06/19/00 - Ok, so it's been *exactly* 2 months since the last update - ACK!  Sorry guys, Real Life is took over for awhile!  It's a small update today, I added several parts to  In The Company of Wolves, but hopefully I can get some more done this week.  I'm trying to come up with a new layout for the site, so look for some major changes sometime soon!!  If anyone has any ideas/thoughts on what you would like to see, let me know!!  Thanks!!

04/19/00 - Well, it's been awhile but I finally got a chance to do some updates!  I updated the Spoilers page with the latest info and added parts to In The Company of Wolves.  Check back later on this week for more!!!

03/22/00 - Updated the Spoilers Page. Added the newest part of Jonquils In The Company of Wolves

03/21/00 - Back after a rough few weeks and have updated the Spoilers page, added the newest parts to In The Company of Wolves, Jonquil's sequel to Blinded with Science.  Added a story to the Angel/Spike page, my own story Some Things Never Change.

03/08/00 - Added part 35 of Carrie's Take Your Time.  Added new banner to the My Banners page.

03/07/00 - Updated the Spoilers Page.  Added latest parts of Carrie's Take Your Time.

03/02/00 - Updated the Spoilers Page   Added Sunfire's The Moonlight Series, parts 1-23.  Added part 6 of Jonquil's Blinded With Science.  Created a separate "PBP2000 Pics" page, go check it out!

02/29/00 - Updated the Tenth Circle of Hell BtVS drinking game; added part 5 of "Blinded With Science"; Finished Fanfic Quiz (Let me know what you think of this guys!!!) Updated and changed the "Links" page.

02/28/00 - Added Updates page, Submissions page, and Fun stuff page.   Working on putting together more fun games for everyone to enjoy, so let me know if you like them, and I'll put together some more!!!  Added Jonquil's "Blinded With Science" parts 1-4.