyes and lost herself in Xander’s kiss again.

Xander pulled away and dropped her to the floor.   She landed shakily on her feet, unsteady, her eyes glazed over with lust.

“Xander?”  she whispered.

“I want you to say it.”

“Say what?”  she breathed.

“Say you want me.  That you want this.   We’re not going one step further until you do.”

“You’re actually going to make me say it?  Out loud?”

“Willow, I love you, and the last thing I want to do is cause you pain.  A minute ago, you were fighting me… we’re not going to do anything else until you convince me that this is what you want.”

Xander and Angel both stood on edge, anxiously awaiting her reply.

“I want you, Xander.  Right now.  I want this.”  She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bedroom,   “Angel?”  she called out,  “You, too…”

Willow led Xander down the hall.  Angel didn’t hesitate a moment.  He scooped up the bottle of wine he’d opened earlier, three wineglasses, and followed the two best friends. Xander paused before entering Willow and Angel’s bedroom.  Willow tugged on his arm, but he still resisted.

“Shouldn’t we go to the spare room?”

Willow shook her head. “What, do you think that you’re going to taint the bedroom for us?  Don’t be silly.   Besides, our bed is bigger.”

Xander entered with Angel on his heels.  Once inside, the three of them looked at one another, none of them sure what to do next.   They didn’t know where to go or what to do.  Angel broke the awkward spell by putting the bottle and glasses on the dresser.  Slowly and deliberately, he poured each glass full then  took two of them  and placed them on the nightstand.  He slid the drawer open and pulled a few items from it…an ashtray, cigarette pack, and a book of matches.  He set them on the windowsill and retrieved his own wineglass.  After opening the window a bit, he settled into the chair next to it and lit a cigarette.  With those simple actions he broke the ice and let the younger couple know what to do and what he expected.

Willow rolled her eyes at Angel when he lit the cigarette.  It was an old habit he fell into when he was bored or anxious.  She couldn’t really gripe, though.  It wasn’t like smoking would kill him.   Angel gave her a grin and a shrug of his shoulders.

Willow ignored him and turned to Xander, giving him her full attention.  She advanced on him slowly, edging him back towards the bed as she opened the buttons on his shirt.  Her fingers danced over his pecs and abs once they were bared.  Willow marveled at what better shape he was in now than he had been in high school.

Xander’s breath caught in his throat at the first contact Willow made with his flesh.  Her touch was scorching his skin.  He moved to undress her, but she stopped him.  Instead, she stepped back a pace and began to remove her clothing.  She’d only pulled on a tee shirt and sweats after the discovery of her journal, so her striptease lasted mere seconds.  Xander couldn’t take his eyes off her.  He was in awe, not only of her beauty, but of her ease at being nude in front of both him and Angel.  He couldn’t help himself.  He reached out and caught one rosy peak between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it gently.  Willow closed her eyes and swayed, unsteady on her feet, as Xander rubbed the nipple with his thumb.
Breaking out of her trance, she worked at the button and zipper of his jeans and pulled them and his underwear down in one deft move.

Angel smiled.  She’d done that same thing to him countless times.  He shifted in his chair, adjusting his erection so that it was less painful.   The sight of the young couple was exciting him unbearably.  A lot of men would be jealous, hurt or disgusted by the sight of their lover with another man.  All Angel felt was love, acceptance and extreme arousal.   Maybe he was wired differently because he was a vampire, or maybe it had something to do with his extreme age and experience.  Whatever the reason, he knew he wasn’t going to be able to go the night without some satisfaction of his own.  He tapped the ash off his cigarette and watched the nude couple as they kissed passionately, locked in a long overdue embrace.

Willow trembled as Xander’s tongue slipped between her teeth and dueled with her own.  They had kissed before in high school when they’d had their fluke.  But both had held something back, knowing that it couldn’t go beyond just kissing.  Now, though, there were no reservations.   They could finally give into the
passion  because there would be no frustration.  As if to drive that thought home, Willow grabbed Xander’s taut buttocks and ground against him, pressing his throbbing hard-on into her flat stomach.

Xander felt he was spinning out of control.   Things were moving too fast.  He wanted to go slow, to savor  his only night in Willow’s bed.  Pulling away, he lay her on the bed, watching as her hair fanned out on the pillow, framing her face with auburn tresses.  He knelt, then groaned as Willow took him in her tiny hand and caressed his shaft, running her fingers up it’s length, stopping at the tip and massaging the fluid that welled there into the head.

Leaning over, he took first one, then the other of her nipples into his mouth, smiling at her shudder when he swirled the tip with his tongue.  Eventually, he kissed his way down her body, stopping to rest his head on her abdomen.  Xander stared over her patch of red curls at Angel, dark eyes meeting in an intense stare.  Strangely, Xander felt no anxiety or misgivings at Angel’s presence.  Angel held his gaze for a moment, then released Xander with a slight nod of his head as the vampire’s eyes flickered to Willow’s face.

Xander continued kissing the downy curls at the junction of her thighs and teased the inside of her leg with his fingers before slipping them between her wet folds.   Willow arched her back and pushed into his hand, encouraging more contact.  Xander obliged, burying his face in her heat, laving her clit with his tongue as he pushed first one then another finger inside her clenching depths.   He marveled at the taste of her… it was like some fresh exotic fruit.  He let her body set the rhythm; his hips echoing it as he pressed his painful cock into the soft comforter.

Willow keened as Xander gave her the most intimate of kisses, while his fingers were gliding in and out of her, stroking her upper wall until she thought she’d die from the joy of it.  It was as good…no, better…than any of her dreams. With a guttural moan, Willow grabbed the headboard, bending it forward, and bucked against Xander’s face, bathing him with her fluids as she exploded.   Xander didn’t stop his attentions, only eased them and withdrew his fingers from her.

Willow calmed somewhat, then rolled her head to look at Angel.  The corner of his mouth drew into a half grin.  She saw no recrimination in his eyes, only love and desire.  Her eyes flicked to his crotch and she was not surprised to see him rubbing his erection through his pants.  She crooked her finger at him and mouthed, “You, too.”

Angel hesitated briefly, not wanting to intrude, but an insistent nod from Willow set him in motion.  Quickly, he stripped off his clothing and sat down on the edge of the bed.  One of his hands went to caress Willow’s face, the other he placed on Xander’s head, wanting him not to be startled by his sudden arrival in the bed.

Xander wasn’t surprised at all.  A part of him had fully expected for this to be the final body count on the bed.  Willow was never satisfied with her glass half full.  Xander rose up, looking back and forth between Angel and Willow.  A small smile from Willow urged him on.  His hand seemed to move of it’s own accord.  Slowly, with the same finger he had pleasured Willow, Xander traced the outline of Angel’s lips.  Angel captured his wrist, and for a moment Xander thought he had made a horrible mistake.  Angel pulled him by the back of the neck, bringing him for a kiss.  A tingle ran through Xander at the first chaste contact of their lips.  Sensing his arousal, Angel deepened it, opening Xander’s mouth and drawing in his tongue, tasting his Willow there.   Xander’s stomach was doing flip-flops.  He’d never kissed a man before and was shocked at the pleasure of it.  Angel was no stranger to the joys of loving another man, but was still surprised at his arousal.

They broke apart, each finally looking to Willow.   She wore a sensual smile and her eyes were smoldering with lust.  She opened her arms to them.

“C’mon, guys.  I want to play, too.”

Angel bent over, resting his hands on either side of the pillow and gave Willow a long, deep passionate kiss.  Her hand moved to Angel’s cock, caressing him lightly.

With a slight groan, Angel pulled away, looking back to Xander.

“You ready for this?”  he asked the younger man.

In response, Xander looked to Willow,  “Will?”

“Xander, please… I want you inside me.”

Their eyes met and froze.  Xander was amazed by what was happening.  Never in his life would he have imagined being with Willow in this way.  With Angel not only watching, but becoming an active participant, too.    The love that passed between himself and Willow was intoxicating.  Their friendship was one that would, could and *had * stood the test of time.  He knew that this act would only serve to strengthen the bond that they already shared.

And Angel.  Xander had long ago accepted that he was the completion of Willow.  Something had always been missing from her life, something neither he nor Oz was ever able to give her.  Somehow, she found it with Angel.  They were such opposites, but so much the same.  Under Angel’s careful tutelage, Willow had blossomed into the woman that Xander, deep down inside his soul, always knew that she would be.

The friendship between Angel and Xander had been tenuous at first.  Xander had never hidden his distrust of the vampire, and the vampire had never made much of an effort to earn the trust that Xander coveted.  As time passed, however, and Xander grew from being a boy to being a man, he began to release the intense jealousy that had always plagued him.  Angel was a friend, an ally to be trusted as he had proven time and time again.

Not to mention the happiness that Angel gave Willow.  Xander trusted the redhead more than anything in his world, and if she trusted Angel with her life, then that was good enough for him.  Though neither man had ever sat down and talked about it, they knew that the friendship that they had forged was a special one.

Angel broke the trance between Willow and Xander by moving behind Willow and lifting her body to lean back into him.   She settled easily against her lover, feeling his erection press against her back as she prepared herself for Xander.

He pulled his eyes from hers and met the dark, intense stare of Angel once again.  Seeing the love and acceptance the vampire offered him put his mind at ease once again and he quickly moved between Willow’s outstretched legs.  Pressing against her thighs with his hands, he gently pried her open.  She reached between their two bodies, grabbing his cock, and guided him to her entrance.

Xander placed his hands on either sides of Willow and Angel’s legs and pressed into her, sheathing himself in her tight wet heat.   He fell forward, kissing Willow deeply as she embraced him.  Angel slid his arms around Willow’s waist, causing Xander to jump at the feeling of the other man’s hands between their bodies.  He pushed himself back up on his arms and began to thrust.

Willow clenched her inner walls around Xander’s shaft, meeting him thrust for thrust.  Angel had moved his hands from Willow’s stomach to her breasts, caressing and pinching the sensitive tips as Willow writhed in his arms.

Angel knew Willow and knew the signs of her impending orgasm.  She wasn’t going to last long, and neither was Xander.   This meeting had taken far too long to happen, and neither was thinking about holding back now.  Slow and easy could come later in the evening.

Releasing his grip on one of her breasts, Angel traced a path along the delicate curve of her stomach to nestle in her curls, gently twisting her clitoris in the way he knew she loved, driving her closer to the edge.   Angel’s other hand suddenly joined them, shocking Xander into oblivion by encircling his hard cock as he thrust in and out of Willow.  The sensation of Angel’s strong hand gripping him before allowing him to slide home into Willow’s wet heat was too much for him to bear and he came with a shout, emptying himself deep into Willow as she joined him, crying out his name as a dizzying burst of colors danced before her eyes.

Xander collapsed on top of Willow, trapping her between his body and Angel’s.  Angel’s near-painful erection pressed into her back and she instinctively scooted off to the side, leaning back on his leg and the pillows instead.  She wrapped her tight fist around his cock, and lazily began stroking him closer to his own release.

With his head lying on Willow’s chest, Xander watched Willow.  Without even realizing that he was doing so, he wrapped his hand around Willow’s and, together they continued their slow-moving torment of Angel.


Groaning low in his throat, Angel bucked his hips slightly.   He watched with heavy-lidded eyes as Willow and Xander’s interlocking hands moved up and down on his shaft, driving him towards orgasm with a maddeningly lazy pace.  The moment seemed to freeze in time for Angel.  It was a tableau of sensual proportions; the likes of which he’d never experienced while he was ensouled.  Angelus had been involved in numerous meaningless orgies with too many partners to count.  But watching his Willow, and Xander, the boy who’d grown into a fine man and a true friend, as they were still joined from their lovemaking while pleasuring him…it was a view that filled him with a sense of well-being and unconditional love that he’d never known.  Angel captured the sight, burning into his memory for all time.

Willow’s voice broke the silence.

“Look at me, Xander.”

Xander looked up at her hesitantly.  In all of his Hellmouth experiences, this would have to rank as number one.  He still couldn’t quite believe that he was making love with Willow… and Angel.  A sexual situation  with another man was something he’d never pictured himself in.   He wasn’t quite sure what to do, didn’t know how to proceed.   Willow, as usual, provided the guidance he needed.  He gazed into her deep green eyes, and gave himself up to her words.

“It’s okay, Xander.   It’s all good.  Just feel.”

Willow accompanied her advice with a gentle contraction of her vaginal muscles, squeezing his cock, which had started to soften but now sprung to attention again.  He gave her a gentle kiss and then turned to look at Angel.  With a half smile and a shrug, he pulled out of Willow and moved up and over to the other side of Angel’s body.   Their stroking of Angel’s erection never missed a beat.  Xander took Angel’s right nipple into his mouth, rolling his tongue around the nub.  A moan from Angel let him know that it was, indeed, all good.  Xander tilted his head and motioned for Willow to join him on the other side. Grinning, Willow moved to Angel’s left flank and began to give his left nipple the same attention that Xander was already lavishing on the other one.

Angel was in ecstasy.  He gave himself over to their ministrations, his pelvis thrusting in time with their hands, his hips lifting off their bed.  His orgasm was building to a powerful finish and he needed something to hold on to.  Without thinking, he buried his hands in their hair, holding them to his chest.  In perfect unison, Willow and Xander increased their speed and Angel threw back his head, an incoherent, guttural sound emitting from his throat as he climaxed.  Semen rocketed from the head of his cock as it spasmed, coating his stomach and their hands with the viscous fluid.

First Xander, then Willow released their grip on Angel’s erection.  Xander self-consciously started to distance himself from the vampire, realizing that he’d been grinding his erection into the older man’s leg.  Angel would have none of it and drew both of them up in an embrace.

 Willow gently began to massage the evidence of Angel’s orgasm into his stomach.  She looked at Xander, and raised her eyebrows, conveying an unasked question with her expression.  Xander hesitated, not sure of how far he was prepared to go, but curious, nonetheless.  Willow sensed his apprehension and acted accordingly.  Tracing her finger through Angel’s seed, she gently coated her lips with the substance and kissed Xander.  He stiffened at first, then gave himself up to her kiss, returning it with passion as he stroked her tongue with his.  Angel massaged their backs, his body already responding to their display and anticipating the rest of the night that lay ahead of the threesome.


Stretching, Willow snuggled into the covers as Xander slipped back into bed on the other side of her.  The morning light brightened the bedroom, even though the heavy drapes were drawn.  Smiling she kissed Xander good morning, as he leaned on his elbow to look down at her.  It was a sweet kiss, without the passion that had drove the threesome the previous night.  It almost seemed like a dream…the three of them sharing one bed, getting lost in a tangle of sensations, almost unable to discern where one body ended and another began.  But here she was, wedged between the two most important men in her life, an undeniable testament that last night hadn’t been a figment of her imagination.

“Does it ever give you the wiggins that he doesn’t breathe when he’s asleep?” Xander asked.

“You get used to it.  It was a little unnerving a first.” Willow answered.

Xander was silent; contemplating the vampire on Willow’s other side.  Last night had been unbelievable.  He had finally made love with Willow…and Angel.  He waited for shame or regret to hit him, but those emotions were keeping a low profile.  Instead, he realized that he was getting an erection from replaying the events in his mind.  Willow, ever observant, reached down and squeezed his testicles, cupping his sac in her small hand.

Xander groaned. “Will, I don’t think you should be doing that.  The deal was last night only.”

“We didn’t sign a contract, Xander.”   Angel’s voice rumbled low in his chest and Xander jumped.  Willow didn’t move a muscle, other than to caress Xander.

“Geeze, Dead-boy, you sneak up on people even when you’re sleeping!”

Rolling over, Angel kissed Willow.  “Are you hungry?”

“Starving.  I didn’t get dinner last night.  I was held hostage by a couple of insatiable men.”  Willow giggled.

Angel smiled at the other two in the bed.   “I’m thinking I’ll make some blueberry pancakes for the two of you, and sausages.”

Xander was taken aback, “Since when does Miss Kosher eat sausages?”

Willow bit back a laugh, a risqué retort on the tip of her tongue.  “They’re soy sausages, Xander.  Perfectly respectable.”

Xander reluctantly began to rise from the bed.

“I’ll help with breakfast.”

Placing a hand on Xander’s shoulder, Angel pushed him back down on the bed and spoke, “No, I can manage by myself.  It should take me a while.  Why don’t the two of you stay in bed?  You can rest…or work up more of an appetite…whatever.”

Xander looked from Angel to Willow.  “I thought we had an agreement.  That I wouldn’t…we couldn’t…without you here.”

Angel shrugged. “Well, if you feel uncomfortable about it.  Myself, I think that maybe you should have some time together without any audience participation.”

Willow finally piped up, “You are so wonderful and trusting and I love you *so * much.  Thank you.”  She kissed Angel and he left the room, grabbing a pair of sweats and pulling the door ajar behind him.

Xander sat up, self-conscious of his nudity and the impending activities.  He knew it was strange, but somehow this made him more nervous than anything that had happened the evening before did.

“Relax, Xander.  It’s really okay.   Just be with me.”

With those words, Willow fell on him, grabbing his neck and crushing his lips to hers, their tongues tangling in a fierce duel.  Her hands rushed over his body, feeling the smooth muscles underneath his skin.
Xander allowed her the upper hand for a moment, then capturing her wrists in his hands, he rolled her over and covered her body.

“Will, if this is *just being * with you, I can’t imagine what it would be like to actually be involved in some activity.”

He had expected her to laugh, to have a retort for his comment, but her eyes were intense and serious when she spoke.

“Make love to me, Xander.  I want to know what it’s like to be with you.  Just you, just this once.”

Willow spread her legs and Xander slipped between them.  Rubbing his cock up and down her moist slit, he nibbled on her neck and shoulders, waiting for her to be ready for him.  Raising her knees, she thrust upward and he slid into her, his pelvis hitting hers with a dull thud as she enveloped him in her heat.  Xander gasped, his cock twitching inside her.  Willow opened her eyes and looked up into Xander’s.  He smiled that patented Xander smile and she kissed him, moaning into his mouth as he began a slow rhythm.  They were savoring this moment, their time together.  With each thrust, Xander gave a small groan, marveling at the feelings that making love with Willow were raising in him.

Finally, he released her wrists, cupping her face in his hands and showering it with tiny kisses, trying to convey some of the emotions she was invoking in him.  They stared at one another, lost in the feeling, in the love they saw in one another’s eyes.  The moment seemed to stretch forever, until their languid movements turned more urgent.  Xander was holding back, ready to explode, to lose himself in her body.  He managed until he felt Willow’s walls convulsing around him.  He finally let himself go and they climaxed together, silently, drowning in one another’s eyes.

Xander held himself on his elbows, not wanting to hurt her, but reluctant to move out of her, knowing that this was the last time he’d be with her in this way.  The silence was a comfortable one, but he wanted to say something to her, to let her know how much she meant to him.

“I…I’m glad you’re my best friend, Wills.”

Willow looked up at him, a sense of déjà vu running through her.  “I’m glad you’re mine, too, Xander.”

He rolled off her, bringing her into his arms, cradling her, his fingers running over her back.  It took Willow a moment to realize that he was tracing letters there.  She wasn’t sure if he was hoping she would figure it out, or if he wanted to express his feelings without actually throwing the words out and chancing rejection.

“I love you, too, Xander.”

There was a knock on the door and a pause as Angel waited for his invitation to come in.  It was offered, and he entered carrying a tray laden with breakfast: pancakes, sausage and juice.

Willow and Xander sat up, Willow drawing the sheet around her chest.

“Oooh, goody!  I am absolutely starving!” she said.

Angel chuckled, “I knew you two could work up an appetite.”

He arranged the oversized tray over their laps and kissed Willow on top of her head, then grabbed


Xander’s head and placed a kiss there, too.

“You seem a little distracted, Xander… what’s on your mind?”  Angel asked softly, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“N-nothing,”  he stuttered.

“Liar,”   Willow muttered.

“It sounds corny…”

“What?”  Willow and Angel asked in unison.

“I was just thinking how lucky I am… my best friend… my other best friend… Last night was the best night of my life.   I never knew I could feel so loved.”

“You are loved, Xander…”   Willow told him.

“By both of us,”  Angel finished the sentiment for her.

Xander valiantly tried to fight back the tears that were threatening to form in his eyes.  His life had been hard.  His family had never seemed to care much for him, and growing up, he had only had Willow to offer him unconditional love.

When Angel and Willow had fallen in love, Xander had been terrified that the love he got from Willow would disappear.  Now, not only did he still have her love, but Angel’s, too.

Willow sensed his discomfort and promptly began to feed him, offering him a bite of her blueberry pancake.

“You know, while I was making breakfast, I did some thinking.”

Xander and Willow both stared at the vampire, waiting for him to continue.

“Xander, there are certain things that I can’t give Willow.  Walks in the sunshine, trips to the beach, children…”

“Angel, I…”  Willow began, only to be shushed by Angel.

“I know I should have probably talked to you about this first,”  he told her, “but it just feels right.”

“What feels right?”  Xander finally asked.

“You can give Willow what I can’t.   I love her too much to deny her those things, and I can’t think of a better, more deserving man than you to give her those gifts.  And I kind of like having you around, too.  What do you say?  You’d complete us.”

“You had me at ‘hello’.”

“What?”  Angel asked, confused, as Willow collapsed into a fit of laughter.

“It’s a line from a movie, sweetie,”   she informed us, “And I think that might be Xander’s way of saying yes.   Is it, Xander?  Is that what you meant?”

“Is that what you want, Willow?”

She looked to the vampire, examining his eyes to make certain that this was truly what he wanted.  She loved him, first and foremost, and wouldn’t answer until she knew in her heart that this was as he desired.

She looked deeply into Angel’s dark eyes, and he held her gaze for a long, silent moment before slowly breaking into a grin, a mischievous twinkle alighting in their depths.

“What can I say?  He turns me on.”

Willow shared a quiet chuckle with her first lover before turning back to Xander,  “Yes, I’m absolutely, positively certain that this is what I want.  More than anything.  Always.”

“So mote it be…”  Xander whispered, drawing her forward for a warm kiss, knowing that Angel’s lips soon would be joining them.

The End



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