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By Lorelei

Disclaimer:  I do not own these characters.  They are solely the property of Joss Whedon (clever boy), Mutant Enemy, and the WB.  
The song belongs to the Corrs, a nifty little Irish group.
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	Angel stretched lazily and rose from the sofa that had
	served as his bed.  A quick glance at the microwave
	let him know it was six in the evening. Not
	surprising, considering that he and Willow had been up
	past sunrise.


	Smiling, he recalled the previous evening. Things
	between them had gotten to the point where they were
	either going to end up in the bedroom or explode.
	Angel had lifted Willow off his lap, despite her very
	apparent consternation, and set her next to him.
	Silence had filled the room for a few minutes, until
	he began speaking.  Starting at the very beginning,
	his birth, he told her his entire history.  She’d
	listened intently, stopping him to occasionally ask
	questions. More than once she’d brushed the tears from
	his cheeks and several times he’d had to return the
	favour.  Only brief pauses for food and bathroom
	breaks had silenced him and by early morning his
	throat was raw from the constant talking.
	Lying with her head on his lap, Angel repetitively
	smoothing her silky hair down, she’d asked him why,
	her voice drowsy with the need for sleep.


	“Because I want it to be right this time. You have to
	know exactly what I’ve been and who I am.” He’d said.


	She’d mumbled, “I do.” Her eyelids had fluttered
	closed and she was asleep.


	Willow had put on a flannel sleep shirt earlier, so
	there was no need to wake her. Angel had carried her
	to his bed and left her to her dreams.


	Now, though, he wanted to see her again.  Within
	twenty-four hours she’d be driving back to Sunnydale,
	and he wouldn’t see her again for another week.
	Stealthily, he went to the bedroom and leaned against
	the open door.


	She was exquisite.  Angel could not remember a time
	when he’d seen anything so breathtaking.  She stirred
	and then looked at him, a delicate smile crossing her
	lips. Willow loved him. Without saying a word, her
	soulful eyes had told him what he’d hoped for was
	true.  Angel felt a lump rising in his throat,
	overwhelming him with emotions.


	//Opened my eyes today
	And I knew there’s something different
	Saw you in a brand new way
	Like the clouds had somehow lifted
	And if yesterday I heard myself saying these words
	I would swear it was a lie


	I don’t know why but suddenly I’m falling
	I was so blind
	I was loving you all the time
	Now I’m hopelessly addicted
	Helplessly attracted//


	Willow felt a strange sensation wash over her and
	without warning she realised what it was.  She’d known
	last night that she loved him, truly loved him.
	Seeing him standing in the doorway, clad in his silk
	pajama bottoms, she now knew that she desperately
	wanted him.  She had never desired anyone the way she
	did Angel. She had slept with Oz, had wanted to sleep
	with him, even.  But this longing ache inside her was
	new to her.


	Blushing at her thoughts under his intense stare, she
	tried to diffuse the situation, blurting out the first
	thing that came into her head.


	“Bring me a cup of tea?”


	Angel nodded and went to the kitchen, slightly
	confused by her request. Tea was not what he’d thought
	she’d ask for.


	Quickly, Willow scampered into the bathroom.  She’d
	had plenty of tea the night before and needed to take
	care of that.  Splashing water on her face afterwards,
	she tried to calm her nerves and stifle the fluttering
	in pit of her stomach.  She reminded her reflection in
	the mirror that she wasn’t ready for that yet. Neither
	of them were.  Her reflection didn’t offer any
	solution, just stared back at her with a flushed face
	and a lustful gleam in her eye.  Sighing, she went
	back to the bed, a little smile quirking the corner of
	her mouth at the thought of what was going to happen
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