Take Your Time

By Carrie


Okay...here we go finally! I have only been working on this part for a year now. (although it has changed dramatically from the first draft.)

Remember, this is my first attempt (and probably my last) at the naughty stuff, so please be gentle ;-) And remember, it isn't just gratuitous...it is important to the plot.

RATING: NC - 17! If you are not old enough to legally read this, please don't! Please read the PG-13 version instead. And don't worry...you aren't missing that much ;-)

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***This part is dedicated to all the very talented NC-17 writers out there that make it look easy.

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Part 27   



Three hours later, all of Willow's make-shift poker chips finally sat in a heap before Spike. She'd lost, which not surprising even to her, but what was a surprise was that for the first time she'd won many hands and had been a pretty good opponent. The game would have lasted much longer if Spike hadn't caught some lucky breaks in the cards that he'd been dealt.

"You've been practicing, both at your cards and your lying," Spike commented through a smirk, curious as to how her skills had improved so much. "What finally brought out the bad girl in you, Red?"

Willow shrugged nonchalantly, hiding her enormous pleasure at finally being able to hold her own against the vampire at poker. "Lets just say I met up with some interesting characters during my travels, Spike. I learned a lot while I was gone. Sometimes being bad was a necessity...sometimes it was just fun."

After scrutinizing her for a moment, as if he could see the answers in her delicate features if he just looked hard enough, Spike rose from his seat to pretend to study the dishes in the cupboard behind him. He was much more intrigued to learn exactly what she had gotten up to during her years on the continent as opposed to the pattern of the fine china, but he didn't want it to show.

"Tell me more," he said in a bored tone. "I could use a good bedtime story."

Willow slowly poured herself another glass of wine and took a thoughtful sip. "No. I don't want to tell that story yet, Spike. I think I could get used to being a woman of mystery."

"One silly little secret doesn't makes you a woman of mystery. I'll admit that you do have a terrific amount of bewildering and exasperating habits, love, but that hardly makes you mysterious. Just...bloody...irritating," he goaded.

Willow raised an eyebrow and took another sip of her wine. "Whatever you say, Spike." A secretive smile curved at her lips even as she held the glass to her mouth. "Whatever you say."

The perplexed vampire leaned back against the counter, crossing his arms about his chest. "Now, since obviously you are in no mood to tell me about the recent past, let's go back a bit," Spike said with a familiar smug look on his pale face. "Let's hear the truth about you and William, shall we?"

Wrinkling her brow in a display of mock confusion, Willow set down her glass and stood up to clear the cards and poker chips away.

"The truth? What's the point? It changes all the time, doesn't it?"

Spike shook his head. "Now you're just avoiding the subject, Pet. We had a deal. You lost, so now you have to pay the piper. What happened? The truth this time!"

Willow paused, looking at her shoes as she struggled with herself for the briefest of moments, but it passed so quickly that even Spike didn't notice it. She raised her head to catch his gaze. Capturing his steely blue eyes with hers of emerald, Willow slowly walked across the room to stand in front of him, invading his space like he had done to her so many times before.

"What do you really want to know, Spike?"

"Did you kiss William?"

Willow smiled enigmatically and bit her bottom lip. The small action caused Spike to lower his gaze and become mesmerized by her soft mouth.

"No," she finally said in a throaty whisper, "I didn't..."

Before Spike had a chance to gloat, Willow reached up, put a hand behind his head and pulled his mouth towards hers. She kissed the surprised vampire softly and only for a moment. It had been more years than she cared to remember since she'd last been kissed, and even though she was the instigator, the ethereal redhead was hardly prepared for the sensation of his lips against hers. Perhaps it was simply because it had been so very, very long, but it hadn't felt like this before.not with Oz, not with anybody. A spark of primal electricity passed between them that traveled down her whole body, igniting every nerve throughout her petite frame. The kiss lasted mere seconds, but Willow found it hard to breathe when they parted. She forced herself to look into Spike's eyes and saw her hunger and confusion mirrored there.

"...But I have now," she continued breathlessly after a hard swallow. "See. The truth changes constantly."

"I'm not William," Spike retorted darkly, unable to tear his eyes from her tantalizing lips once again.

"I know, " Willow managed, trying very hard to remain as calm and collected as she'd been before the kiss, even though she now felt like everything they'd been through together had been building up to this moment. That was when she became aware that her hand was still on the back of his neck, holding his face close to hers. She slowly drew her hand away, running her fingers along his jaw. Her eyes recorded her hand's path over every clenched muscle in that side of his face, and as she reluctantly pulled her hand away from him, his face was drawn with it. Willow was unable to keep her fingers from beckoning him. This time there was no small talk. No excuses.

Their mouths met again in a kiss so filled with hunger and desire that it wrenched low moans from both of them. To the casual observer, if there had been one, it might have sounded as if the kiss were painful, when in truth it was the exact opposite. It was the cure for everything that had ailed them for decades. Not that the kisses were delicate or comforting in nature by any means. They were, instead, very cathartic. Nor was there anything tentative about their kisses either--no slow building from butterfly-like brushes of lip against lip, to slowly opening mouths and gently probing tongues. The kisses weren't meant for seduction. The last near-100 years had been all the seduction they needed.

Willow thought briefly that she should fight this, fight her need for the sometime-enemy, sometime-friend vampire in her arms, but decades of little physical contact with a man made the battle useless. Her inner conflict was short and soon her hands were running through his hair, lightly caressing the back of his neck, holding him to her.

On the other hand, the thought never crossed Spike's mind that he should fight this. It was what he'd wanted for a long time now, dreamed of more times than he could recall. There was no part of him that didn't want this to happen. Imitating his dreams, the vampire dug his hands firmly into her hips, bringing her slight body soundly against his and thrilling at her rapidly beating heart against his chest. There was nothing like feeling the response of a woman's body pressed against his own--the quickened pulse, the blood rushing through her veins, even her hot breath as it came out in pants to warm his own cool flesh. It was one of the best parts of feeding from the living--the side effects of fear in the victim's body. But this, this was different. This was not true fear but desire--the desire of a sensual, intelligent woman for a soulless vampire.

Her fate was sealed the moment she felt his firm body against hers, thigh-to-thigh, her soft breasts crushed against his well-defined chest, even through the multiple layers of the chaste Victorian clothing. Her entire being may have been aflame from the kisses, but wherever their bodies touched, she was positively molten.

Spike's mouth left hers only to trail wet kisses down her throat, drawing whimpers from Willow. The vampire found the exact spot where he had bitten her a lifetime ago, her last night in Galway, and he nibbled and kissed the area gently, his tongue tracing the light scar that would forever mark her as his. The thought pleased the demon in him as it sensed how close it was to gaining everything it wanted. Spike's hand moved to the back of her head, winding itself in her hair before gently pulling back to fully expose her neck to him. He recalled how she tasted that night, and the thought of once again savoring her unique essence made him growl in spite of himself.

Willow, too, was remembering the same night. It was the last time he'd held her this way, only to betray her trust and feed from her. In the back of Willow's passion-fogged mind, she heard the growl and felt his subtle nips and scratches on her skin, but it didn't repel her. Instead, knowing that she could drive him to such baser, darker actions made her heart pound. Somehow, the thought of her power over him frightened her and gave her courage at the same time. For a change, the confusion felt good and she moaned her approval.

Her soft moans made him tear his mouth away from her slender neck long enough to look into her eyes. He still held her head by the hair and from her eyes he knew that she was remembering the same night he was.

His face was serious as he stared intently at her. "Do you trust me?"

It wasn't a matter of trust to Willow. She knew he wouldn't intentionally hurt her but could he control himself? Even as his eyes glinted yellow, the color of caution and warning, they also shone with the self-mastery she'd seen there before. She'd tested him time and time again and he'd always passed. This was just the final exam.

When she didn't answer immediately, he traced a path down the other side of her neck with his tongue, causing her to clutch at him. He returned to pierce her emerald eyes once more.

"Do you trust me, my little virgin?" he repeated.

She knew what he was asking. His words were promising so much. An end to her loneliness for at least one night, an end to the hunger that had been with her for what seemed like an eternity, but most importantly, a promise to remind her what life was supposed to be about--something they both seemed to have forgotten. Willow didn't need to think about it anymore.

She reached a hand to his jaw, her finger slowly tracing the outline of the cross-shaped scar that she had put there many years before. It was so long ago, yet sometimes seemed like just yesterday. He had destroyed her trust once before, and that was the beginning of a long rebuilding process, which now culminated with them in each other's arms.

Spike's eyes closed under her touch. The scar momentarily the center of his world as it burned beneath her fingers' exploration. When he felt her mouth then trace the same path her fingers had, gently licking and scratching in manner similar to the attention he had just given her scar, Spike's need for her grew exponentially.

"Yes" she finally whispered against the raised flesh.

At her lusty confession, Spike's eyes flew open, and he reached for her, dragging her face back to his. He kissed her possessively, sending an icy shiver down her spine that metamorphosed to warmth in her belly. His tongue searched out hers, teasing it with quick flicks of his own, almost daring it. Not one to back down from a challenge, Willow slipped her tongue in between his lips, exploring and probing deeply. Her tongue slid against his, teasing it with her heat, until she had to pull back for air. Before she could catch a breath, Spike scooped her into his arms and headed out of the kitchen.

"Willow, where's your bedroom?" he asked deeply. His gaze traveled the entire length of her body, setting her stomach aflutter again at his frank display of desire.

Willow slowly started undoing the buttons on Spike's shirt as best she could with one shaky hand.

"Upstairs. Last door on the left," she replied, slipping her hand under his shirt to let it roam over what little of his chest she could reach.


Spike carried her briskly up the stairs. After kicking the door open, he swept through it to stop in front of the enormous fireplace. He slowly let go of her legs while holding her upper body, causing her to languidly slide down the length of him until she was on her feet but still held tightly against the vampire.

Neither spoke or moved for a moment, each one seemingly giving the other one last chance to stop. They held each other's gaze and never faltered, until Spike finally broke the stalemate.

He lowered his mouth to her cheek, dragging her lips against its softness. "Are you cold, love? Do you want me to start a fire?" he whispered against the corner of her mouth then moved to look at her face.

She smiled wickedly, unable to help herself. "You already have, Spike," she answered huskily, using one finger to trace the line of his collarbone, as he had done to her so many times before.

Needing to take possession of her lips again, Spike's mouth descended to hers. Much to her dismay, however, it stopped a hair's width away.

"For tonight, Willow, call me William if you want," he acquiesced, before kissing her more softly and sensually than Willow had ever imagined he was capable of. His seemingly simple offer was anything but, and it created a deep ache in her soul.

Willow surprised Spike by pulling away from the toe-curling kiss. She leaned back in his arms so that he could clearly see her face. It was important that the vampire knew she was completely serious.

"No, Spike," she said firmly. "We are *not* William and Rose or pretending to be husband and wife. We are Spike and Willow."

Her words confirmed Spike's innermost hopes. She wasn't deluding herself or pretending he was something other than he was. She was kissing Spike the vampire, touching Spike the vampire, not the caricature they'd created for the benefit of others.

Before Spike could express his pleasure with her answer, Willow pressed her heated lips to his. She tasted them, savoring the salty flavor of his skin and nibbling on his lower lip. Her hands wantonly explored every ounce of skin and muscle beneath her quivering fingertips. Finally, she finished pulling the tails of his shirt out of his trousers and quickly undid the last few buttons before she pushed it and his coat down off of his hard body. When his chest was bare to her, she trailed her mouth down his neck, stopping to swirl her tongue around his Adam's apple. His low groans made her smile briefly before continuing to taste her way down his collarbone. Meanwhile, her equally as hungry hands slipped around to his back, nails scratching ever so lightly in circles around his shoulder blades, holding him to her. When her mouth found his nipples, first one, then the other, she wondered at their cold hardness and took turns licking and worrying them with her teeth. Willow enjoyed the different responses she received for her efforts and let them guide her in pleasing the vampire.

Spike had long ago thrown his head back in submission as she took her time investigating his upper body. He gave her the time, although it took a heap of willpower not to seize control of the situation and give them the release they both so desperately needed. He knew that she needed this, and for the moment he was content to intertwine his hands in her long, luxurious locks. When he finally couldn't take any more, Spike used a hand on each side of her face to pull her back up so he could see her flushed cheeks.

"Willow, you've been holding out on me."

She responded with a sexy smile, her eyes equally glazed over with need. "I think we've been holding out on each other."

She reached out to run a finger across his lips, the lips that she'd seen pursed in anger and frustration and even in amusement, but under her touch, they parted and his tongue darted out to taste her. When he suddenly caught her probing finger his teeth, Willow gasped. Reflex caused her to try and yank her hand away, but Spike captured her hand with his. Holding it a prisoner to his mouth, the vampire traced maddening circles along her sensitive palm with his thumb. The slight pain of his teeth was fleeting and soon replaced only by a throbbing in her loins that echoed the rhythm of his tongue on her slender digit.

"Spike," she hissed, unable to take her eyes off of the spot where her finger disappeared into the cool recesses of his mouth.

Spike finally released her finger at the sound of the unabashed need in her voice, and Willow quickly covered his mouth with her own. This time Spike took control of the kiss, deepening it. His hands moved from her face and the small of her spine, up to the back of her dress. He was tired of feeling only the material of her gown beneath his fingers.

Suddenly he broke away. "Damn!" he cursed softly as he fumbled with the first small button on the back of her dress. "Now I remember another bloody reason why I hate the 19th century! Willow," he drawled in her ear, stopping long enough to trace it with his tongue. "How much do you like this frock? Don't suppose I could just rip the bloody thing off you?"

Willow suppressed a giggle. Just the fact that he asked surprised her. "Actually," she said huskily, tilting her head to give him full access to that side of her neck," it *is* my favorite."

With a growl and a last nip at the curve just below her ear, Spike reluctantly let go of the redhead to move behind her.

Willow sighed at the loss of his cool mouth against her fevered skin and the lines of his back beneath her eager hands.

Standing behind her, Spike eyed the long row of tiny white pearl buttons that followed the curve of her spine. It wasn't that he was out of practice in removing a Victorian style of dress. It was simply that these types of gowns and buttons were infuriating to even the most experienced seducer, and he found himself suddenly missing zippers. With a determined clenching of his jaw, he began his assault on her clothing.

She felt his fingers working at the top of her gown and instantly regretted teasing him. Every second that his fingers labored at the fasteners was one in which the rest of her body started to feel cold and neglected.

As if reading her thoughts, Spike pulled her roughly back against him after undoing the first button. She turned her head, and his mouth found hers over her shoulder. All too soon, in Willow's opinion, he pulled back, easing her away from him just to attack the next button. He repeated the titillating kiss after the second button was released, just to push her away again. After the third button, he instead let his hands slide down her hips suggestively, then slowly move back up again, just to start his attack on the next little button.

After a few more times of this, Willow found herself unable to stop the moans that escaped between her quivering lips. It was torture what he was doing to her. One button at a time he was driving her mad with desire until she felt like screaming. The next time his hands wandered to her thighs, she grabbed them.

"Spike, please..." she gasped, "just rip the damn dress off already. I can buy another one!"

Spike chuckled softly against the nape of her neck, pleased that he was able to create such a response in the woman. "Willow," he whispered against her sweet skin, "you have waited a century already." His hands wandered to her chest, taunting her further as they circled around her breasts. The vampire carefully avoided any contact with her sensitive nipples, even though there were several layers of material separating his skin from hers. "Certainly another hour or so won't be too difficult for you to take!"

In a vain attempt to push her breasts into his hands, she put her head back and rested it against his shoulder. "You are truly evil sometimes..." she whimpered, but still a small smile crossed her lips.

His hands moved back to the buttons, pushing her away slightly, yet again, from his body. "Yes, and don't you ever forget it." His voice was dark and dangerous, almost a growl. It reverberated throughout her body, increasing her need, but he continued to focus the ministrations of his talented hands on the remaining fasteners.

By the time he was able to slide the dress off of her, a dozen or so buttons later, she was beyond all logical thought. She felt as though if his hands didn't touch her naked flesh soon she would simply cease to be, as every fiber of her being would implode from unquenched hunger. But even when the dress was pooled about her ankles, his torment didn't stop. There was still the small matter of the corset, which he easily untied with deft fingers. One by one, the various layers of undergarments found the floor until Willow stood naked before him, her back still to the blonde vampire.


"Spike...please..." she pleaded and started to turn to face him, needing to press her body against his.

"Don't turn around," he commanded, halting her movement. His own voice was rough with desire. Although he enjoyed his sensual torment of her, he wanted nothing more now than to explore every inch of her tender ivory skin with his hands and his mouth. Still, he didn't move to caress her. Instead he quickly removed the rest of his clothes, kicking the pile away, before grabbing her by the waist and brusquely pulling her back against him. Their mouths met over her shoulder in a slow sensual kiss as her hand moved to his jaw. Finally, his slowly-warming hands meandered up to cup her firm breasts.

She moaned into his mouth, instinctively arching her back to push herself further into his touch and was rewarded by Spike brushing the palms of his hands in a circular motion on her hardened nipples. She tentatively let her other hand move behind her, running along the length of his firm thigh and buttock, sometimes stroking sometimes scratching with her nails. It was his turn to moan and he pressed his pelvis closer to her.

The vampire turned his attention lower now, moving his explorations to her flat abdomen and hips, slowing moving downward until he found the soft flesh of her thighs. He squeezed and caressed them, as his mouth moved to her neck, lingering over the pulse points and relishing the feel of her rapidly flowing blood.

Willow couldn't take the torment any more and covered his hands with hers. The way she slowly nudged them toward where she craved contact the most, drew a dark chuckle from the vampire.

"Impatient little thing, aren't you?" he growled, but before she could think of a suitable retort, all thoughts flew from her mind as his fingers finally brushed against her swollen nether lips. Her breath caught in her throat as she waited for his exquisite touch again, and before she knew it she had parted her legs a little further, inviting him to stroke her fully. When his fingers found her sensitive nub and strummed it gently, her legs began to give way and she clutched at his body behind her for support. Instantly his hands left her, and for a moment she felt lost in a dizzying swirl of desire without his touch before he swept her into his arms and carried her to the bed.

He lay her down but didn't join her on the four-poster bed. Spike stood there, looking down on her, their eyes meeting. She gazed up into his steely blue eyes that sparkled with desire, wondering what he was waiting for. Then her whole body began to flush as she realized he was letting his eyes take in her whole body, making love to her with those penetrating orbs. They traveled over her, slowly, sensually. As they did, she could almost feel the heat of his passion as they stopped on her lips, the hollow of her throat, her breasts, wandering down to memorize her firm abdomen and the curve of her hips, then her shapely legs, until finally they came back up to rest upon the small nest of hair that lay between her thighs. She willed herself to stay still, not to roll over and hide her body from him. Instead she let him drink his fill of the very sight of her, until his eyes finally returned to hers, hungrier than ever.

"William was right, Willow. You are beautiful." he said huskily, then moved to join her on the bed.

"No!" she commanded, gesturing for him to stay where he was. "Now it's my turn." Willow propped herself up on one elbow. Slowly, her eyes left his, stopping to admire the sharp curves of his cheekbones and upper lip. She then devoured every muscle in his chest, even pausing to memorize the outline of his nipples. She took in his abs, slim torso, and muscular thighs and calves, and finally, with a deep breath, she looked at his long, hardened shaft. Since she had never really seen a penis close up before, let alone an erect one, the redhead was tempted to move closer to examine it further, but her need overrode her curiosity and she slowly lifted her eyes until they again met his.

The blonde vamp's lips curled into a smile as he saw the outright lust etched all over her flushed face. Although he could sense her nervousness, there was no fear.

"Do you still trust me, my little virgin?" When she smiled and nodded, he lay beside her, pulling her to him in a punishing kiss that left her lips slightly bruised and swollen. His voracious mouth moved to her breasts. Spike sucked in each nipple and caught them between his teeth, prying gasps of pain-tinged pleasure from deep within her.

As they lay side by side, Willow moaned her encouragement as she ran her fingers lightly through his short hair and over his cheekbones. Soon that wasn't enough, and she tentatively reached down to lightly stroke his erection.

Spike closed his eyes and threw his head back. Her naive touches only heightened his raw need for her, and for a brief moment he wondered if he would be able to fulfill his end of the bargain after all.

Willow noticed his hesitation and quickly rolled on top of him to straddle his hips, the feel of his muscular coolness between her legs making her dizzy. "I trust you, Spike...." she affirmed before planting hungry kisses up the line of his shoulder. "With my body..." she persisted, her tongue snaked its way from his chin down his neck. "With my life..." Willow murmured against his Adam's apple and then scraped her teeth over the hollow of his throat, wrenching a hiss from the vampire. "With my future..." she continued as she made her way down his body, tasting and licking every contoured muscle. "And with my soul," she finished reverently, stopping to dip her tongue in his navel. She couldn't seem to get enough of the taste of his skin and the feel of it beneath her hands. It occurred to Willow at that point that she was bingeing...devouring Spike like he was a buffet of chocolate desserts after a long, strict diet. The idea only made her want to sample and savor everything on the menu.

Willow's admissions rocked Spike to the core. For a vampire to have a living woman's trust was a heady elixir, and his demon howled with delight. "Oh God...Willow..." he whispered, and he reached for her, trying to block out the demon's demands.

Willow felt his hands wander through her hair, and down her face, tracing the line of her cheeks with strong thumbs, like they were searching for something within her. When his fingers came in contact with her mouth, she abandoned her ministrations on his stomach to quickly reach out and draw a finger between her teeth. She sucked on his digit, swirling her tongue around it. A strange satisfaction grew within her at the sounds of his groans, his barely audible pleas, and the gyration of his hips in longing for more contact with her hot flesh.

"Bloody hell, woman..." he growled, as the erotic sensation of her heated mouth on his hand brought forth from him the strongest of desires. She felt so good, better than he'd dared imagined all this time. Wanting to see her, Spike slowly drew his hands up to his face, and Willow along with it. She stopped her bathing of his digit, only to increase the pressure with her teeth and smile wickedly. With his free hand, he pulled her head down to his and ran his tongue across her lips, teasing them, until she parted them with a sigh, releasing his forefinger. He enveloped the hole his departing finger had left, and Willow repeated her actions on his tongue, sucking and nibbling, circling his with her own.

Once again, it took more strength than Spike knew he possessed not to roll over and take her right then and there. Again he gave her the time she needed to explore him, please him, experiment even. He couldn't imagine what it was like for her to go for so long without her body being worshipped in the manner that it deserved. Although he had no idea what she'd been up to in the recent decades, the deep longing was still there. He was fairly confident that he was the first man she was ever with in such an intimate way, and that pleased him and his demon immensely.

"Willow," he finally said as she pulled away for a much-needed breath, "for a virgin, you sure seem to know a bloody lot about--"

Willow cut him off with a quick nibble on his ear. "A girl doesn't work for 50 years in pubs and taverns and not learn a few things about sex. You can learn a lot just by listening" she said haughtily as she sat back and once again lowered her hand to his penis, stroking it more firmly this time. She was uncertain of what she was doing but she didn't want it to show. Hearing what men liked and reading about it was different from doing it, but from the sounds emanating from her partner, the guttural moans, animalistic growls and mutterings of her name, she figured she must be doing something right.

Much more of this, and Spike would find his release before she would, and that was not what he wanted or what she deserved. The vampire pulled her hand away and quickly rolled her over so she was only half beneath him.

"You first, Willow. I'm nothing if not a gentleman." His hand moved between her thighs, and she parted them willingly with a sharp intake of breath in anticipation but still he didn't touch her where she most yearned for it. "Willow, there are a lot of things that I would love to do to you that might mean sacrificing your virginity, but I'm sure we can come up with more than a few creative ways of giving you what you need."

Willow was teetering. He was driving her insane with need. <I can't believe after all his teasing, all that sexual innuendo, he still wants to talk about it!> "Spike," Willow said breathlessly, "sometimes you talk too bloody much!" She raked her nails down his chest, and bucked her hips against his hand, trying to drive home her need for him.

Spike growled in response to her aggressiveness, his eyes vacillating between blue and amber, but he didn't give in. His languid stroking of her continued, only occasionally brushing against the throbbing center of her need.

"I just want to be thorough," he said through a sexy smirk.

<Two can play at this game!> She groaned again, simultaneously thrusting her swollen sex toward his agonizing hand while reaching for him. Her eyes danced deviously as she mimicked each of his strokes. For every whisper-soft caress of her thigh, she matched it by softly caressing his. Each casual brush against one of her sensitive areas was repeated on him. Their eyes remained focused on each other, pupils dilating in response to their growing hunger. Their hands continued their teasing dance until they were both ready to plead with the other for release. Finally, his fingers concentrated on her center, exploring her wetness, and always careful not to enter her virginal channel. She returned the favor by grasping his swollen member firmly, stroking in a rhythm that matched his. Each involuntarily rotated their hips closer to the others hand, until they had found a matching rhythm even though their bodies were joined only by their hands and lips. When his thumb began a circular motion on her most sensitive nub, Willow felt her orgasm building. His mouth lowered to her breast, nipping and sucking, pushing her closer to the pinnacle of desire.

Spike felt his climax nearing as well as Willow continued her maddening strokes. "Come for me, Red," he urged. "Give yourself to me, Willow."

At the mere sound of his voice, Willow's back arched as her body was overcome by waves of pleasure. Her free hand clutched at his back, digging into him as is she were holding on for her sanity, and receiving a growl in response.

Spike watched her face intently, loving her unbridled display of emotion as she came, and his urgency increased. He had to fight to keep control, wanting so badly to enter her and ride her waves from the inside while the demon was insisting for a different course of action.

Willow pried her eyes open to refocus on Spike's face as the waves crashed through her again and again, and she was surprised to find him studying her. He was struggling to retain mastery of himself, and she could see it. Her attention to his needs had faltered under the force of her own orgasm, so as the final shudders coursed through her, she pushed him onto his back to half cover him with her upper body.

"Your turn," she managed through ragged breaths.

Spike was confused for only a moment in her sudden change in positions until she renewed her attention to his painful erection. He marveled for a moment in her unselfishness, but only for a moment as his demon screamed for attention. He threw his head back and bit his lip, hoping against hope that the taste of his own blood would quell the demon enough for it to stay in hiding, but then an amazing thing happened. Spike felt her hot hand at the back of neck, urging him up closer to her. Even as his eyes popped open in surprise, the blue gave way to amber and focused hungrily on her glistening throat.

As the last of the shudders ebbed through her, Willow tilted her head back, exposing herself even more to the vampire.

"Spike," she said breathlessly, holding his mouth to her neck. "It's okay, I trust you. Bite me, Spike. Let me feed you..."

And with a feral growl, he changed completely. Spike's hands left her body to hold her head to him as his fangs pierced her delicate skin as gently as possible. He felt her tense momentarily at the initial pain, but soon her gasps were only of pleasure as she surrendered to the erotic sensation of him drawing her life's essence out of her. He suckled there, devouring her orgasm-spiced blood as she brought him to his own climax with her hands and her blood. He cradled Willow's soft, warm body against his own as he was wracked with so much pleasure that he feared he would lose consciousness while still drinking from her.

Slowly, Spike regained control and loosened his death grip on her. After licking soothingly at Willow's new wounds, the vampire found the courage to pull away. This was the part that he'd never dreamt about. While in his haunted dreams they must have taken pleasure in each other a thousand times, he always woke up immediately after their release. He held his breath unnecessarily as he finally moved to gaze into her eyes, only to find them closed and a look of complete fulfillment on her beautiful, flushed face.

Willow curled into his body, overwhelmed with sleepiness. She could feel him staring at her, but she couldn't force her eyes open. As she felt herself drift off to sleep, she managed to whisper three small words--

"Thank you, Spike." ~~~

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