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General Spoilers

V A Colonel Haviland will be introduced in an upcoming episode, but unlike previously reported he's a very minor character in just ONE episode. He does not take over the Initiative and there are no extended plots connected to him.

V Xander will finally get a storyline in the final episodes of this season. He will attempt to do something heroic, but it backfires on him with dire consequences. This event will force him to find direction in life and will heavily play into season five.

V Look for Joyce and Giles to supposedly steam things up again.

V Spike becomes ADAM's "unholy" disciple and spies on the Scooby Gang for him.

V Olivia turns out to be a spy for the Watcher's council. She is a member of the black ops squad

V Bailey Chase, who was on "Undressed", will be recurring on Buffy as an investigator of the paranormal.

new.gif (992 bytes)Someone does die this season, but despite the rumors, it's not a member of the core Scooby Gang.

new.gif (992 bytes)Tara does not die this season, and instead is expected to return next season when her "secret" is revealed.

New Moon Rising

Airs May 2

V Episode 19

V Written by Marti Noxon; Formerly titled Where The Heart Is

V This episode will answer all of the questions concerning the Willow/Tara relationship.

V Oz (Seth Green) is in this episode, in which he must come to terms with Willow, her new life, and the broken remains of their relationship. Oz also has a BIG announcement to make to the Scooby Gang.

V Oz leaves again at the end of this episode, but he WILL be back for the season finale

V Oz and Tara have a rather interesting encounter with each other.

new.gif (2743 bytes)Oz is captured by The Iniative. Riley tries to help but is threathened with court marshall if he interfers. However he soon learns that the others are targets and must choose between Buffy and The Iniative. After learning that his friend Grahm is now a Werewolf Riley sees HST as humans not animals anymore and therefore decides to help Oz escape.

V Willow and Tara finally kiss in this episode.

new.gif (2743 bytes)A new werewolf is made in this episode. While trying to capture Oz, one of the Commandos is seriously injured. The Commando in question is Grahm

new.gif (2743 bytes)Adam breaks into the Iniative compund and frees the demons who have been hurt by the military group to build his army from.

new.gif (2743 bytes)Riley and Forrest have a huge fight over how much Buffy has changed him.

new.gif (2743 bytes)Xander's near drowining becomes an issue for him.

The Yoko Factor

V Airs May 9th

V Part 1 of 2

V Written by Doug Petrie

V Angel comes to town after Cordelia has a vision that someone in the Scooby Gang is in grave danger

V It had to happen sooner or later: Angel and Riley FINALLY meet in this episode, with some interesting results.

V Angel nearly gets Riley killed.A misunderstanding leads to a confrontation between the duo that results in Riely getting his ass kicked and one majorly pissed of Slayer.

V Buffy has a creepy phrophetic dream and sees the death of one of the Scooby Gang Her dream is however vague and doesn't exaclty name who it is that dies but there are tons of hidden clues.

V It seems that Xander hasn't been all that honest with his friends about his extracurricular acitvites. A decision he is going to come to regret.

V Spike helps Adam kidnap Riley in exchange for his implant being removed.

V The "Yoko" stands for 'Yoko Ono', the woman accused for breaking up legendary music band, The Beatles, when she married John Lennon. The episode deals with the fact that the Scooby Gang will be destroyed by outside forces. Throughout the season, there has been a strain in the relationship between Scoobies. This episode marks the turning point of that strain, and builds up to a very climatic moment in Episode 2l.

V Riley's former commando buds make his life as diffucult as humanly possible to punish him for saving Oz.

V Spike causes trouble between Angel and Riley.

V Angel makes an intresting observation about Buffy's attitude, not just towards him but to others, epsecially Xander. Angel notices that there is something going on with Xander, while the group, specifically Buffy just passes off his odd behavior as nothing

new.gif (2743 bytes)The sinister and powerful Adam (George Hertzberg) decides to advance his plans for humanity's demise by enlisting Spike to turn the gang against one another without their suspecting it. Spike's reward: removal of the anti-violence chip in his head, which has prevented the vampire from attacking humans

new.gif (2743 bytes)EVIL FIELD DAY: Spike manages to set up Angel AND Riley, making sure they hate each other right from the start. Spike plays up Angel to Riley and tells him that Buffy had previous "relations" with the undead. Spike also plays up Riley to Angel and gets him to think that Riley is this macho commando man and somehow manages to make him think that Riley is ADAM. (XG Note: I know many people might say that how could Angel think Riley was ADAM because of the brief glance Angel saw of him in "Pangs". But think about it, Willow has always been considerate of Angel's feelings, she's not going to come out and say "Oh that's Riley, he's got a crush on Buffy". She probably said "Oh, that's our Psych TA" or maybe she said "that's Riley", but I doubt Angel would really remember him. I mean he doesn't know Buffy is going out with him and Cordy is the one having the vision, so she's the only one of the Angel gang that knows what ADAM looks like, so anythings possible.)


V Airs in May

V Part 2 of 2

V Written by David Fury

V Someone dies in this episode and the Scooby gang attends their funeral (questionable)

V There is a war like battle to end all battles with ADAM ,who has raised a demon army to destroy The Iniaitvie and anything else that stands in the way of purity.

V The climatic battle with the Iniative and the Scooby Gang ensues leaving no on unscathed

V There will be an massive expolsion in the final seconds of the episode in which the Lowell House, aka Iniative Headuqaters is blown sky high.

V From David Fury ~ "It's going to be a little bit like, I don't think this will spoil too much, think of Aliens a little bit in terms of, you're inside the Initiative when the lights are turned out, and there are emergency lights only, and there's a hundred demons in there with a hundred soldiers, and you'll get kind of a picture of what's going to happen."


V Airs May 23 / Season Finale

V Written and Directed by Joss Whedon

V Joss branches out into the frontier with this ground-breaking episode in which he deals with the emotional trauma surrounding the climatic events in 20 & 21.

V This is a coda episode designed to deal with the seasons storylines.The Iniative will have already been dealt with and no climatic battle shall occur.

V This episode is a pivotal Xander episode. For those who have been grumbling at his underusage should rest easy now. Xander was purposefully underuse to make way for this emotionally gripping episode.We will get a rare glimpse into Xander's life outside of the Scooby Gang. How hard it has been for him and how miserable he truly is. We will also get a peak at his not-so-happy home. It will focus on his personal life. We and his friends will see how miserable his life is. His parents are introduced in this episode and it's not pretty. This year Xander has hit an all-time low. He has gone from an integral part of the group to the laughing stock of it. His secret fear in "Fear, Itself" has come true. Now, all will hit rock bottom.

V The entire episode is based on people's dreams. It will give us insights into the charachters personality and answer questions that we have always wondered about certain aspects of their lives. In the episode Xander possibly dies. However it is only a metaphorical representation on how he feels. Kinda like I might as well be dead, as much as anyone cares type thing.

V Buffy and Riley don't break up but decide they need some time apart and he heads off to spend the summer with his family in Iowa.

V A member of the Scooby Gang has s jaw-dropping announcemet to make.

V DREAMS TURN TO NIGHTMARES IN SUNNYDALE: What began as a simple wish turns the Scoobies worlds upsidedown as something has taken control of their dreams and sheds light on some of their inner pains and problems. Through their dreams the Scooby Gang goes through highly spirtual experiances, so to speak, that set up the arc for season 5. Willow has dreams about Oz that involves a sorta closure for the two. Buffy gets a better appreciation for her role as The Slayer after her dreams. As for Xander, his will be more like nightmares. We will get a glimpse into his unhappy homelife that proves to be more of a Hell that anything in Sunnydale could ever provide as well as an idea of how hard it actually is to be him and how rough his life is. His "Death" comes as a meataphorical representation of his emotions and how he beleives he is treated by others.

V Look for hints towards the identity of the infamous Little Sister to be laden throught the episode, although we most likey won't find out who she is until next season. David Fury mentioend at a recent trip to The Bronze, The Official BTVS Posting Board that Little Sister, which was mentioned in This Years Girl, which was mentioned as Little Miss Muffett in Graduaiton Day Part 2, was not in reference to Buffy or Faith but was an entirely different charachter.

new.gif (2743 bytes)We will meet Little Sister aka Little Miss Muffet early on in Season Five. However, there will be a few hints about who she is in "Restless". Supposedly, she is supposed to be very evil and the 7-3-0 riddle from "Graduation Day Part 2" is a countdown to the season 5 finale in which Buffy and this entity will battle. Her total role in Season five is very vague, but she is going to be very important to season arc. Also, this little sister is going to be a type of Anakin-star wars type character. She will walk the borderline b/t good and evil.

V Expect to see a totally different side to Riley.

V Look for Buffy to have an intresting fantasy. Very intresting

V Giles has an interesting and very exciting fantasy of his own (hard core fans may recognize familiar faces here).

new.gif (2743 bytes)This episode will feature Riley IN leather

new.gif (2743 bytes)This episode features an amazing guest cast: Seth Green is back for a brief cameo as Oz (in Willow's dream), Armin Shimmerman returns as Principal Synder, Lindsay Crouse as Dr. Maggie Walsh, and Jack Stehlin as Dr. Angleman. David Boreanaz is also expected to appear in this episode briefly as Angel, possibly in Buffy's dream.

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General Spoilers

V Faith (Eliza Dunsku) will make an appearance in "Five by Five" and "Sanctuary". Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy) and Elizabeth Rohm (Kate) will both appear in "Sanctuary" as well.

V Jhiera (Bai Ling) will be a reoccuring character. Ling just signed on as a reoccuring guest-star. Jhiera will be a potential love interest for Angel.

V Lilly/Chanterelle (Julia Lee) may appear in an episode of Angel soon. Joss revealed that he is trying to find a story for her to return in.

new.gif (2743 bytes)According to writer David Fury, we will meet two new characters Gunn, an amateur viglante vampire slayer, and an eccentric billinonaire named David Nabbit, who'll involve himself with Angel.


V Airs  May 2, 2000

V Written by Tim Minear

V Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) returns to LA, after she hears word that Angel is harboring Faith and argues with him how to rehabilate the rogue Slayer.

new.gif (2743 bytes)Angel is finally getting through to Faith, but Buffy's arrival in LA, may ruin his efforts.

new.gif (2743 bytes)The is supposed to be this great scene where Faith mentions to Buffy having sex with ALL of her men: Xander (it freaks out Cordy as well), Riley, and ANGEL!! Buffy is shocked and asks Angel if it is true, but he doesn't say anything to deny it. Buffy leaves and Angel throws Faith out

new.gif (2743 bytes)It turns out that the Watcher's Council hasn't given up, the infamous black ops team is back in this episode.

War Zone

V Airs May 9, 2000

V A biker gang comprised of vampire hunters (think "John Carpenter's Vampires") comes to L.A. in the midst of a war with a group of vampires.

V Although Xander will not be crossing over, there MIGHT be a reference to him in this episode

new.gif (2743 bytes)Angel encounters a group of street kids, led by a man named Gunn (J. August Richards), who are waging a war against vampires in the abandoned sections of the city. He tries to gain their trust, but the gang is wary about trusting a vampire, even one with a soul.

Blind Date

V Airs on May 16, 2000

V It's a thin line between life and death when a Wolfram & Hart attorney gives Angel some confidential documents and is caught by one of the senior partners, while a blind woman who can match Angel "punch for punch" starts to kill people.

To Shanshu in LA

V Airs on May 23, 2000

V When Angel steals the prophecy of Aberjian from Wolfram & Hart, evil bad guy Vocah tries to get it back at all costs, and might even kill off the Oracles to do it.

V Evil bad guy Vocah tries to get back the talisman that Angel now has in possesion as of Episode 21 "Blind Date". He tries to dismantle Angel's world, by taking away everything he cares about. First, he brutally murders the Oracles, curses Cordy to have a never-ending vision, and also somehow hurts Wesley.

new.gif (2743 bytes)There is supposed to be a HUGE swordfight ala Phatom Menance between Angel and Vocah

new.gif (2743 bytes)Angel's Building sustains major damage, and might possibly blow up

new.gif (2743 bytes)The bad guys put a bomb in Angel's apartment/office building and Wesley gets hurt while trying to escape

new.gif (2743 bytes)The first fan award called the "Angel Automatic 2000" will be featured in this episode next to the coffee machine. The "Angel Automatic 2000" is a project where fans from around the world sign cards and labels and wrap them around the grinder to show how much the fans love Angel!



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