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By Inell

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Willow was angry. She had been sitting in this damn basement for an hour. No one would speak to her, except Giles. The others sat huddled together at the table. She could see them glaring at her and then whispering. She knew that she had made the right decision. They were trying to make her feel guilty for something she couldn't prevent. She couldn't fight her love for Angelus. She still felt guilty, deep in her heart. She knew she shouldn't, but her mind wouldn't obey. Well, it was time to let them know what that guilt felt like. She suddenly realized she had been around Angelus too long. No, it had always been there. She had seen some of it when her double had come to town. She just had never been pissed enough to actually act on it. She was now. She heard the phone ringing. It was time.

Giles answered the phone and spoke several moments. He hung up and grabbed his coat. "I need to go get some materials. I'll be back soon." He looked at Willow. "You ok?" She nodded and smiled sweetly. "OK. Buffy. Be good." He warned before leaving.

Willow waited. She knew it wouldn't be long before they started.

"So, where's Angel? Did he all ready leave you?" Buffy asked, smirking.

"I'm not going to talk to you about this." Willow said.

"He probably dumped her before they left California. I mean, who would want her?" Cordelia said.

Willow couldn't believe these were her friends. They were terrible. She knew that they had been using her all those years. They hadn't actually given a damn. She looked at her watch. It was time to play.

The door busted in. Spike came down the stairs. "Well, lookie lookie. If it isn't the slayer and her little gang of morons. I'd put the stake down if I were you pet. Wouldn't want one of my boys to get frisky and kill the watcher, now would you?"

Buffy lowered the stake. "Spike. Didn't realize you were back. Want to get your ass kicked again? Come on, lets get it over with. Then, you can run away again."

(Damn Bitch....This is going to be fun.) He looked the group over. "Not wanting to fight luv. Imagine my surprise when I saw Peaches headed this way. Don't worry. His head should be fine." He stopped in front of Willow. "If it isn't the little witch." He sniffed the air and smiled. "Someone's been naughty. I smell him on you." He turned to the slayer. "I'll make you a deal. The witch for the watcher."

Buffy thought a moment, "Deal."

Willow rolled her eyes. (Bloody bitch) She started to play her part. She turned to them, her eyes wide. "Buffy! You're my friend. You can't do this. He'll kill me. Xander? Please."

Xander started to get up, but felt Buffy's arm on his hand. She shook her head. Sighing, he sat back down, avoiding Willow's look.

Spike smiled. She had been right. They'd done everything she'd figured. He moved to her and claimed her mouth roughly.

"Wait! Take her and leave. Give us Giles."

"Sorry, slayer. Not the deal. I get her. Hear. Now. I've been waiting for this morsel for too long. If you move, I'll tear the watcher apart." He moved back to Willow. He knew how to play this. He ripped her blouse open, exposing bare breasts. He leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth, biting her softly. When he pulled away, her blood was on his chin. He claimed her mouth again.

Buffy couldn't believe it. She had allowed this demon to rape her friend. She felt waves of guilt spread over her. She was terrible. She tried to look away, but found her eyes focused on the two. The others were experiencing the same guilt and feelings of horrified fascination.

Spike reached down and tore her skirt off. His finger thrusting into her. She was soaked. He saw the need and desire in her eyes. She liked these games. She was definitely the perfect mate for Angelus and for him. He moved away keeping his hand on her arm in a bruising grip. He freed his hard erection. He heard gasps as Buffy and Cordelia saw his long, throbbing cock. He smiled. (Damn chits would use this image to fuck themselves for the next month) He buried himself deep into Willow. Her protests and cries for help died as she began to moan. He felt her legs go around his waist. He lifted her from the table and shoved her against the wall. He wanted her 'friends' to see her face when she came.

Willow never thought she would be this excited. It turned her on that her so called friends were watching Spike fuck her. They had actually allowed him to rape her. She wished that they would all suffer some terrible misfortune. She felt Spike nipping at her neck. She felt their eyes on her as she was taking his thrusts. It was too much. She came shuddering against the wall.

Spike felt her clench him tightly. He emptied himself into her, biting her neck roughly as he came. He let her slide down him, holding her arm for support.

Buffy was aroused. She couldn't believe it. Watching her friend get fucked by that long cock had turned her on. She felt guilt wash over her. She then saw the feet on the stairs. Giles entered with Angel behind him.

Giles couldn't believe it. Angelus has explained everything to him. It was hard to accept, but the demon seemed to truly care for Willow. If Willow was happy, it was not his place to condemn her. He saw what had happened. He felt disgust for Buffy. He had assured Angelus that no matter how angry the slayer was, she would never allow Spike to violate her friend. He saw that he was wrong.

Angelus smiled softly. He saw Spike's tight ass underneath his shirt bottom. The smell of sex was heavy in the air. He looked at the group at the table. Willow had been right. They had allowed Spike to rape her. They had no idea that Willow was a more than willing participant. He felt anger at them for their actions. His demon came out. He wanted to play. They had discussed different ideas on what to do after the 'rape'. He made up his mind.

He looked at Giles. The man nodded. "I forgot something" he said as he turned and went back upstairs.

Angelus walked into the room. Spike turned and looked at him. Saw the look in his eyes. Had to hide a smile. Well, it looked like the slayer was going to get one hell of a show.

"Spike...I think you've been playing with something that doesn't belong to you. What has Daddy told you about playing with his toys? You must be punished."


Angelus turned to Buffy and the others. He regarded them coldly. He could smell their arousal. Surprise, surprise.

"You let him have her?"

"Angelus...." Buffy hissed, reaching for a stake. He moved quickly, and hit her back into her chair. She started to bleed.

"Don't think so lover.You allowed my Willow to be hurt. I should kill you all for that." He paused, waiting. "But, I promised her that I would never harm her 'friends'" he spat out the last word. "You move, you die. If you attack me, the promise is null and void." He looked at them again and smiled sinisterly. "Come on....try me." he begged, aching to taste their blood. He smelled their fear and felt his cock harden. He turned back to Spike.

He moved toward him. His had reached out and knocked him across the chair. He went to Willow and checked her. She smiled at him and winked. (That was his girl.) He then noticed the bite mark on her throat. His eyes hardened. He looked at Spike and snarled.

"I told you no biting." he hissed. "I let it go once....not this time." He moved to Spike.

Spike realized that he had fucked up. The game was over. This was real. He was about to be 'disciplined' in front of the slayer and her little fools. Not only that, but Willow was watching, her eyes wide with the knowledge that Angelus was no longer playing. (Not in front of her) he begged quietly.

Angelus forced Spike to his knees. He freed his thick cock and roughly shoved it into his childe's mouth. He proceeded to fuck Spike's mouth hard and fast. Soon, he flooded him with his cum. It wasn't over. The arrogant whelp needed to learn who was boss.

"Make me hard." he demanded, knowing the fact that the slayer was watching added further to Spike's humiliation.

Willow felt herself growing more wet watching Angelus punish Spike. She leaned forward on her knees, resting her chin in her hands. This was different from the games they had played. This time, Angelus was out for blood.

Spike looked into his sire's eyes, and refused to move. He wouldn't give in. He'd have to force him. He felt his cock harden at the thought.

Angelus smiled. "Fine. We can play rough." He jerked Spike up and held him by his neck. He stripped his pants off and ripped the shirt, leaving the blond naked and vulnerable. He pushed him against the wall, spreading his legs slightly apart. "You will make me way or another." He looked at Xander. "Let me have your belt."

Xander gulped. He hurriedly pulled the belt off, in fear that he Angelus may decide he needed punished. Spike did not look like he was having fun.

Angelus gripped the belt. "If you move, I'll let every vampire in Sunnydale have a crack at that tight ass." he promised.

He began to swing. He watched the blood come to the skin. His cock hardened, just as he'd known it would. He smelled Willow. He looked at her and saw her eyes glazed with arousal. She was running her hand over her wet center. He winked at her. He let the belt fall. He moved behind Spike, forcing him to his knees. " in front of him."

Willow obeyed.

Spike smelled her and his eyes filled with lust. He no longer cared who was watching. He had to taste her. He felt Angelus move his head closer to Willow. "Make her cum." he demanded as he entered Spike's ass in one thrust.

He began a steady rhythm, deep and forceful. He reached around and roughly ran his hands over Spike's cock. He wanted him to cum. That would be worse than any torture. Spike coming in front of the slayer because of him. Spike would hate him for awhile, he knew. He noticed the bite on Willow's neck. The bastard deserved far worse.

Willow felt herself coming as Spike's tongue lapped at her. He could do such marvelous things with that tongue. She began to moan, begging for more.

Angelus thrust himself once deeply, as came with a groan. He felt Spike's cum cover his hand. He moved close to Willow, who was trembling from her own orgasm. He brought his hand to her mouth and watched as she licked Spike's juices from his fingers. He heard a groan and looked up. It appeared that Xander had gotten excited. He winked at the boy before covering Willow with his jacket. He looked at Spike. "NEVER bite her again unless you have permission. Is that understood?"

Spike looked like he wanted to fight, but his eyes strayed to Willow and softened. "Yes."

"Yes what?"

"Yes Sire."Spike said through clenched teeth.

"Good. Now, take her to get cleaned up." He put himself back into his pants and faced Buffy. "You will excuse us, I'm sure. Willow will be in contact with Giles about this demon. If any of you so much as say one negative word to her, I'll rip your throat out." He smiled evilly. He felt a hand on his arm. He turned and saw Willow. He smiled at her, happiness claiming his eyes. "You ok?"

She nodded as she reached up and kissed him. "The most fun." she said sweetly. "Ready?"

"Always for you lover." He took her arm and started up the stairs.

She turned and looked at Spike. He wouldn't look at her. She realized that he was ashamed that he had bitten her. She smiled and said softly, "Coming, son?"

He heard her words. He looked up and saw Angelus and Willow waiting for him. He pulled his pants on and smiled brilliantly. "Yes Mother."


Giles waited until he saw Angelus and the others leave before going back to the basement. He honestly didn't know how to react. He believed what Angelus had told him. He knew that Willow had willingly stayed with the demon for the last few months, so she must be happy. That was all he really cared about. He had always been fond of the girl. She deserved happiness. He wished now that he had not gotten them involved in this fight....asking them to return to Sunnydale. It had already begun to have repercussions he never would have imagined. He got to the bottom of the stairs and looked at Buffy.

She had let her friend be raped out of anger and jealousy. What really made him angry was the fact that she had not even wanted Angel when Willow had won him. She had given him up rather than deal with the complications. Now, she had Chip. A bumbling buffoon of a man. Giles then looked at the others. They were as bad as his slayer. He didn't know when it had happened, but they had begun to disgust him. So caught him in their own wants and desires that they would sacrifice anything...or anyone to get their way....make things work out in their own self interest. He really needed a change of scenery. The council had rehired him, but he no longer felt the passion for the job. Buffy was no longer the daughter he never had. She had evolved into something he'd rather not be around. Maybe it was time to go home....back to London.

Buffy looked up at Giles when he came down the stairs. She got out of her chair and went to him. "Are you ok? Did he hurt you? Was that really Angelus? I was so worried that you might get hurt."

Giles just looked at her, shaking his head. "I was you. By all of you."

"What? I save your life." Buffy exclaimed.

"You allowed that demon to rape Willow. Do you think I'd have wanted to live with myself after knowing that she was the sacrifice for my life? Buffy, you know me better than that. You didn't give Spike Willow for me. You did it for yourself. You assumed if he had her, Angel would run back to you."

Buffy shook her head. "No. You're wrong. I didn't want to give Willow to Spike."

Xander stood. "Shut up. You know he's right. She looked at us. BEGGED us and you didn't even flinch. Even now, all you care about it whether he is still Angel. You have no idea what Willow is going through right now." Xander paused. He felt Cordelia's hand on his sleeve. He shook it off. "Don't touch me. I may have had to sit by and watch her violation, but I am not going to this time. I'm going to find her and save her. She's still my best friend."

Giles was amazed at Xander's outburst. He noticed a wet stain on the front of the boy's trousers and hid a smile. It appeared that he had enjoyed Angelus's game. He waited before letting them know the truth. He wanted to see Buffy's reaction. Maybe she wouldn't let him down this time.

"Xander. Sit down. What can you do against Spike and Angelus? I mean, she's been with him this whole time, she knew that he could turn evil. I'd say she took her chances and got what was coming to her."

A loud slap was heard. Giles brought his hand back to his side. Buffy looked at her watcher, holding her cheek where he had hit her.

"You disappoint me Buffy." He said softly. He knew that after this nothing would be the same. He looked at Xander. "Don't worry about Willow. Angelus loves her." He saw the boy begin to protest. "Xander, who do you think phoned me? Angel lost his soul the first time he and Willow were together. She is in love with Angelus. She has been living with him AND Spike in Venice since they left Sunnydale. The only reason she is back is to help you. Her friends...."

"What? Spike is living with them?"

Giles smiled. "Yes. Angelus said that he is quite smitten with Willow."

"She wasn't was all a game." Cordelia whispered.

"Correct. It was Willow's game. She was tired of feeling guilty for betraying everyone. This was her plan to see if you actually cared. She was sure that the 'rape' would happen. Now, the last part was purely Angelus. He was rather upset that no one tried to stop Spike. I'm not sure the details, but rest assured, he will be watching you."

"That bitch..." Buffy hissed, angry at having felt guilt.

"Grow up." Giles said, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "We will defeat this demon. After that, Willow and her vampires will leave. I expect that none of you will try contact them. Xander," he said, smiling slightly, "I will be sure to inform Willow of your attempt to save her. She may want to see you before she leaves. Buffy, if you try anything...anything at all, I just may allow them to kill you." (And I may have to help.....) he thought crossly.

Buffy looked up startled at his tone. His eyes were cold. She sighed. She had really fucked up.


"Well, lover, the watcher surprised me."

Willow smiled. "He's great isn't he?"

"I don't know if I'd go far....I will say that I'm surprised he didn't try to kill me."

"Because of Jenny....I know. I guess he dealt with it back when Angel came back."

Spike stood in the corner, nude. He was not allowed to look up, speak or move until his sire gave him permission. He was being reminded who Willow belonged to.

"I will say that I'm glad I'm not the slayer. The anger in his eyes...I must say I was reminded of Ripper there for a moment. You were right to include him in our plan. If we hadn't, he may staked Spike."

"I'm glad your not the slayer too. If you were, I couldn't do this." Willow said smiling as she moved her warm hand over his cock. His eyes narrowed in pleasure. "Spike didn't mean to bite me...don't you think he's been punished enough?" she asked.

Angelus felt his eyes stray to his childe. "No. I had warned him. He didn't listen, as usual. He forgot who he belongs to." He smiled wickedly. "I just had an idea. Luv, you stay here. I have to go do some shopping." he stood and pulled his pants on. Grabbing a shirt, he saw Willow looking at Spike, rubbing her wet folds. "Red....he's not to cum. Why don't you take a shower." She looked at him and smiled. He bent down and kissed her roughly. "If he cums, you receive his punishment." he warned, reaching down and thrusting a finger deep inside her. He withdrew it and licked her juices off of it. He winked at her, "So, be good."

He stopped in front of Spike. "Mind your mother."

Willow sighed as she watched Angelus leave. She was still so horny. The events of the evening had turned her on. She smiled. Angelus had just said that Spike couldn't cum. He had said nothing about her.....

"Spike, get that cute ass over here."


Angelus came back into the suite and smiled. Willow was sleeping, using Spike as a pillow. His wandered over the body of his childe. His cock was still hard. Good, Willow had listened. He moved to the bed, shedding his clothes as he went.

He caught Spike's blue gaze and smiled. "She didn't let you cum?"

"No." Spike grumbled. "She didn't want to make you mad. So, what interesting treats did you buy?"

"That eager for your punishment?"

"Nothing could be worse than this."

Angelus moved between Willow's legs. He entered her deeply. Her eyes flew open in surprise. A slow smile formed over her face.

"He was a good boy. Made me cum three times....Oh yes....deeper...."

Angelus roughly grabbed her breast, twisting the nipple between his thumb and finger. She moaned at the pain and the pleasure. She arched up, trying to take him deeper.

Spike was going to scream. The damn bastard had made him wait three hours. THREE hours. His cock was throbbing. One touch from Willow and he knew he'd shoot himself off like some adolescent. He hated this. He hated the way he had been forced by his sire, in front of the slayer of all people. His eyes went to Angelus. He was surprised to brown eyes looking at him. He was lieing to himself. He loved it. He loved making Angelus claim him. He enjoyed being punished. But this time, it was too long. Much too long.

Angelus knew Spike had had enough. If he continued it would no longer be fun, it would be cruel. He leaned down and engulfed Spike's cock. Spike's eyes flew open as his sire took him in his mouth. He felt his tongue working his length. When he felt Angelus's teeth scraping the side of him, he lost it. He came with a groan.

Willow dug her fingers deep into Angelus as she came. She felt him flood her with his own release. After she caught her breath, she smiled at both him and Spike. "So, what did you buy?"

Spike groaned. He had assumed his punishment was over.

Angelus smiled slyly. "The punishment was having to stay here with you and not being able to cum. Much worse than anything I could come up with."

"You bastard."

"Learn your lesson my boy?"

"No teeth in Mum unless asked," Spike said, grinning.

"Good boy. Here, I got you this." Angelus handed over a sack.

Spike looked at him and then at Willow. Her eyes were burning with curiosity. "What is it?"

Spike pulled out a black T-shirt. He read and laughed. He turned it and showed Willow. She laughed too. He looked at Angelus. "You had that made, you bloody bastard. I'm not wearing it."

Angelus smiled, "You will."

Spike shook his head. "Nope. Wasted your money Pops."

"Spike, I like it. You have to wear it." Willow said, running her hand over his chest. "It will warn all those little sluts away from you." She licked his neck. "For me?"

He groaned. "For you luv." He kissed her, his tongue battling hers.

Angelus shook his head. His boy was whipped. He looked at the shirt in question and chuckled. He'd only had it made as a gag. Oh well, Willow was right. It would warn people off. He moved behind Willow and nuzzled her neck.

The shirt lay on the floor...the words written in blood red..... Property of Angelus and Willow..........


"You ok, baby?"

Willow looked up into Angelus's eyes. "Fine. Just thinking."

"I know you told me that they would hand you over. But, did you think they wouldn't?"

"No. My mind knew they would. My heart hoped that they could forgive. They couldn't. Oh well, Giles is the only one I care about. The others can go jump off a pier for all I care."

"So, I can kill them?"

"NO" Willow said, looking at him in horror. "You promised, no killing."

"You can't blame a man for asking, lover. They hurt is instinct that I should want to hurt them. I am having a hell of a time controlling my demon right now. For you, I try. If they do anything else, I honestly won't be able to promise."

Willow sighed and ran her hand over his chest. Her fingers lightly touching his nipples. "Maybe they'll just ignore us until this demon is killed. Then, we can back to Venice."

"I doubt it. That bitch won't be able to stand that you got one over on her. And I was thinking of Paris."

"Really? I'd love to see Paris."

Angelus smiled at the delight in her eyes. He felt her warm tongue licking his skin and felt himself harden instantly. It was strange, but one touch from her could do that. He saw Spike waking up. He watched as his childe smiled and moved down Willow's body, caressing her with his hands and his tongue as he went. He heard his mate gasp as Spike came in contact with her center. She moved down and swallowed his cock. He loved the feel of her mouth on him. So wet. His thoughts went to Buffy and the other two. He had only promised that he wouldn't kill them......he smiled evilly before concentrating on Willow's touch.


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