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By Lorelei

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Disclaimer: All characters pertaining to the show Buffy the Vampire slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, the WB, Mutant Enemy, Fox et. all.  No copyright infringement is intended.  No profit is being made

Angelus walked down the dark alley, tapping the wall absentmindedly
with a switch he plucked from a tree on his way there.  This was not
what he’d expected, or wanted.  A note!  A freaking note telling him
where to be and what time to arrive.  He’d thought Willow was smarter
than that, that she understood the games they’d been playing.  Well,
he’d just have to set her straight tonight. The hunter didn’t leave
notes for the prey telling them where and when they were going to be

“Willow… come out, come out wherever you are.”

He paused, waiting for an answer.  Angelus had to admit that maybe it
was a little titillating knowing she was lying in wait for him. There
should have been more though, dammit!  He’d taught her too much, showed
her too much for her to not know how to play this game.  He thought
she’d been a fast learner, much faster than Dru had been.  Of course,
Willow had more of her sanity intact than Drusilla ever had.

“Willow,” His voice was slightly menacing as called out in the
darkness, “Willow… this isn’t how we play, little red.  You should know
better, you’re smarter than this.  I’m going to have to teach you a
little lesson.”  He smacked the switch against the palm of his hand

Angelus never saw her, never heard her.  Suddenly there was a loud
noise and a dull pain, and then his world went dark.

Standing over him with a heavy board in her hand, Willow smiled down at
Angelus’ unconscious form. “I am smarter than that, dear.” She tossed
the board into the corner. “And mine’s bigger.”  She adjusted her
leather corset and gave him a sharp kick in his ribs.   She motioned
towards the two lesser vamps at the end of the alley.  They carried
Angelus between them as they followed the red haired vampire back to
the mansion.


“Aaaah! Fuck!” Angelus’ scream rang through the deserted mansion, as he
was forced back into the conscious world by the sharp pain in his left
breast.  His vision swam, then came into focus. Willow was standing a
few feet in front of him, admiring her handiwork. She was completely
naked, and the firelight shown on her pale skin and coppery hair.

“Do you like it?  I like it.” Willow reached out and gave a small tug
on the ring that she’d inserted into Angelus’ nipple.

He reached for her, ready to strangle her, but he was restrained.  He
surveyed his situation. He was nude and Willow had him chained, his
arms stretched almost painfully over his head.  His ankles were
unbound, for all the good that did him.  He looked down at his swollen,
angry nipple.  The ring looked good.  Not that he’d tell her that.

“Bitch.  You could have asked first.”

Willow backhanded him. “Since when do we ask the victims if we want to
do something?” A wicked grin crossed her face. “Don’t worry.  It’s
sanitary.  I had the guy show me before he did this.”  Willow waggled
her tongue at him, showing him the ball of the silver bar that now ran
through her tongue. “I was going to have him do my belly button, too.”
She pouted. “My blood just tasted too good in my mouth. I had to eat
him.” Willow walked over to a table and picked up a small brown vial.

“What’s that?  Did you steal his coke after you ate him?”
Angel pulled on the chains, testing them.  She’d done it right.  Good
for her.

Willow lowered her head, looking at the object she held in her hand.
She looked up at him, batting her eyelashes coyly.  “Nope.  This is
something I picked up to make sure you don’t get all mean and nasty on
me.  At least until I want you to. You’re going to do exactly what I
want.”  She unscrewed the lid to the vial, withdrawing the dropper.
She sauntered over to him and knelt by his feet.  She released a small
drop onto his foot.  Angelus howled as his flesh began to sear.

“Holy Water! Fucking Slut! Get away from me with that shit!”

Willow fell back on her backside, giggling.  This was going to be so
much fun!  The pompous prick needed to be taught a lesson once in a
while.  She wasn’t one of his vapid lackeys or a loon like Drusilla.
Equal ground… they were on equal ground and he needed to realise that.

Standing, Willow got another drop from the vial. She hovered over his
cock, before letting it drop on the other foot. Angelus shrieked again,
lashing out with his feet.  Willow moved swiftly, stepping away from
him.  She set the bottle back on the table then lunged for him,
grabbing his face with one hand and squeezing tightly.

“Play nice.  Play nice and I won’t burn your dick off.  You do what I
say…what I want.  This is *our * game, not just yours.”  Standing on
tiptoes, she kissed him savagely, tearing his bottom lip with her
teeth.  Despite the pain in his feet, Angelus’ responded, kissing her
back with equal ferocity, grinding against her.

Willow pulled away and wagged a finger at him. “No, not yet.  I’m in
charge tonight.”

She stepped behind him, nudging a small step stool close to his feet.
Willow stood on it and brought her hands around to his chest, tugging
on the nipple ring.  He shuddered and felt his cock spring to life.

Willow rubbed her mound against his backside.  This was so much fun!
What was pleasure without a little pain?  It was even better when she
was inflicting the pain.  Bringing her hands between her legs, she
moistened her fingers.  Sliding her hand between the cheeks of his ass,
she entered him with one finger.  He grunted as she moved it in and out
of him.  Reaching around, she circled his erection, jerking him

Angelus’ groaned, and pushed himself back onto her hand.  Willow worked
one, then another finger inside of him, never stopping her work on his
erection.  She could feel his body shaking with unspent desire.  Taking
her hand from his cock, she tangled her fingers in his hair and yanked
his head back.  Roughly, she worked in and out of him.

“Do you like that, puppy? Hmmm?  Do you like it when I fuck you?”

His answer didn’t come quick enough to suit her.  She pulled his head
back further, stretching his neck to the breaking point.

“I asked you a question, I want an answer.”

“Yes… I like it.” He panted his reply in a strangled voice.

“Then I’d better stop.”  She withdrew from him quickly and stepped
around in front of him.

A wicked smile crept across her face as she looked him over.  His cock
was bulging with unspent need.  She ran her fingers over the muscles in
his chest and abdomen.

“Mmmm.  So strong. But I’m strong, too.”

Her caress turned animalistic as she raked her nails across him,
leaving deep, bloody wounds in his flesh.  Angelus winced and tried to
kiss her, but she easily eluded him.  Willow moved the step stool in
front of him, then stood on it.  Taking his cock in one hand she rubbed
it against her slit. Gripping his shoulders, she raised up on him,
lowering her self down on his erection and wrapping her legs around
him.  She started moving up and down on him.  Angelus tried uselessly
to grab her, his face contorting in lust.

“Relax, puppy.  I’m almost as strong as you are.”

Willow ground into him, setting her own pace.  She bit down on his
shoulder, drawing his blood into her mouth.  Power, she had the power
now.  It was a heady sensation.  Her walls started clamping around him
and her orgasm hit her hard and fast.  She dug her nails in and rode
him to her own satisfaction, then slowed her movements.  Angelus’ tried
to thrust up into her, with out much success.

“Now if I *really * wanted to make you the victim, I’d climb off and
leave you hanging… in more ways than one.”

“Willow…” Angelus’ voice was half-threat, half-entreaty.

“What do polite vampires say?”

Angelus closed his eyes, muttering the word she wanted to hear.

Willow licked the tip of his nose. “Good puppy.”

She began to clench and unclench around his erection, then pushed
against him furiously.  Morphing into game face, she slashed the palm
of her hand and held it to his lips as he roared into his orgasm,
shooting into her wetness.

Willow climbed off of him and sat at his feet.

“Well, that was fun.  I’m hungry and need a shower.”

“Yeah, me too.”

Willow cocked her head to one side. “But you’re all tied up.  You’re
not going anywhere.”

Angelus tried to kick her, but his legs were too weak at that moment.

“Naughty puppy!  I’ll be back.  And if you promise to play nice again,
I may even bring you some carryout.  Or carry-in.”  Willow giggled as
she stood, strolling towards the bedroom.

“Willow!  Come back here!”  Angelus bellowed at her retreating form.

Willow called over her shoulder, “Now, now!  Be sweet and I’ll show you
how much more fun my tongue is now.”

Angelus shook his head and tried to get into a comfortable position.
//She always takes things too far… I think that’s why I like her. //



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