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By Emmangel

Disclaimer: Angel and Willow etc do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and the WB. All characters are used without permission. No copyright infringement intended. Goldilocks belongs to whoever owns it.

Part two of the Heart and...Demon Series.   < > Indicates thoughts.

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It was a cold dark night in Sunnydale. The streets were deserted for all but one solitary figure in the distance.

Willow looked up at the sky knowing that it would soon be sunrise and that she needed to get inside. Spotting a nearby building Willow quickly hurried towards it.

As Willow approached the building she read the old worn-down sign at the driveway.

The Palace Hotel, all are welcome.

<Well at least I don't have to worry about getting into the place. > Willow thought as she used her vamipric strength to break through the locked door.

As Willow entered the building she immediately sensed the presence of three humans, even though their heartbeats were weak. Following the sound, Willow entered a small dark room that smelled faintly of blood. Pushing down the urge to change into her game face at the smell, Willow walked into the room and through the darkness could make out the forms of three humans. Moving over to the wall Willow found a light switch and after turning it on Willow turned to face the three humans. All three of them were suspended above the ground by their hands and were gagged. Taking a closer look, Willow noticed their torn and dirty clothes and the various cuts and bruises that covered them.

< Vampires. > Willow thought with a smile at the sight of twin bite marks on their necks.

< This could be fun. > Willow though to herself as she walked closer to them. < And I am a little hungry, so I might as well have a snack while I'm here. >

Sliding into her game face, Willow walked up to the first human and looked at him. He was the most injured of them all and hung unconscious. < Barely enough for one.... > Willow though absentmindedly and moved on to the next human. Looking her over, Willow ignored the look of fear on her face and slowly circled her. Noticing the multiple bite marks on her neck Willow decided to pass her up and moved on to the next victim. Despite all the various gashes on his body the man appeared to be the healthiest of all the humans. Reaching up Willow released him and watched as he fell lifelessly to the floor, his legs unable to support him.

Reaching down Willow yanked him up and turned him to face her. Smiling at the look of pure fear on his face Willow gave him a cruel smile. Ignoring the pleas for his life, Willow yanked his neck to one side and sunk her fangs into him.

Finishing her meal, Willow cast the body aside and watched it drop carelessly to the ground.

Deciding to take a look round the house and for somewhere to sleep Willow, turned the light off and left the room, ignoring the horrified screams that followed her.

After taking a look around the lower level of the house and not finding anything to her interest, Willow decided to head upstairs and see what she could find.

After searching through various rooms and finding nothing to fascinate her, Willow opened the next door with little interest. That however soon changed. For inside this room were three closets. Looking in the first one Willow found an assortment of long dresses in turn of the century design.

<Hmm dresses, how quaint. > Willow thought to herself as she looked down at her own clothes comprising of a short leather skirt and tight blood red shirt.

Shutting the closet, Willow moved onto the next one. Opening it, Willow looked in to find an assortment of black jeans, red shirts and black dusters.

<Nice, > Willow thought <but kind of repetitive. >

Moving on Willow stood in front of the last closet. Not expecting to find anything to interest her, Willow opened the door lazily and stepped into heaven, for straight ahead of her had to be the largest collection of leather pants she had ever seen. Taking in the rest of the contents Willow found herself surrounded by velvet and silk shirts of every colour, leather jackets, big belt buckles and even more leather pants.

Suddenly Willow had the overwhelming urge to touch the closet's contents. Closing her eyes Willow slowly extending her hand out until she came in contact with the material. Opening her eyes Willow ran her hand appreciately over the leather before moving on to examine the rest.

<Hmm, someone with the same tastes as me.... Could be fun. > Willow thought with a smile.

Twenty minutes later Willow shut the closet door and walked out of the room wearing one of the silk shirts she had found. She hadn't intended to wear it but it was as if the shirt had called out to her, and not being one to argue with such Willow had happily swapped clothes.

Spotting yet another staircase, Willow walked up the flight of stairs and came to face yet another three doors.

Opening the first door Willow walked into a bedroom. Taking a look around Willow noticed a collection of CD's on a nearby shelf. <Rock, heavy metal, spice girls....spice girls!? Okay, time to leave. > Willow thought, quickly exiting the room.

Deciding that some things were best left alone, Willow opened up the second door. Walking inside Willow noticed one of the dresses she had seen before, hanging in a corner next to a collection of porcelain dolls. <A little girls room, lovely. > Willow thought with distaste as she left the room.

Deciding that she may as well look inside the third room, Willow opened the door and froze. Regaining her senses, Willow walked into the room and took in her surroundings.

<Pretty. >

In the middle of the room was a king size bed covered with black satin sheets. Running her fingers appreciatively over the material, Willow focused her attention on what was on the walls around her.

For covering the walls were various instrument of torture...or pleasure, depending on your tastes.

Walking around the room, Willow stifled a yawn and took in all the toys that hung on the walls. There was everything from a chainsaw to handcuffs and whips. <Kinky. >

Deciding that she better go and find a place to spend the day with out being found, Willow started to leave the room when she stopped. Turning around, it was as if the bed were reaching out to her. It looked so comfy and soft that[,] without realising it, Willow found herself walking back over to it and pulling the cool silk back. As Willow began to realise just how tired she was, she could see no harm in taking a quick nap. Removing her constricting leather skirt, Willow was left only in the shirt she had borrowed. Before she knew what was happening, Willow found herself fast asleep in bed.

1 hour later...

It was just minutes before sunrise and all of a sudden three very wet vampires came running through the door.

"Well, I hope your happy Spike. Because of Ms Loony Tunes there we all almost got dusted!" Angelus yelled angrily.

"Hey, I wasn't my fault. You're the one who lost her in the first place!"

"Hey, she isn't my girlfriend, it's not my job to take care of her! The only reason I'm putting up with living with you guys in this god forsaken place is because the rent's low!"

"Angelus, shut up, she's going to hear you!" he said, looking over at Dru who was dancing in circles to a song only she could here.

"Like I care. I'm hungry, I'm wet and I'm tired okay!"

"Well fine. I guess we're all a little hungry. Let's go get something to eat." Spike said.

"Okay, but the next time she gets lost don't expect me to go looking for her. You can both get turned into ashes for all I care!"

"Fine, I know I won't be shedding any tears if it means I don't have to put up with you anymore!"

"Whatever." Angelus mumbled as Spike gathered Dru up.

They all headed down the hall, and into the room where they kept their leftovers. Turning the light on, Dru and Spike went over to the meals and began to feed while Angelus stared at the spot where his should have been. Lowering his eyes to the floor, Angelus found the remains of his meal.

"Okay, which one of you ate my meal!" Angelus asked angrily.

Pulling away from the now dead body in his arms, Spike looked over at Angelus.

"Well it bloody hell wasn't one of us okay." He said impatiently as he walked over to Dru.

"Oh yeah, how do you know it wasn't her huh?"

"Because she said he was all icky and she didn't like him okay! You know how picky she can be. Look, he probably just got loose and died from the lack of food and blood. Get over it."

Growling at them, Angelus turned on his heel and stalked out of the room.

"I'm going to go and get changed before this day turns into a total disaster!"

As Angelus walked up the stairs and headed towards his closet, he wondered what had killed his meal. There was something on him...a smell. He just couldn't figure out what it was.

Opening the doors to his closet, Angelus removed his clothes and went to pick out something to wear when he stopped. Someone had been looking around, and had a good time too by the look of it. Suddenly noticing something out of the corner off his eye, Angelus reached down and picked up what appeared to be a woman's shirt.

<Hmm, it doesn't look like something Dru would wear. > Angelus thought to himself as he examined it more closely. Suddenly he picked up the same scent on it as he had on his meal.

<Someone *has* been in here and been taking a look around> Angelus realised.

He was just about to leave and find the intruder when he realised that he still had no clothes on. Quickly pulling on a pair of silk boxers he left the room, his game face sliding into place. As Angelus walked by his bedroom to begin his search, he suddenly caught a trace of the smell again, a mixture of lavender and death emanating from his room.

Slowly opening the door, Angelus walked in and stopped dead. There, lying in the middle of his bed asleep, was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, who also happened to be wearing one of his shirts.

Walking up to the bed, Angelus quietly sat down beside her and reached his hand out to touch her face.

<She's cold. > He realised to himself as he reached to check her pulse.

<She's dead! > He thought when he found none. Sighing in disappointment, Angelus was about to get up and walk away when he noticed her shift in his bed.

<She's a vampire! > He realised, wondering why he hadn't realised earlier. Remembering that she must have been the one that ate his food, he moved away from her and growled fiercely.

Willow was suddenly awoken by the sound of a very angry growl coming from nearby. Slowly opening her eyes, Willow came face to face with one very angry vampire, one very angry gorgeous vampire.

Ignoring his threatening posture she smiled up at him. "Oh, silk again. Very nice." Willow said as she took in his boxers.

"What?" Angelus said, confused that she wasn't scared of him.

"I said you're wearing silk, you have good taste." She said sitting up, letting him get a better view of her.

"Don't try and distract me, you ate my meal and I intend to make you suffer."

"Oh, I'm sorry about that." Willow said. "But I was so hungry, and there were two more in there."

"Yes, but they weren't mine. And who said you could wear my shirt!" Angelus said angrily.

"Don't you like?" Willow said running her fingers down the material.

"Don't change the subject little girl." Angelus threatened.

"But you didn't answer me." Willow said pouting.

Angelus looked at her at a loss for words, she seemed to be doing a very good job of distracting him.

"What's you name?" Willow said crawling over to him.


"Angelus, hmm..Pretty...Scary." she said straddling his lap. "I'm Willow."

"Ni..nice." Angelus replied, forgetting what he was talking about as she started to suck on his neck.

Trying to regain control of the situation Angel pulled Willow away and growled at her. "Stop that!"

"But you don't want me to." Willow said looking at the vampire before her.

"Yes...yes I do." Angelus said.

"No, you don't." and with that Willow leaned down and kissed Angelus.

After resisting at first, Angelus started to return the kiss, giving up any idea of killing her for what she had done.

<This could be far more fun instead. > Those, however, were his last thoughts before Willow pressed her body firmly against his and started to kiss her way down his chest.

Realising that he may not be in for such a bad day after all, Angelus grabbed hold of Willow and flipped them over so he was on top of her and stared down at her.

"So you want to play, do you?" he asked her seductively.

"Uh huh." She said, nodding her head as her hands rested on his hips.

"Well then, who am I to say no?" And with that Angelus leaned down and pulled Willow into a punishing kiss, knowing that he was bound to enjoy what was to come next.

The End



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