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Part 5

"You will submit to me," was growled out through clenched teeth. The words echoed through the chamber, pulling in the others who watched the unfolding drama. Then right before his lips claimed hers for a third time, he whispered for her alone, "Need me."

His demand this time was clear. He sought entrance to her mouth, and bewildered and confused, she opened her lips to his questing tongue.

She was drowning. There was no other way to explain the maelstrom of thoughts and feelings that threatened to pull her under as Spike tightened his hold on her and deepened the kiss.

Feeling the waves closing over her head she reached out for something to save herself. Then over the roaring in her ears she heard the sharp rattle of chains. Buffy! Buffy, became the anchor she latched onto. Her mind had something to focus on now. This was for Buffy. Everything she'd done, everything she'd endured had been to rescue the Slayer and her Watcher. Holding tight to that thought, she found the strength to tear her lips away from Spike's.

Forcing her eyes open, she looked over Spike's shoulder into Buffy's horror-filled eyes. Willow had no idea what Buffy saw in reflected her face but whatever it was, it the sent the bound Slayer surging against her chains. A muted scream of hate rising behind her gag, Buffy twisted in her bonds, the chains swinging together and groaning with the stress of containing a Slayer's unleashed fury.

Seeing the burly vampire guards heading towards her friends, Willow knew she had to do something. They wouldn't kill them, but they would hurt them, especially if Buffy kept fighting them. Willow couldn't stand the thought of her friends being hurt because they were reacting to what Spike was doing to her. What she'd very deliberately, and with malice aforethought, had invited Spike to do to her.

So she did the only thing she could think to do. As she felt Spike's sharp teeth at her throat, she lashed out and kicked him hard in the shins.

He never flinched. Feeling a scream of frustration rise up in her, she finally gave vent to her fear. The scream seemed to release something in her and she came alive in his arms like a wild thing, struggling, screaming and clawing at him, as she fought to free herself.

As she struck in out in her panic, Spike finally pulled back from her and released his hold on her arms so that she dropped to the floor. The unexpected release didn't give her enough time to shift her weight and she came down hard on her twisted ankle. The sudden pain stilled her fight. Silent tears running down her face she caught Spike's eyes, just inches from her own. Surprisingly enough, she thought she saw the man looking out at her through those demon yellow gaze.

Flicking her eyes back over his shoulder at the screaming Buffy, she mouthed "Please."

The word seemed to tip the balance of some internal battle he was waging and he swung her around so that she stood pined against his side, facing the crowded room.

Avoiding the corner where a nearly unconscious Buffy now hung in her chains, Willow dropped down to her knees as Spike released his hold on her.

"Enough!" he roared. Even though this was not his band, the note of command in his voice stilling everyone in the room.

The silence hung for a moment, broken only by Buffy's harsh breathing and Giles' moans of pain. Stalking over to where the Slayer hung, Spike brought up one finger to run through the trail of bright blood trickling down her arm from where the metal cuffs had bit into her wrists during her struggles. Bringing his blood covered finger to his mouth, he made a show of savoring the taste, sucking on his index finger in a way that made Willow's insides clench in sudden tension.

"Hhmm, exquisite. There is nothing quite like the taste of Slayer's blood. Unless, of course, it is the taste of magic in a witch's blood."

Reaching out, he caught another drop as it slid down Buffy's arm and tasted it, ignoring the warning growls from the two guards standing beside him. Turning, he found Blake seated calmly at the table, as if the little drama that had just played out before him had been a performance just for his amusement.

"Blake, I don't think I'll be going out with you this evening. It seems I have new plans."

Willow felt his heated gaze come back to rest on her crouched form.

"It seems," Spike added with a low chuckle that brought to mind the darkest pits of hell, "that someone is in need of some remedial training. And really, what kind of Master would I be if I let this kind of disobedience slide?"

Blake laughed and rising from his seat, clapped a hand against Spike's shoulder. "Have . . . fun."

"Oh, it'll be a bloody good time, " Spike answered, "At least for one of us."

As Blake called his riled up clan around him for the night's hunt, Spike turned and headed back down the hallway to their room. A clipped command of 'Come', and Willow crawled after him, her face burning bright red at this added humiliation. Clenching her teeth, she dared not look at Buffy or Giles for fear that the guilt at adding to their pain would overwhelm her. The crawl back down the hallway was the longest thrity feet of her life.


His long stride put him at the room long before Willow finished her painful crawl. Spike used those few extra minutes to get firm command of himself once again. He almost had his anger under control when she finally appeared in the doorway. Pulling herself the last few feet, Willow collapsed just within the door.

The sight of her sprawled, shaking at his feet, undid in an instant his careful control. Stepping over her, he slammed the door closed, fixing the deadbolt with a ringing snap.

She raised her head as the door closed behind her. He suddenly wanted to rage at her as she turned those proud green eyes on him. But even more than the rage, he wanted to make her scream. He wanted to hear her scream in pain and he wanted to hear her scream in ecstasy, and he didn't know which one he wanted more.

Take her. Rend her. Ravish her. Destroy her.

He had to get out.

As if Willow sensed his struggle, she stayed quiet on the floor. She made no comments, never moved from her position as he went about ripping the wooden planks from their window. Only when he was about to crawl through did he hear her call to him.


He didn't answer, merely turned a fierce scowl in her direction. She didn't flinch back but met his eyes with steady resolve. She opened her mouth to say something but seemed to think better of it. Raising her hand, she ran her fingers across her forehead and down her nose.

It was the only with her gesture that he realized that he'd never resumed his human face. Shifting his features back to human, he gave her one last look before climbing out the window.

Willow sighed softly as she watched him climb out the window. Only when he was gone did she let herself slump. She was exhausted, hurt, confused and angry. She didn't know who she was anymore. Staring out after Spike's retreating form, she realized she wasn't the only one. It was alarming to learn that even demons could have their own inner conflicts to contend with. Surprisingly enough, the one person she needed to help her explain what was going on, was the person who'd put her in the position to begin with. Damn him.

She stared out the window for a long time until movement out in the hall shook her free of her gaze. She had a charade to maintain, for both of their sakes and for the lives of Buffy and Giles. Now was not the time to fall apart. Pushing herself off the floor, she limped heavily over to the door. Satisfied that the door was securely locked, she picked up their one chair. Holding it above her head she swung it with all her might against the wall. Then right on the heels of that splintering crash, she

In that long, drawn out wail she forced all the terror, anger and hurt that she'd been keeping bottled up within her. The wail trailed off painfully, catching on a sob that she refused to release. She waited. One heart beat, two, then she screamed again. This time the cry was different, lower pitched, but still as echoing as she gave vent to all the conflicting feelings and thoughts that Spike inspired in her.

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