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By Inell

Disclaimer:  Joss Wheldon, Mutant Enemy, and FOX own the rights to BtVS.  No copyright infringement intended

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Willow fought to smile in return. Instead she looked at Angelus loftily.   "You should teach your children manners."

He looked at his mate laying on the bed, Spike caressing her, and smiled. "My children? Hell, you can have him."

Spike looked at his sire then at Willow. He tried to look pitiful. "See? That's what I had to deal with for so long. No one wants me."

She rolled her eyes, trying to ignore the feelings that his caress was bringing about. She didn't want to seem too easy. (Good one Willow. He's laying on top of you with three fingers up you and your lover is standing by watching. No idea why he might think you're easy...Oh Goddess, he is good with his hands....)

Angelus saw the look of desire in her eyes. He knew that this would be hard for her. He decided to make it as easy as possible, this time.

He looked at Spike. "Doesn't she smell terrific? I can recognize her scent from the next room."

Spike leaned over and smelled. "Fantastic" he agreed. He wanted her. To get her, he would have to play whatever game Angelus had dreamed up.

Angelus moved toward Spike and kissed him. Their tongues met in a battle for domination. Willow watched amazed at the sight. She had often dreamed of it, but reality was much better. She felt Spike thrust deeper. Much much better.....

Angelus moved away from Spike, smiling at the younger man. "Taste her."
he offered.

Spike didn't need a second invitation. His mouth replaced his hand. She
was delicious. All sweetness, innocence and warmth. He felt her start to
move against his face. He pushed his finger back into her. He heard her
climax, moaning for more.

Angelus undressed. He moved Spike out of the way and entered Willow
deeply. She wrapped her legs around him, pushing up to meet his thrusts.
Her eyes were wide with desire and lust. He saw her watching as Spike
undressed. When his cock sprang free, she unconsciously licked her lips.

"Spike, my boy, meet Willow." Angelus said smirking as she smiled around
a moan.

"'s a pleasure." Spike said, waiting to move until Angelus
gave him permission.

Willow tried to speak but couldn't. She was breathless. Instead she just

"Do you like your new mother?" Angelus asked, keeping his rhythm deep
but slow. He didn't want Willow to cum so soon.

"Oh yeah..." Spike said, his cock throbbing. He'd like her even more
underneath him, screaming his name and begging for release. His eyes
watched, his body waiting.

"Willow....would you like to taste him?" Angelus asked, reaching up and
caressing her breast.


He twisted her nippled. She groaned at the pain and pleasure he was
causing. "Yes what?" he asked silkily.

"Yes please." Willow hated the tremble in her voice. She wanted to taste
Spike so much that she was begging. She was almost ashamed, but quickly
forgot the feeling as Spike started toward her, holding that beautiful
cock in his strong hand.

" heard your mother. Let her taste you."

Spike knew why Angelus kept calling Willow his mother instead of
referring to her by name. It was a subtle reminder to him that she was
not his mate, but his sire's. Spike didn't care. If Angelus was willing
to share, he would call her whatever he was told. "Yes, Daddy." he said,
smirking at his sire.

Angelus rolled his eyes. Insolent bastard. He watched as Willow licked
her lips, and moved her head forward, eager to taste Spike.

Spike thought he would explode as soon as he felt Willow's warm mouth on
his cock. Her tongue ran up and down his length, savoring his taste. He
fought for the control not to push in deeper. He had to remember that
she had to breathe.

Willow was in heaven. It was as simple as that. She knew that she could
never go back to Sunnydale. She could never face her old friends and let
them see her true self. She was a big old hussy. She couldn't believe
it. She was fucking two guys. Not even two guys. Two vampires. Two sexy,
dangerous, seductive vampires. And she loved it. She loved feeling
Angelus deep in her womb. She loved the taste of Spike in her mouth. Her
eyes looked up from Spike's cock and saw his eyes half closed, his hand
gripping the headboard of the bed tightly. The muscles in his neck were
clenched. She felt so powerful. She had him fully under her control.
Her. Shy little Willow. She almost laughed at that. She wanted to make
him cum. She had to taste him.

Angelus watched the two with a smile. Spike was putty in her hands. He
was pretty sure that if they'd been alone, Spike would have been begging
by now. He felt his own lust flare and he began to concentrate on
pleasuring Willow. He wanted to be the one who made her cum.

Willow felt Angelus shift. Soon, he was pounding into her. She let go of
Spike several times trying to catch her breath. She felt his hand on her
head, those long graceful fingers running through her hair. She began to
lick and suck more quickly. She felt him flood her mouth. Heard him
groan her name. Her name. She had made him cum. This knowledge paired
with Angelus's actions made her lose control. She came loudly, screaming
Angelus's name. He waited until she was coming down before rubbing her
clit with his thumb, rebuilding her pleasure. When she was on the brink
again, he flooded her with his own release. She came with him, digging
her fingernails into his back.

Spike had kissed Willow, cleaning his juices from her face and neck.
When he heard her cum, he nipped at her neck. When she and Angelus both
came, he bit down into her breast, sucking gently. He was hard again.

Angelus fell beside Willow, kissing her face. He saw blood on her breast
and the bite mark. Anger course through him. No one was allowed to bite
his Willow. She was his. He looked at Spike through narrow eyes. His boy
needed to learn his place in the family. He smiled against Willow's
stomach. Soon.....he promised silently.

Willow wondered what Angelus was planning. She had seen the way he
looked at her bite. She hated to admit it, but she had enjoyed that.
Spike had made it seem very erotic. She kissed her mate suddenly, trying
to make him forget the bite. She didn't want anything to ruin this.

Angelus hadn't forgotten, but he decided to ignore it for now. Spike was
just excited and had gotten carried away. If it happened again, he'd
stake him himself.

"Spike....fuck her." he commanded. He saw Willow smile with pleasure. He
couldn't believe that she was so wanton. So curious. He was a lucky
bastard. He was glad that the damn curse hadn't worked. He knew that
soulboy would have cherished her, but she didn't need cherished. She was
too wild for that. She needed this. She needed him. He had a feeling
things would always be this great. He looked at Spike as he positioned
himself between her legs. He had to smile. Poor boy. Been too long. He
had almost a hundred years to make up for. He owed Spike that. He owed
himself that. He listened to Willow gasp as Spike sunk into her. He owed
Willow that. She had given up her friends, her life for him. For this.
He did love her. He didn't know why, but she even pleased his demon. She
was truly his equal. He moved to her and caught her moan in his mouth.
He wanted to be with her when she came.

Willow felt a million waves of pleasure run though her body. She was
meeting Spike thrust for thrust. He wasn't as wild, as forceful as
Angelus. She was surprised at that. She had figured he would be. He was
going slow, deep, it was agony. She met Angelus in a kiss. She felt his
hand move down her stomach until his thumb ran over her clit. She gasped
as he began to rub her. Spike noticed that she was close and began to
speed up.

Spike looked at her face, pleasure shining through. He noticed Angelus
trailing his tongue over her bite. His bite. He couldn't believe he had
lost control and bitten her. He had been shocked that Angelus hadn't
ripped into him. Maybe she was a good influence on his sire. He felt his
cock and tighten.

Willow came moaning Spike's name. She felt him flood her. His release
mixing with that of Angelus. (I really need a shower)
She lay back on the bed exhausted.

Angelus looked at his childe and smiled. Spike returned the smile,
looking at Willow. "Welcome home Dad. Mom." He said grinning as he fell
over onto Willow. She started to giggle.

"Why are you both calling me mom?" she asked, moving him off of her.

"You're my mate. I chose you. Thus, you're are the mother of all of my

"Wow....and I didn't even have to go through labor." she said, smiling
at him.

She felt Spike's mouth on her breast. She looked down into his blue
eyes. Angelus pulled her head into his chest, cradling her close to him.
She sighed, enjoying their touch. She was finally home.


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