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By Inell

Disclaimer:  The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Wheldon, Mutant Enemy and Fox.  No copyrigtht infringement intended

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Spike walked along the dark streets smoking a cigarette. He had been in Venice for a month. He was all ready getting bored. Italian food only took him so far. It seemed once he was finished, he was hungry again in an hour. He needed something more satisfying. Maybe he'd try Madrid. He stopped suddenly, and threw the cigarette on the ground. He looked around carefully. He felt something...someone watching him. He smiled. It looked like he might have some fun after all.

Angelus watched his favorite childe from the shadows. Cocky bastard. He recognized that smile. Willow had stayed at the hotel. They had both thought it the best. He didn't think she was ready to see him dominate Spike. He had to smile when he thought of his mate. She was constantly surprising him. That was not easy to do. He felt a bit jealous at her reaction to thoughts of Spike. But, if he got to play, she deserved to play. As long as he was there, he didn't mind. They'd have fun together.
There was so much that he and Spike could teach her. He followed Spike. Time to reclaim his arrogant childe.

Spike slowly moved through the dark alleys. He caught a smell in the air and froze. It was familiar.

(Angelus....No...couldn't be....)

He started to walk a bit faster. He wished whoever it was would show himself so he could kill him and get on with the evening. Suddenly, he felt himself shoved into the wall. Turning, he saw Angelus.

"Miss me?" Angelus said, smirking.

Spike hit him in his chin. "Nope."

Angelus swung and got Spike in the stomach. "You sent me to Hell. Not very respectful." He brought his leg up and kicked Spike's leg.

Spike caught himself before he fell. He reached out and hit Angelus. "Thought you could use a tropical vacation. Why are you back?" He hit again. "Slayer get hard up again?"

Angelus sneered. "Where's the loony bitch? Find a real man?"

They continued hitting and firing insults until they tired out. Angelus finally grabbed Spike by the chin and pushed him against the wall. "I missed you pet." he drawled before claiming Spike's mouth.

Spike fought for control. Fighting with Angelus always turned him on. Fuck, who was he kidding? Anything Angelus did turned him on. He wouldn't make it easy. He felt his cock harden. Well, not that easy.

Angelus pulled back, seeing the look of defiance and lust in Spike's eyes. It was good to be back.

Spike grinned cockily at his sire. He didn't care why he was back. He was just glad that he was here. It gave him a thrill of pleasure to think that Angelus had come to Venice to get him. Sure, it was to teach him a lesson, but Spike knew his sire. He doubted he would be leaving him anytime soon.

Angelus decided that he was being too nice. He was supposed to be punishing the brat, not seducing him. Seduction would be later. He kissed him roughly, his tongue demanding entrance. Their tongues battled for dominance. Angelus it Spike's, enjoying the drops of his childe's blood. It had been too long. He saw the desire in Spike's eyes and smiled. He knew this would be easy.

Spike was pushed roughly to the ground of the alley. He pushed back against Angelus, half heartedly trying to get loose. He was hard and aroused. He wanted Angelus to claim love him. He felt the cool night air on his ass as Angelus pulled his jeans down.

Angelus ran his hands possessively over Spike's ass. "Has anyone else had you?"

Spike tried to get up. "No. Let me up you bastard."

Angelus only laughed. "You know you want me." He cupped Spike's hard erection, "This proves me right."

Angelus wanted to sink himself deep into Spike...make his childe cry out his name. He bit his wrist, allowing the blood to flow. He coated his cock with the blood. After he was wet, he positioned himself at Spike's hole. With a groan, he sunk himself deep into his childe.

Spike arched his head back as Angelus filled him. He moved his hand underneath him and began to rub his erection. He was surprised to feel Angelus's hand join his. Angelus pumped into him several times, deep and fast. After more time, Angelus came filling his childe with his release. Spike shot his load on to the floor of the alley.

Angelus stood and pulled his pants back up. He watched from lazy eyes as Spike did the same. "Was it good for you?" he asked, smirking.

Spike avoided his eyes. "Guess you're through with me." he mumbled, turning to go.

Angelus had to laugh. "Spike, my boy. You never learn."

Spike turned at scowled at his sire. "What?"

"Do you really think I took the trouble to fly here from California for a quick fuck in a dirty alley?"

Spike's eyes narrowed. "Why are you here then?" he needed to hear the words. He wasn't going to make an idiot out of himself again.

"I wanted you. I have no intention of letting go. This time, I'm different. None of that boring hatred. You're mine and you aren't going anywhere unless I say."

Spike started to smile. " you're back to being Daddy?"

"C'mon brat. I've got a surprise for you."

Spike started to walk beside Angelus. "What is it?" he asked eagerly.

Angelus just smiled. "Who, you mean."

Spike stopped. "If you brought that slutty damn slayer here...."

Angelus looked horrified. "Fuck no. That was soulboy's love. Not mine."

Spike suddenly smiled again. "The redhead." he said.

Angelus narrowed his eyes. "Her name is Willow. She's my mate. Treat her with respect...."

"It will be my pleasure. I always knew you wanted her too."

"What do you mean too?"

"Please...I could have found any witch for that spell....There was just something about her....I can't explain it. She got under my skin....So, she's yours?"

"Yes. She's mine" Angelus said, cockily. "If you're a good boy, I might share. She's willing. We'll see....."

Spike felt his cock harden. His redhead fantasy and his sire. Life couldn't get better. He hated to say it, but he really needed to send the slayer a thank you note.


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