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Because, Series

By Saber ShadowKitten


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Nice to Meet You, Pinocchio  (rated R)

Angel and Spike have a...ahem...little problem.
Quotes in order: Gina Bellin, Charles Henrey Mackintosh, Maxwell Maltz.

Lyric by: Steppenwolf

Treasure Island

The gang get hijacked and set adrift in the ocean,
ending up on a deserted island.

The Halloween Bash (rated PG-13)

The gang attends a Halloween party.

A Change in Touch

Just a peek at a smutty night between the two vampires.

Want, Need, Love

Spike has a nightmare.

Remember The Wolf (rated PG-13)

Spike has to dress up in order to rescue Oz...

Evil Nasty Story

A drunk Spike tells a story about himself.

Teaching Spike (Rated PG-13)

Spike is bored, Angel teaches him something.

Playtime (Rated PG-13)

Angel plays with Spike while he's between
sleeping and wakefulness.



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