Some Things Never Change

By Po (aka Anela Ipo)

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Rating: NC-17
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Summary: Spike gets bored, Angelus is back..
Spoilers: All of season 4, also a mild, kinda hidden spoiler for one upcoming episode
Authors Notes: This is for all my THP trollops, but especially for Beth and Lore for giving me fic and the best birthday present I've ever had!! :) So, to Beth and Lore, the best list mums EVER!! And they make pretty good friends, too! *g*  Oh and thanks again to Beth for telling me that Joss always puts *big fighty fight* in the scripts , so I don't feel bad emulating him!  ;)  Also again to Beth for telling me I *had* to write a fic with Angel asking Spike "Who's your Daddy?" hehe


Chapter One

Spike inhaled deeply, taking a long drag off his cigarette. Smoke billowed around him as he blew it slowly back out. He was sitting in his ‘lair’, which was really a cold, dank mausoleum in one of Sunnydale's many cemeteries. Sighing deeply, he hopped off the coffin he had been sitting on and began to pace the length of the floor. He was bored. Intensely, mind blowingly bored. He couldn’t go to Willie’s and get a drink, or better yet get rip roaringly, he couldn’t go back there unless he wanted to fight every demon in the joint. Which he could, now that he had learned he could fight demons, and he would, if there weren’t so damn many of them. He was still Spike, the big bad ass-kicking vampire feared by many...but he wasn’t stupid either. So, that ruled out Willie’s. He couldn’t go find some helpless victim to snack on, no that option had been taken away from him. He wasn’t about to go bother the slayer and her bloody friends; the fun had been taken out of that when he discovered he couldn’t hurt them. Although he did enjoy tormenting them, they were such easy targets. A few carefully chosen words, spoken at just the right time and he could have them questioning everything, even each other. But even that got old after awhile.

So there he was, pacing around like a caged animal without a bloody thing to do. He was so frustrated with everything; he’d been reduced to a buggery poof, just like his sire. *Wonder what the old Poof is up to these days. Probably strolling around the dark streets of LA, determined to save the girl and style the hair* Spike laughed to himself and then stopped suddenly. An evil, devious smirk curled his lips. He’d just found something to do. Grabbing his cigarettes and heading out into the early night, Spike was whistling a happy tune as he slammed the door of his car. Cranking the engine, he turned on the radio and began singing along. *This ought to be fun*

Chapter 2

Dropping the lifeless body to the floor, Angelus licked the remaining blood from his lips. He smiled down at the body, knowing he owed alot to the girl whom had moments before been struggling in his arms. Who would have thought that just by putting something in his drink, she brought him back? Of course, he had no idea exactly *what* had been put in there, and he really didn’t care. All that mattered was that he was back...and ready to party.


Spike parked his car outside of the building he knew Angel lived and worked out of. The lights were off, but he hadn’t expected anyone to be there at this time of night. He planned on waiting outside until he saw Angel come back, but his curiosity got the better of him and he decided to snoop around a bit while the place was empty. Breaking the lock was easy, disarming the alarm was a bit trickier, but easily done when he realized that stupid twit of a girl had written the code on the instruction panel. Spike poked around upstairs and quickly got bored, finding nothing of real interest. Walking across the length of the office, he opened the elevator gates and lit up a cigarette as the antique box began its slow descent. Stepping out into Angel’s apartment Spike noticed that it was as dark and sparsely decorated as he remembered. He chuckled to himself, knowing the poof had to be pissed when he came home to the mess Spike had left the last time he’d been here.

Strolling around the place, he paused to ruffle through the desk, again finding nothing more than some boring papers on his cases and a few old newspapers. He wandered over to the weapons wall, removing some and taking a few practice swings. *Not a bad collection for a woosy boy like Angel, but then again he always did have decent taste* Quickly getting bored again, Spike wandered into the bedroom, taking note of the black satin sheets and deep red silk comforter. *Some things never change, soul or not,* Spike thought to himself, recalling the many nights he had been with Angelus on sheets just like those...sometimes willingly, sometimes not. Shaking himself out of such thoughts, he turned to head back to the living room, only to freeze where he was and draw in an unnecessary breathe.

By the elevator stood his sire, his arm propped casually against the frame of the door, watching Spike with an amused, and somewhat dangerous smile on his face. Spike stared back, noticing Angel’s attire. Rather than his usual dark sweaters and black slacks, he was wearing a deep royal blue velvet shirt with the top three buttons open, and tight black leather pants. It was the belt that caught Spikes attention. He had never seen the souled version of his sire wear it...but vividly remembered his sire wearing it during his brief return two years earlier. It was the thick black leather belt with the large, antique silver belt buckle. Looking up into Angel’s eyes, he realized two things. First, that this was definitely *not* the soul-having sire he’d been expecting. Second, that he was fucked.


Chapter 3

Spike shook himself out of his thoughts when he heard Angelus speaking.

“Well, well, well…lookie here. I certainly wasn’t expecting to find you here Spike. Did you miss me? Aw, I’m touched, really. Now why don’t you tell me why you are here, walking around my apartment like you own the place, hmm?” As he was speaking, Angelus had begun walking, stalking more like it, across the living room. When he stopped he was only a few feet away from Spike.

“Well what the fuck happened to you, did you go and get yourself laid again…I didn’t see you around Sunnyhell, so I’m assuming it wasn’t the Slayer’s fault this time was it, you lucky prick?” Spike had recovered from his initial shock of seeing Angelus. There was going to have to be a slight change in his original plans, but this could still work out to be interesting, if he played his cards right. He just needed to stay on the good side of his sire, for now atleast.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t have a fucking clue what happened, Spikie. But I’ve decided not to look a gift witch in the mouth, so to speak. Now, why don’t we get back to you telling me why you’re here? I don’t think I’ve heard that story from you yet. It’s not that I’m not pleased, in a manner of speaking, to see you, it’s just that I don’t recall you hanging around so much when I was all ‘soul-having’ as you would put it.” Angelus quirked an eyebrow, waiting to hear Spikes explanation for his presence in LA, and more specifically, Angel’s home.

“Well, I was sittin around Sunnyhell, bored out of my bloody mind, you know how I get, and I figured it might be a bit of fun to come and irritate you a bit…or rather, your ‘other half”. I see that my plans have been shot to hell now, but I don’t think I could have picked a better time to show up, do you?” Spike was carefully concealing his feelings from his sire, hoping to get out of LA as soon as he could.

If you had told him a century ago that he would be avoiding his sire like the sunlight, Spike would have laughed in your face. At that point in time, and since Spike had been turned, he and his sire had been very close. It had gone beyond just a sire/childe type of relationship they had. Spike cared very deeply for his sire…his lover. Spike had an unnatural capacity for caring and even for loving, one that was not found in your typical, run of the mill vampire. Then again, Spike had never been typical or run of the mill. Spike knew that on some level his sire returned those feelings. Although not in the same capacity as Spike, Angelus had cared a great deal for his favorite childe, taking immense care in teaching and molding him. Angelus was always there when Spike needed him; always there to bail him out of the many spots of trouble he seemed to get himself into. His sire taught him well in the ways of maiming, killing and torturing. But if ever there was a situation Spike couldn’t get himself out of, there was his sire, ready to kill anyone who dared to hurt his childe. But that had been a long time ago, before those damned gypsies had given him his soul back.

During the time when the soul was removed, Spike learned that the Angelus he’d known and loved was gone. In his place was a bitter, infuriated version of his sire…consumed with thoughts of revenge and torture for the Slayer. 80 plus years of being trapped in that body with Angel’s soul had taken away any caring Angelus had previously had for both of his children, not only Spike but Druscilla as well. It seemed as though he was trying to make up for all the years he had been denied his nature. Showing any sign of caring for either of them served only to remind him of Angel and his caring of the Slayer and her damned ‘Scooby gang’. It was like he was trying to reinforce his strength, his power as Master, to combat the weak, pathetic thing he had been for the past several decades. He did that through his ‘power’, his command over the current Masters, who just happened to be his children. It had hurt Spike deeply that his sire no longer desired or cared for him. It only added insult to injury that Angelus had purposely taken Dru away from him and used it to torment Spike.

Not to mention that Spike was sure Angelus had not forgotten his Childe's role in his failed attempt to activate Acathla. The last thing Spike needed right now was to be stuck with a pissed off Angelus.

“No, I suppose you couldn’t have, could you? I have to say, I was quite proud of the little show you put on last time you were here. Hurt me like a motherfucker, you did. But then, you seem to get off on that lately, don’t you? I don’t think I ever had a chance to, well, ‘thank you’ for that little Acathla incident, did I? Well, you know what they say, no time like the present…”


**Big Fighty Fight Here**


Spike growled low in his throat, thinking wildly for a way to get out of his current position. Angelus had him pinned face down on the bed, holding Spikes hands firmly behind his back while straddling his legs. Spike bucked his hips, trying in vain to dislodge his sire. Angelus chuckled, amused at his Childe's meager attempts to free himself; he had him trapped and they both knew it.

Spikes nostrils flared as his sire leaned down and slowly ran his tongue around the outer edges of Spikes ear. Angelus continued to torment Spike, placing fleeting licks and nips along his ears and the back of his neck. Spike lay perfectly still, not wanting to relay any of his emotions to his sire. Frankly, Spike didn’t know what he was feeling right now. He was battling feelings of both anger and lust. Anger at the memory of how his sire had treated him two years ago and lust at the feeling of his sire nuzzling his neck, causing Spike to flash yet again back to the happier times with Angelus. Upon Angelus’ return to the fold Spike had hoped to, longed to, return to the days of olde. Beneath the bitterness and hate he felt for his sire were feelings of intense pain and hurt that his sire could treat him so cruelly, with such insouciance. There were also those feelings of love, which try as he might, he could only bury very deeply…never full getting rid of them.

Spike was abruptly torn from his reverie as Angelus flipped him over onto his back. He now lay beneath his sire, his hands still trapped, only now above his head, held there by one of Angelus’ hands. Angelus still straddled his waist, now with his growing erection rubbing against Spikes own. Spike opened his eyes, unknowingly having clenched them shut, for he knew that the moment he looked into his sire’s eyes, he could no longer deny his feelings…whether they were feelings of hate or lust.

“Tsk tsk tsk…still can’t hide from me, can you Spikey boy? To think, that after all this time all it takes is a punch here and a kiss there to get you all riled up. What’s it going to be Spike? You didn’t really think I’d let you get away with everything you’ve done, did you? I mean, come on now, you may have been, may still even be, my favorite childe…but there are limits Spike…and you’ve crossed them. Now, we can do this the nice easy way, or we can do it the hard way. It really doesn’t matter to me, I win either way. It’s all up to you.” Angelus had leaned over Spike while he was speaking, stopping only when their faces were mere inches away from each other. Angelus waited for Spikes reply, but the only answer he got was the steady twitching of the muscles in Spikes jaw. Looking deep into his Childe's eyes, he decided to up the ante.

“Come on Spike…it’s so easy, you know what you have to do. You remember how it used to be, don’t you. It could be that way again, if you wanted it. It doesn’t have to be so full of hate, anger. It wasn’t like that before…I know you remember. How could you forget all those long, passionate nights we spent together? I may not be the same man I was then, Spike, but I still remember those feelings. I haven’t forgotten either…” Angelus let his voice drift off into a husky whisper, knowing exactly how to play his childe. Angelus wasn’t stupid, he knew exactly what he was doing, and he was enjoying himself. He didn’t have to make it good for Spike, he could do whatever he pleased with his childe. Nevertheless, there was some small part of him, some lasting remnant of the old Angelus who wanted to see his childe receive some small measure of pleasure out of this. The bottom line was that Angelus was showing Spike his place, reminding him of who was the dominant one here…but it didn’t *have* to be unpleasant. Spike knew that, it was merely a matter of his pride, his pride that was keeping him from doing the one thing he knew could not only make this easier on him, but offer him pleasure as well.

Spike remained silent, his eyes betraying no sign of even hearing Angelus’ words, except for a slight, almost imperceptible darkening. Angelus knew better though, knew by the fevered twitching in Spikes jaw served as proof that his childe was wearing down under his assault. He decided to end this game.

“Spike, my childe…my lover…give it to me. Say it…” Angelus’ voice trailed off as he leaned further down, running his tongue slowly along Spikes cheek, dragging it softly along the outer edges of his childes lips, tracing them with only the very tip of his tongue. With a slight nip at Spikes bottom lip, Angelus whispered once more, “Tell me Spike…what am I? Who am I? Who’s your Daddy, Spike?” Angelus growled slightly on his last words, biting shallowly into the tender spot beneath Spikes ear.

Spike roared his surrender, sent over the edge by the gentleness of his sire, the torment of the memories surrounding him, craving the feelings he knew only his sire could deliver.

“YOU!!! You are all of that, you are my sire, my teacher, my lover…my master,” Spike’s pride caused him to choke on the last of his words, but he said them anyway, knowing it was the only way he was going to get what he desired more than anything else in the world.

As soon as the words were out of Spikes mouth, Angelus covered it with his own, forcing past Spike’s lips. Their tongues tangled, fighting for domination of the kiss. Spike soon surrendered, knowing it was what his sire expected. Angelus plundered his mouth with his tongue, sweeping hungrily across the roof of his childes mouth, caressing it with his tongue. Spike felt his sires fangs slice over his tongue and briefly tasted his own blood before Angelus began to suckle gently on his tongue.

Snarling slightly, Spike freed his hands from Angelus’ grip, moving them swiftly to the front of his sire’s shirt. Fumbling briefly with the buttons, he managed to get them undone and pushed the material down Angelus’s arms, yanking it free of his wrists. When he was finished he felt his sire’s hands at the bottom of his shirt, tugging upwards and Spike broke free of the kiss, allowing his shirt to be pulled over his head. With of them divested of their shirts, the kissing began again with renewed fervor. Angelus dipped his head lower, kissing and nipping his way down and across Spikes throat, pausing now and then to pay special attention to a particularly sensitive spot. He traveled his way across the expanse of Spikes well-muscled, narrow chest. He paused when he came to his Childe's small, dark nipples, first trailing lightly over each one of the dark areolas, laving the area with his tongue before sucking the taut bud into his mouth. He chuckled at Spikes low groan of pleasure. Making his was back to Spikes mouth, Angelus once again plundered it with unrestrained passion, raising his hands to tangle in Spikes hair, holding him tightly in place. Angelus shuddered when he felt Spikes hand cupping him through the leather of his pants, gripping him gently at first and then with growing intensity. Spike swiftly had his sire’s pants undone and gained the leverage he needed to push them over Angelus’s hips. Angelus broke the kiss again, standing to quickly rid himself of his remaining clothing.

When his was finished he ordered Spike to do the same, while he sat back on the bed and watched him with barely concealed passion. As Spike stepped out of his jeans, Angelus laid back on the bed. Spike took the opportunity, the invitation, to crawl over his sire. Returning the treatment he had been given only moments before, Spike began licking a path across Angelus’s neck, nipping gently in some places, harder in others. Working his way down Angelus’s chest, Spike paused to swirl his tongue swiftly around his nipples before gently biting down. Spike felt Angelus’s body tense and Spike drew the insulted bud into his mouth, suckling harshly before worrying it with his tongue. Breaking his attention away from Angelus’s chest, Spike trailed his tongue still lower and swirled it once around his navel before continuing on his downward path. Spike temporarily skipped over Angelus’s genitals, choosing instead to focus on his sire’s sensitive inner thighs. Placing increasingly harsh kisses and nips all along the pale skin along Angelus’s thighs, Spike was acutely aware of the unrelenting passion growing inside him with every passing second. His cock was throbbing beneath him, pulsating with intense sexual need, the likes of which Spike hadn’t felt in years. Having had enough of these games, Spike moved up slightly, positioning himself snuggly between Angelus’s legs. Glancing up once at his sire’s face, he smiled at the sight of him lying before him, eyes tightly shut. Spike lowered his eyes focusing on the throbbing, swollen cock beneath him. Dipping his head, he slowly placed one long lick along its length. Reaching one of his hands between their bodies, he cupped Angelus’s sack in his hand, rolling it gently, he caressed him with his fingers. Spike drug his tongue along the bottom of the head before engulfing it in his mouth. Setting a rhythm, Spike soon took all of his sire into his mouth, stroking and suckling him.

Angelus was on fire, felt like he was burning alive from the inside out. He had forgotten how well his Childe knew his body…his likes and dislikes. When he’s returned to the fold, he hadn’t been too interested in Spikes wants or needs, merely using him as his own little fuck toy. It had been so very long since they had been together in any other manner, Angelus had forgotten. Forgotten that Spike knew intimately every hidden erogenous zone on his body, every secret spot that sent him spiraling into an abyss of pleasure. Roughly grabbing a hold of Spikes arms, Angelus pulled him up, kissing him brutally before rolling him over onto his stomach. Reaching for the tube of lubricant Angel had kept in his nightstand, he was thankful that his counterpart still had a healthy sex drive, even if it was with himself.

Opening the tube and applying some generously to his throbbing cock, Angelus took the remainder and thoroughly coated his fingers before bringing his hands to rest on the pale, taunt globes of Spikes ass. Prying them apart with his thumb, Angelus circled a finger around the puckered opening before thrusting first one, then two fingers in. Moving them slowly around, Angelus prepared his Childe for him. Adding a third finger, Angelus began to thrust them in and out more quickly, his own need growing at the sound of Spikes moans of pleasure. Withdrawing his fingers, Angelus circled his hand around the cool steel head of his cock, guiding it toward the opening his fingers had just vacated. Pushing forward slightly, he felt the tip enter and lost all control, thrusting forward and sheathing himself completely in Spike. He felt his Childe's walls clench around him, adjusting to his intrusion. Angelus reached under him and began stroking Spikes rock hard shaft, each stroke growing more and more furious, until he knew Spike was ready and he began to slowly thrust in and out of Spikes tight passage. Groaning deeply, Angelus pushed Spike down until he was nearly flat on the bed and lowered him until he was almost flush against him. Using his hands for leverage, he placed them on top of Spikes and began to thrust furiously into him. He couldn’t hold back any long, the feeling of Spike tight wet passage engulfing him was too much for him to handle, it had been so long. Pounding ruthlessly into the body beneath him, Angelus again moved his hand under Spikes body and began stoking him once again.

As Angelus began to feel his sac tighten, he stroked his Childe more fervently. Circling his fingers around the under part of the head, he felt Spikes cock stiffen and knew he was close as well. Increasing his thrusts, he pounded into Spike a few more times before leaning over and biting into his shoulder, exploding into an orgasm so violent he saw nothing but red behind his closed eyelids and an animalistic cry was wretched from his chest.

Beneath him, Spike felt his sire fill him with his cool seed and felt his fangs pierce his shoulder and he was sent hurtling over the edge into oblivion, where nothing existed but the fierce throbbing and pulsing of his cock and that of his sires. He was vaguely aware of his sire collapsing on top of him, but did not move, could not move. After what seemed like an eternity he felt his sire shift and was pulled along with him. As his sire moved to lay at the top of the bed, Spike was shocked to realize Angelus wanted him to sleep next to him. Looking into his sires eyes, he knew he was looking into the eyes of the sire he’d lost so long ago, not the one who had tortured him so ruthlessly just a few short years before. As Spike drifted to sleep, feeling safe and secure in his sire’s arms, he didn’t hear the whispered pledge of his sire.

“Never again my boy, never again will I leave you. You are mine…now and forever.” With that said, Angelus allowed himself to join Spike in sleep.



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