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By Lorelei

Disclaimer: All characters pertaining to the show Buffy the Vampire slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, the WB, Mutant Enemy, Fox et. all.  No copyright infringement is intended.  No profit is being made

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Spike looked over at her.  She was beautiful in slumber.  Hell, she was
beautiful all the time.  He was glad he’d followed his own advice.

<Yep, tie her up and torture her ‘til she loves me.  I am an uncommonly
smart bloke. >

Of course, at first, she hadn’t been too receptive to his attentions.
But, Spike was nothing if not patient.  And, thank God, or Satan,
whoever, for electricity.  Electric shock had a way of wearing a girl
down, without leaving unsightly bruises. Starvation, starvation was good
too. <Bloody hell, I should have taken notes.  I could write a book.
‘Torture to Win the One You Love: A Vampire’s Handbook.’>

And last night, finally, after two weeks, she’d relented.  She loved
him.  She’d said so and he believed her.  The sex had been incredible.
She responded to his touch like a woman dying of thirst. <Of course, if
she’d held out much longer, he would have tried that next. >

She’d been hot, wanton, raking her nails over his back and scarring him.
She’d begged him to take her, her body writhing beneath his.  And when
she’d came, her legs wrapped around his back, she’d screamed it.
“Spike, I love you.”

All in all, it had been worth the wait.

Afterwards, she lay in his arms, crying, begging his forgiveness for
being so stubborn.  She traced the outline of his lips, telling him how
much she needed him, how she couldn’t go on without him.  She belonged
to him.

He knew it was true.  After all, how many times do you read about some
supposed victim falling in love with her abuser?  A fellow should take
what’s his and to hell with everything else.  It might not be deep, true
love she was feeling for him, but that would come, in time.  And time
was something he had plenty of.

What he had not had plenty of, however, was that hot little body
pressing against his.  Spike rose and walked over to where she lay.
He ran his hand over her breast, rubbing the hard nipple with his thumb.
A smile curved the corner of her lips, and her eyes opened.


She moved to the edge of the bed, wrapping her arms around his waist.
Spike caressed her hair as she trailed her tongue down from his navel to
his groin.  He lifted her head with one finger, tilting it to allow him
to look in her eyes.  Her eyes were glistening and large, with just a
hint of something odd in them.  Spike knew that look well.  She was
slightly around the bend, a little insane.  Not a problem; he was used
to insane women.

“Willow, luv, tell me again.” He pulled her up and began to nuzzle her
neck, carefully. He didn’t want to lose control.  He wanted a woman, not
a demon.  Willow ran her fingers down the scratches she’d left on his
back, grabbed his ass and pulled him tight against her.

“I love you, Spike.  I’ll always love you.”



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