Spike/Angel(us) Stories

(aka Stories of Spikes and Clydesdales)


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Stories by Saber ShadowKitten

I Hated You Because...(Series)

I Have an Appointment With Eternity

It's the 30th Century, and two certain vampires meet up again.
Post Grad 2

The Chase

Silly history fluff
Spike(William)/Angelus (Rated PG)

Slaying Retreat

Spike's home gets invaded for the annual Slaying Retreat.
Season 4/Angel implied
Soundtrack referred to: Mortal Kombat
B/S; C/A; B/A; A/S; W/O; X/Anya (Rated NC-17)

Stories by Po (aka Anela Ipo)

Some Things Never Change

Spike is bored and goes to see Angel, only to find things are quite as he expected.


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