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By Inell

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Willow woke up to an empty bed. She sat up and looked into the dark room. She checked the bathroom, but it was empty. She turned on the light and saw a note on the mirror.

Willow------stay here. If you leave, you will be punished. Order room service, watch some tv, take a bath. We'll be back soon. A

Sighing, she decided that she was probably better off not knowing what they were doing. She called room service and turned on the television. She found a station that was playing Spaceballs. She moved the pillows around and got comfortable. She was in the mood to laugh.

Across Town

Buffy was late. He honestly wondered why he put up with her sometimes. She said she loved him, but her actions showed differently. Ever since she had found out that her old boyfriend was coming back to town, he hadn't seen her at all. They were supposed to meet at the Bronze at 9pm. Was she here? No. He had been stood up. It was already after 10. Scowling, Chip stood and left the club.

He walked down the block to where his car was parked. Hearing something behind him, he turned and found himself meeting a fist. Three big guys proceeded to beat him badly. He was startled when he felt one unfastening his pants. He felt his face shoved into the ground. His scream of pain filled the air.

"You bastard....Red's gonna be pissed."

Angelus looked at his child. "What?" he said innocently. "I never touched him."

Spike started laughing. "Details. You're the one who paid them blokes to have some fun."

"As you said, details. Besides, the slayer says she loves him. Let her see what it feels like to have the one you loved hurt."

"I am now reminded why I put up with you." Spike said, smiling. "You're a vindictive bastard."

"Why, Spike. I think that's the nicest thing you've said to me in a long time." he paused and listened to the screams of the slayer's pet. "My work is done, for now. Let's go see what Willow is up to."

"How long are those fellows going to keep at the nit?"

"I paid for an hour. I want plenty of time for us to be back at the hotel for a time before they finish. Don't want the slayer thinking I had anything to do with it."

"Genius. Fucking genius." Spike said, proud of his sire. He personally wanted to go beat the slayer to a bloody pulp, but he knew Willow wouldn't like that. Well, he was content to sit back and watch the bitch's world crumble. They'd be in Paris soon enough anyway.


Angelus stopped outside the hotel room door and sniffed. Spike watched in interest until he too smelt the unfamiliar smell. Angelus opened the door, not knowing what to expect.

Willow looked up at them and smiled. "Hey boys. Were you nice?"

Angelus and Spike exchanged a look then smiled. "Yes dear."

Giles started to stand from the chair he had been sitting in. "Angelus, Spike. I'm sorry to disturb you. I wanted to speak to Willow and wasn't sure when I would have the chance."

Willow bounced on the bed. "He slapped Buffy!" She said, smiling.

Angelus looked at the watcher carefully. Seeing nothing in his eyes except friendship, he smiled. "Really? Bravo."

"Finally realize what a selfish bitch she is, eh mate?" Spike asked, moving to the bed. His sire may be stupid enough to stand there, but he wasn't. He smiled at Willow and kissed her thoroughly. "Hello mum."

"Spike, not in front of the company. Do you want me to put you in the corner?"

"I can think of some interesting things to do in the corner....." he winked. She groaned and saw Giles watching with amusement. Angelus was looking irritated.

"So, Giles. Sit back down. Finish telling us what happened. Angelus, sit by me?"

Angelus glared at his childe and moved to the other side of Willow. The watcher being here was perfect. He would now have a witness to his whereabouts at the time of the attack. Buffy would know that Giles wouldn't lie for him.

A couple of hours passed as Willow caught up with her old friend. Their conversation was halted by a beeping from Giles pocket.

"May I use your phone?"

"Of course" Angelus replied, catching Spike's eye. Both smiled innocently.

Willow caught the smiles and felt herself growing apprehensive. What had they done?

"Really? When? Why do you say that? I'm sorry, but you're wrong. I've been with them most of the evening. At least the last two hours now. Buffy, I'm growing exhausted dealing with your suspicions. What does Chip say? See, there. He even says it couldn't be them. Believe what you want. I don't really care. I'm busy. I'll see you tomorrow." He hung up and shook his head.

"What happened?" Willow asked.

"That was Buffy. Her neanderthal was raped and beaten tonight. She is at the hospital with him. She insisted it had to be Angelus. Chip told her that it was three men, none of which match either Spike or Angelus's description. And not only that, he wasn't let go until about half an hour ago. We know where they both were. She is driving me mad."

Willow looked at Angelus. She saw the blank look in his eyes and groaned. Buffy was right. He had done it. Well, he had had it done she could say. Sighing, she decided it best not to question him. She didn't know Chip anyway. From what she had heard, he was an asshole. She'd get Angelus later. Sometime when he least expected it. But, she felt rather good that he loved her that much. She took his hand and squeezed it. She then patted Spike's hand, which was resting on her leg. She couldn't wait until Giles left. She wanted them both soon.


Spike closed the door after the watcher, thankful he had finally left. He didn't like having to chat with people. Especially people who had tried to kill him numerous times. Turning back to the bed, he saw Angelus smile. (What the hell i s the bastard up to this time?)


She looked at Angelus, not liking the look that was in his eyes. "Yes?"

"I don't like you being here alone with the watcher."

Willow laughed. "Giles? What-ever. It was completely innocent, trust me. I have no interest in him. And he has none in me. Geez...he's old enough to be my dad."

Angelus smiled. "Oh, really? Well, Spike and I are old enough to be what? your great grandfather several times back? You seem to enjoy our company."

"Angelus, stop."

His eyes darkened. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. He licked her face. "Never tell me to stop. You are mine. If I choose to share, fine. If not, I will not have you alone with other men. Understood?"

She felt tears forming at the pain. "Yes" she said softly.

He loosened his hold. "I don't want to hurt you lover. I just want to remind you who you belong to. You don't know what I was feeling when I came in here and smelled him. You sitting there in my shirt, your legs bare for his hungry eyes. Don't fool yourself, he was looking. He'd have to be blind not to. I don't want to ever feel that way again. I don't like it."

"And what Angelus wants, Angelus gets." She said harshly.

He smiled. "Always." He grabbed her and pulled her to him, claiming her mouth. She tried to deny him access. He reached down and squeezed her breast tightly. She gasped and he invaded with his tongue. Spike sat in the chair the watcher had vacated. He knew not to interfere. He leaned back and watched his sire claim his mate.

Angelus moved his leg up between Willow's. He rubbed his knee against her entrance. The little hussy wasn't wearing panties. She had spent who knows how long with the watcher completely nude under Angelus's shirt. He felt a need to punish her. He tried to fight it.

Willow wasn't sure how she felt. She was aroused because it was Angelus touching her, but it was almost like he was raping her. He was not taking her pleasure into consideration. She didn't like this side of him. She turned her head and looked into Spike's pitying blue eyes. She kept her eyes on his as Angelus proceeded to fuck her. There was no other term to describe it. He rammed into her hard and fast. His hands kneading her breasts painfully. She felt his teeth in her neck. She felt herself relieved as he emptied into her. "Mine" he said into her ear. She had just been used by the man who loved her. She felt a tear slide down her cheek. She watched as Spike shook his head slowly, wiping against his cheek and mouthed "Love you".

Angelus stayed inside her, nuzzling her breast and the bite he had made. He fell asleep with his head on her chest, his hand on her arm.


Willow felt a cool wash cloth on her breast. She opened her eyes and looked into Spike's.

"You ok, Mom?" He asked, his eyes concerned.

The entire night, Angelus had fucked her. She had not cum once. She had, in fact, tried to ignore everything he was doing to her. This evening, she hurt. She looked down and saw the bruises, the bites, the marks. She was so sore. She saw Spike look at her body. She turned her head away from his knowing gaze.

"Fine." she whispered hoarsely.

He moved. She felt a glass at her lips. She looked down and saw that he had gotten her some water. She smiled thankfully. She gulped it down.

"You don't look fine. You look like shit." His eyes darkened. "If he were anyone else, he'd be dead. But...he's my sire. You chose him as your mate...I can't help you." he whispered the last four words.

She took a deep breath, her body aching as she did. "Where is he?"

"Gone hunting. He needed to feed."

She was glad that he was gone. "Good. I don't think I could see him right now."

"I think he was ashamed, if that helps. He let his demon truly take over. I hadn't realized he was jealous...I would have tried to stop it..."

She put her hand on his. "It's no more your thought than it is mine. He is the one who did it. Goddess, I feel terrible."

"You need to get cleaned up. C'mon."

"What?" she asked as he lifted her carefully from the bed.

He ignored her question and carried her into the bathroom. He turned the shower on and stood her inside. He moved behind her, holding her up. She felt the hot water on her skin and sighed. It felt so good to be washing the blood and the smell of him off of her body. She leaned against the wall and let him wash her. She closed her eyes enjoying the feel of his gentle hands. After he was finished, he dried her off and took her back into the room. She stood as he rubbed lotion over her wounds.

"This should help ease it a bit, luv."

She was surprised as he then set her in the chair.

"Don't want you back on that bed yet." he said, noticing her puzzled look. She watched as he changed the bed sheets. "Got these from the maid. Tasty little number." he said, licking his lips.

She chuckled and groaned at the pain. Instantly, he was by her side.

"Careful pet. He worked you over good. If you were a vampire, you'd be almost healed. But, you're not. It's going to take some time." He laid her back down.

She sighed as the sheets touched her bare skin. She looked at Spike as he went around and tucked in the rest of the sheets. "I love you" she whispered.

Startled, he looked up. Seeing the sincerity in her eyes, he smiled. "We'll keep that our little secret. I love you too, Red."

"If you hadn't been here, last night, I don't know if I could have made it..." she trailed off, trying to forget what she had experienced.

He moved beside her. "I'll always be here for you." he kissed her softly.

"Would you...." she knew she was blushing. "Please...would you make me not hate sex so much."

He smiled slowly. "My pleasure."

He knew she was too sore to take properly. Besides, she needed pleasure. He could find release with his own hand when she smiled at him that way. He wasn't the important one right now. He moved down the bed, knowing exactly what she needed.

His tongue began to slowly lick at her. She kept her eyes on his head, wanting to know that it was him. He lapped at her juices as they began to spill out of her. She felt his tongue enter her, careful not to push too hard. She was amazed at the tender way he was treating her. She suddenly realized that this was probably what he had had to do with Drusilla after Angelus was through with her. She tried to push those thoughts out of her mind. Instead she focused on the blond vampire. She felt herself starting to move slowly, seeking his tongue. Soon, she felt the familiar tremors go through her as she came, moaning his name. He moved back up beside her and kissed her deeply.

"Now...Sleep. You need to rest."

He pulled her against him and cradled her head on his arm. He kissed her face softly until she drifted off to sleep in his arms.


Angelus walked into the room and turned on the light. He paused when he saw Willow laying in bed, Spike beside her holding her. He moved silently. He sat in the chair and just looked at his mate. Her body was bruised. He saw bites and marks on her beautiful skin. He felt like an asshole. He had been so consumed with jealousy and the need to claim her that he had forgotten that she was human. He sat there just looking at what he had done.

Spike was awake. He had heard his sire come in. He was surprised that he didn't join them in bed. He opened his eyes and saw the look of regret and grief in his sire's eyes. They were looking at Willow, watching her breathe as she slept. He hated to admit it, but he was glad that Angelus had been so stupid. He had been able to finally show Willow how much she meant to him. He knew she would never belong to him, but tonight had been close enough. She now knew that he would always be there for her. That he loved her unconditionally.

"You fucked up." he whispered, startling his sire.

Angelus just looked at him. "I know."

"Well, that's a first. The great Angelus admitting to a fuck up. Will things ever be the same?"

"Spike....I'm warning you. Not now."

Spike decided he better stop.

"How is she?" Angelus asked, not taking his eyes off her face.

"In pain. What do you expect? You hurt her. No, listen. I don't mean just physically. She loves you. Hell, she has turned her back on everything she knows for you. This is how you repay her. Not good Angelus."

"I'd rather not talk about it."

"No shit. You never want to talk about it. You'd better be thinking about how you're going to beg for forgiveness.....regain her trust."

Their conversation was interrupted as Willow started to whimper.

"" she murmured in her sleep. "NO!" She opened her eyes and reached out. "Spike!"

Angelus sat back in the chair, his eyes unreadable. He watched the look of surprise in his childe's eyes. Spike held her close to him and told her it was ok. That she was safe. She snuggled against him and drifted back to sleep.

Angelus got up and said, "I don't think I should be here when she wakes up. I'll get another room."

Spike's mouth fell open. His sire was leaving him with her? He saw Angelus pause and heard him whisper, "Tell her I'm sorry....."

He left. Spike suddenly realized just how deeply his sire felt for the young girl. He had to admit that this knowledge made him feel much better. He could accept her being with Angelus if he loved her as much as it appeared. He settled down to sleep. He almost felt sympathy for Angelus. Then, he saw Willow's bruises. Almost.


Willow woke up alone. Startled, she sat up grimacing in pain.

"Whoa...tiger. Take it easy." She saw Spike setting up breakfast.

"Hey you." She said, smiling.

"You are looking better this morning. How do you feel?"

"Still a bit of pain, but things could always be worse." She looked around. "Where is he?"

"He got another room. He came by last night. Said he was sorry. Didn't think you'd want to see him this morning."

"He left me?" She asked, tears forming.

"Luv....he hurt you. He was ashamed."

"I know....but...he makes me so mad. Which room?"

Spike had to smile at the fire in her eyes. She looked fetching. "227."

She stood and pulled the sheet around her. "I'll be back." She limped out of the room.

"Poor bastard...." Spike said, glad he wasn't facing her wrath. He turned back to her breakfast and finished arranging things.

Angelus woke to loud knocking. Cursing, he opened the door.

"What?" Seeing Willow, he stood amazed.

She pushed past him into the room.

"You bastard. You left me." She turned, facing him. Her eyes were spitting flames. "You can't always run away. Your problems don't go away....They follow you."

"I'm sorry." He whispered, seeing the bites on her neck.

"Sorry, schmorry. I don't care. You hurt me. That is a fact. It may even take me awhile to completely forgive you. I can't say right now. I knew what I was getting into. I have read the journals. I honestly thought you wouldn't treat me like that. Guess I should have known better. That is my fault. It won't happen again. Angelus, quit running. I love you. I thought you loved me."

"You're mad because I gave you space?" he asked, suddenly realizing what she was saying.

"Thank you for joining this conversation. Fuck yes, I'm mad. I expected to be able to wake up this morning and spend the day ignoring you. Make you sweat awhile. Maybe get something nice out of you before accepting your apology. But do you ever do anything the way I want? always has to be your way. When two people are in a relationship, things happen. People fuck up. You don't leave before the other person has a chance to make you feel miserable and guilty." She paused in her tirade. "I wanted to make you feel guilty." she whispered.

"I do feel guilty. Do think it was easy leaving you last night? Seeing you in Spike's arms.....calling for him to comfort you? I hated it. I felt so terrible. I let my stupid pride think for me and I almost killed you. I couldn't live if you died, Red."

She smiled. "I called out for Spike?"

"Yes" he said crossly. He was startled to hear her laughing. 'What?"

"I bet you were up all night cursing yourself weren't you?"

His eyes darkened as he saw the sparkle back in her face. "You think that's funny?"

"Hell yes. I didn't get to do the guilt thing. I think the jealous thing is a close second."

He reached for her and hugged her tightly. "I am so sorry Willow. It will never happen again."

"I know...if it does, I'll kill you and run away with Spike." she said, kissing his cheek. He groaned.

"Sleep with me?" he asked.

"Always." She laid beside him and fell asleep with his arms wrapped tightly around her.

(I almost lost her...I can't ever come that close again....) he closed his eyes, falling into a deep sleep.


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