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By Inell

Disclaimer:  Joss Wheldon, Mutant Enemy, and FOX own the rights to BtVS.  No copyright infringement intended.

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Spike followed Angelus into the suite. He looked around. "Some things never change. Did you have to search the city to find something this archaic?"

Angelus just smiled. "Lovely isn't it?"

"Where's Red?" Spike ignored the question.

"Not so fast. We need to get cleaned up. I would hate to explain all of this blood right now."

Spike looked down and grinned. "Oh yeah....forgot about that."

The two men went into the bathroom and washed up. Angelus opened the bedroom door and stopped. A gentle smile crossing his face. Willow was asleep. She must have been tired after the flight and the events of the past week. He looked at Spike and felt a shot of anger shoot through him. He didn't like how Spike was looking at Willow. He slowly made his way to the bed, calming himself as he went.

Spike was amazed at the sight that was before him. She was truly beautiful. She was laying on the bed with a cover around her feet. Her hair spread out on the pillow. He watched the gentle motion of her chest as she breathed in her sleep. She was a living goddess....and she was Angelus's. Lucky bastard. He noticed Angelus looking at him with a flash of anger in his eyes. "You're a lucky man." he said, acknowledging his sire's claim on the girl.

Angelus suddenly smiled. Spike wasn't going to challenge him. Good, now they could have fun. "I know. Isn't she enchanting?" He sat at the head of the bed beside her pillow. She was in a deep sleep, oblivious to all that was going on around her. She was dreaming that she was floating and four hands were running themselves over her body....

Angelus motioned for Spike to sit. "She'll sleep. She's worn out. It's been an interesting few days."

Spike sat, drinking in the sight of Willow. Her slim body, her small breasts, her graceful neck....he felt his cock harden. "It was
her....not the slayer?" he asked.

Angelus smiled. "Yes. Even soulboy had to admit he loved her." He ran his hand lightly over her face. "The slayer told him that Willow and the wolf had broken up. He got to Sunnydale as fast as he could. Lucky for me, the damn curse didn't last. I got her to LA before I told her."

"She stayed with you knowing you weren't Poof?"

"Yeah....seems little Miss Innocent isn't that innocent. She wanted me. She said Angel always belonged to Buffy that I was hers."

"Wow." Spike said, looking at the girl with new respect. He almost pitied her. She probably had no idea what she was getting into. He hoped that Angelus would stay around this time. He had a terrible habit of leaving.

Angelus had had enough chatting. "Spike, you should see her face when she cums. Her eyes sparkle...she makes these little moans deep in her throat...." he ran a hand over her breasts, kneading one. "You can touch her." he allowed.

Spike smiled. He was getting more excited as his sire spoke. He ran his hand over her leg, enjoying the warmth of her body. "Were you her first?"

Angelus's eyes darkened. "No. But I will be the last."

Spike nodded. He knew that he could enjoy this, but he must remember not to become too involved. He wanted her. He realized that he would do just about anything that Angelus asked if it meant he could sink himself deep into her warmth...hear her cry out his name....he had to taste her.

Angelus watched his childe. He saw the desire and hunger burning there. Spike was hard and ready. He noticed Willow starting to wake up. Good, he was ready to play.

Willow slowly started to wake up. She heard voices. She smiled in her sleep as she recognized Angelus....her lover. She tried to place the other. She felt a hand suddenly touch her through her panties. Her eyes flew open. She looked into amused blue eyes. Spike.

"  'ello Mother," he said grinning wickedly as his finger entered her core.


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