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Part 2

By Lorelei

Disclaimer:  I do not own these characters.  They are solely the property of Joss Whedon (clever boy), Mutant Enemy, and the WB.  
The song belongs to the Corrs a nifty little Irish group.

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Angel came into the bedroom, cup in hand.  Willow was
in bed, the covers thrown back, her nightshirt lying
next to her.  He fumbled the teacup, splashing hot
liquid on to his hand and the floor as he went to her.


“Willow, are you…” He began.
“I’m sure.”


“But you said we’ should wait awhile before…”


“Woman’s prerogative.” She paused. “Please?  I really
don’t *want * to wait.” She thought for a moment and
then babbled, “Unless you do. You want to wait, don’t
you? Oh god, I’m so sorry, Angel. I should have
thought about what you want before I got all…naked… in
your bed. Naked! Oh…” She scrambled to cover herself
with the sheet.


Angel leaned over, staying her hand.


“No. This is how I want it. But Willow, are you
positive my soul is permanent? I can’t risk hurting
anyone else…especially you.”


“It’s stuck.  I wouldn’t even think of doing this if I
weren’t sure.” She gave a determined nod of her head.


Angel fought the urge to let out a whoop.  Instead, he
eased his pajama trousers off and slid onto the bed
next to her.


Cupping Willow’s face in his hands, he kissed her.
Teasing her lips with his own, coaxing her lips so
that their tongues could meet.  With a muffled sigh,
Willow surrendered, her stomach churning with a need
that she'd never felt before. She arched her body into
his, wanting to feel every inch of him.  His cool skin
soothed the hot waves that were coursing through her


Willow gasped when the fingers that were caressing her
back found their way to her nipples. He lightly pulled
at them as his mouth burned a line of kisses down her
neck and chest to replace his fingers, suckling first
one and then the other with a touch that was both
light and demanding at the same time.  Angel gave them
his full attention until both rosy peaks were engorged
and almost crimson.  He pressed her back fully on the
bed and started trailing kisses down to her navel.


Her body had never responded to anyone’s touch like
this.  Willow was in ecstasy.  Entwining her fingers
in his hair, she moved him lower to the mound of
crimson curls at the junction of her thighs.  She
could feel Angel smile against her skin as she urged
him to give her what she so greatly needed.


Angel was delighted at her responsiveness. He knew,
somehow, that Willow was behaving in a way that she’d
never felt free enough to do before.  It was heady
knowledge that sent a carnal craving through his
length.  Willow was his. In a few moments she would be
forever his chattel, as he was already hers.  The
vampiric compulsion to claim her as a possession was
something Angel, for once, did not mind.


Willow held her breath, waiting for him to move lower.
 He nuzzled her nether lips with his mouth, parting
them and finding her clitoris with her tongue.
Willow’s body jerked as if a jolt of electricity had
coursed through her. Angel chuckled, his laughter
muffled.  In earnest, he began stroking her; his ears
attuned to her slightest sounds, using them as a guide
to bring her fulfilment.  He could tell she was close
by the tensing of her thighs, but with surprising
strength she tore him away from her, pulling him up to
lay face to face.


“I want you inside me when…when…” She faltered.


Angel spared her from having to say it, nodding his


“Besides, I haven’t got to touch you yet.”


Her hands slid down his body and encircled his girth.
Angel swallowed hard but remained silent as her small
hand first caressed him gently and then began stroking
him.  Willow’s eyes widened, as his erection grew
larger.  He put his hand on hers, not to guide her,
but to savour the feel of her touching him.  He
stopped her, finally.


Angel whispered. “Enough.  I want to be inside of you
when I…”


“I’d like that.”


A moment passed as Angel tried to decide how to
proceed.  He wanted nothing more than to have her on
her back and claim her, but he hesitated.  Willow was
a small woman and he was a large man.  He didn’t want
to smother her, make her feel stifled in any way.  He
took her hips in his hands and started to move her on
top of him, but she frowned her disapproval and rolled
over, urging him to follow her.


Slowly, Angel moved between her legs. Willow bent her
knees and spread her legs wide, giving him full access
to her body.


At the first contact of his cock along her slit,
Willow’s hips bucked upwards.  Her body was demanding
a release and she tried to make him enter her. Angel
fought her, running his erection up and down her
length, teasing them both to a point that was almost
cruel.  As her body started to quiver on the brink,
Angel pushed into her, her walls grasping at him as
she moaned in orgasm.  His cock twitched in response,
but with inhuman control he held off his own climax as
he watched her face, marvelling at the beauty there.


Leaning over on one elbow, he traced her face.


“Are you okay?” Angel asked.


Willow gave a weak laugh. “I didn’t think it would be
so intense.”


“It gets better.”


He captured her lips as he moved inside her.  He was
amazed at the heat coming from her, not remembering a
time when he’d felt so warm. It was like taking being
inside a hot tub, full of scalding water.


Moving beneath him, Willow arched against him, urging
him to fill her further, if that was possible.  She
could feel the tingling of another orgasm building
inside her and thrust upwards, her clitoris hitting
his pelvic bone with intensity.


Angel was quaking with the effort of staving off his
orgasm.  Already, he could read the signals her body
was sending and could tell Willow was close.


In a strangled voice, he uttered his plea, “Willow.”


A shiver ran down Willow’s spine. Her name…his voice…
so full of longing.  With a shrill moan, Willow came.
Angel slid inside her once more and he spilled into
her, groaning her name again.


Willow panted, trying to regain her breath. Her green
eyes sparkled with unshed tears caused by her roiling
emotions.  Moving off her, Angel pulled her into his
arms, stroking her shoulders as he tried to calm her.


Slowly, she regained her composure.  Angel’s hands
stilled and she knew he had drifted to sleep.  She
tried to stifle a giggle, thinking it funny that even
a vampire was still a typical male.  She was content
to watch him sleep and did so for several minutes.


//I’ll make a wish this day
And I’ll send it to the heavens
That we will always stay
Entwined like this forever
And though the world may change
Coz nothing stays the same
I know we will survive


I don’t know why but suddenly I’m falling
Was I so blind
I was loving you all the time
Now I’m hopelessly addicted
Helplessly attracted
Naturally we acted//



Almost ready to doze herself, Willow was jolted to her
senses by Angel sitting straight up in bed, clutching
at his chest.


With a look of horror, he spoke. “No! Oh, no.”


Instantly, Willow knew she’d been wrong, horribly
wrong.  Part of her wanted to bolt from the room and
leave Angel, LA, and even Sunnydale far behind her.
But, she knew that she’d never forgive herself, and no
amount of running would ever protect her from Angelus.
And with sudden clarity, she knew the only fair thing
to do. It was the only chance of survival for either
of them, the only way that they could ever share
anything if this wrong were ever righted.


With her gorge rising in her throat, she grabbed
Angel, who was already trembling with fear and pain
and pulled him to her neck.


“It’s the only way either one of us will ever survive
this.  You know they’ll fix it, but this is the only
way, Angel. He’ll turn me… or kill me.  I want it to
be you.”


Hating himself for what he was about to do…about to
become, but with no hesitation, Angel bit into her,
wincing at her sharp cry of pain. In agony himself, he
drank, then slashed his own wrist with his incisor and
held it to her lips.  She drank greedily until they
both fell into unconsciousness.




Angelus woke first. His eyes gleamed yellow as he
scanned the naked woman beside him.  He was impatient
for his love to wake and thought of going out for a
little snack to kill time.


An idea struck him instead and he went to the closet,
letting some things fall on the floor and tossing
others onto the bed.  He searched under the bed for a
suitcase as Willow started to stir.


A smile of pure evil crossed her lips as Willow looked
at her paramour. She cocked an eyebrow, waiting for
his direction.


Angelus grinned, “They can’t fix what they don’t know


Giggling, Willow fell back onto the bed and held open
her arms for her lover.


//Hopelessly addicted
Helplessly attracted
Chemically reacted
Naturally we acted//




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