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By Inell

Disclaimer:  The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Wheldon, Mutant Enemy and Fox.  No copyrigtht infringement intended.

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Willow looked in the mirror and smiled. She couldn't believe how happy she was. Just last week, she thought her world was going to end. Now, she had the only man she truly had ever loved plus she was in Venice.

She and Angelus had left Sunnydale two days before. She had packed up two bags of personal belongings, grabbed her lap top, and left everything else. She knew that no one would want to talk to her, so she left a message for Giles telling him that she and Angel were going away together. That they did not want their love jeopardized by Buffy or anyone else. She failed to inform him that Angel had lost his soul again. She honestly knew that it was not important. If Angelus had wanted them dead, he would have killed them. No, she knew that there were only two things that  Angelus wanted.

She left the bathroom and looked at her sleeping lover. His back was covered with scratches. She'd done that to him. She couldn't believe how wild he made wanton. With Oz, it had been sweet. He had never ignited her passions. One look from Angelus could set her on fire. His touch caused a melt down. She went to the window and looked out into the light, careful not to open the curtains too far.

Venice. She couldn't believe she was in Italy. She couldn't believe that she had quit school and given up her friends for love. It was just so melodramatic. She was usually so sensible. Not anymore. Not only had she been claimed by Angelus, but she was about to share him.

She suddenly smiled slyly. Not that sharing him would be a problem. Not when it meant that she finally had a chance to act out her greatest fantasy. She had lost track the number of times she would sit in the old library hearing Buffy and the others talk about killing Angelus, Spike and Dru. She would sit there daydreaming about being the woman in their lives. Dru was gone. They were both hers. She knew that Angelus wanted to punish Spike, but she had read the diaries. She knew of their past
and their long relationship that Drusilla had ruined. She heard movement behind her and turned to see Angelus sitting on the
bed, watching her.

"What are you thinking about? I can smell your arousal all the way over here." he said smiling.

She felt a blush spread over her face. "I was just thinking about tonight."

Angelus looked surprised. "Really?" He then smiled again, "So, my love is turned on by the thought of me and my childe?"

She gnawed her lower lip and slowly nodded. "I've often dreamed about" she confessed quietly.

"Well...well...well...I never would have guessed. So, the thought of me breaking Spike...claiming him....fucking makes you hot?" he reached for her and pulled her to him. He ran his hand up her leg, finding her sopping. "It does." he said almost astonished that the quiet girl would have such fantasies. (This could be fun....)

He began to lightly run his finger over her lips, continuing his talk, "You are attracted to him....I knew this. I could sense your arousal after he kidnapped you last year. I bet you wanted him to kill Xander and fuck you until you begged for release. Didn't you?"

Willow closed her eyes and refused to answer. She felt his thumb and finger roughly twist her and she yelped, "Yes."

He smiled and became gentle again. "Spike and I used to share everything. He is a great lover. His ass is so tight. He never lets me fuck him....he always makes me force him. He gets off on pain. That's the only reason I can think he stayed with Dru so long. I'll make him eat you....he does wonderful things with his tongue. Would you like that?"

"Oh...yes..." she was getting more aroused as he spoke.

"He had a great cock. Not as wide as mine but so long. I can't wait to see how much of him you can take in that sweet hot mouth. His taste is addicting, much like yours. I want to see my mark on his pale flesh....hear him cry out my name...he always does. He likes our little games....he may hate to admit it, but he does...When I came back last time, I was so consumed with hatred that I ignored him. I know that's the reason he helped the slayer. He was pissed."

Willow put her hand on his shoulder balancing herself. Her knees were beginning to feel weak.

Angelus laughed. "He said he was doing it for Dru. That's such a joke. He loves her, but it is not a passionate betray your sire kind of love. My boy hates to be alone. He fears loneliness. That's the reason he stayed with that crazy bitch. Well, no more."

Willow looked into his eyes and asked. "What do you plan on doing to him?"

"I plan to remind him who his sire is. After that, I plan to fuck him until he begs me to let him up. Then, I'll introduce you. Let him meet his new mother." He roughly kneaded her breast, his finger thrusting into her suddenly. "I think I may allow you to claim him. It will eat him up if he is claimed by my mate. It will mean that he belongs to us both. Would you like that lover?"

Willow wasn't sure what he meant exactly so she kept quiet. She had never thought that Angelus would willingly share her with Spike. She had assumed that she would do the sharing. The thought of having both the handsome vampires as hers thrilled her.

"I see it excites you. I knew you were the one for me. Such fire....such passion...Spike will love you as I will both be mine."

Suddenly, Willow was thrown to the bed. Angelus entered her from behind, slamming deep into her. She cried out into the pillow.

" love...." he pushed deeper into her. Thoughts of life with Willow and Spike filled his head. They could have such fun together. It may take him awhile to get Spike back, but he knew Willow was ready. She pushed back, meeting his thrusts. Soon, they climaxed powerfully.

Willow collapsed against the bed. Trying to catch her breath, she felt Angelus pull out of her. He laid beside her smiling.

"Isn't this fun?" he asked innocently.

She groaned and hit his smirking face with her pillow. She needed to sleep. She had a feeling she would need her energy for what lay ahead.


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