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By Ruby D


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Willow stood in front of the window, staring out through the rain-streaked glass, as a flash of lightning illuminated the late night sky. Awakened by the absence of her warm body, Spike had slipped out of bed to watch her from the hallway.

Lost in thoughts as dreary as the night, she was unaware of the vampire until she felt his strong arms encircle her waist from behind her. Spike lowered his mouth to her ear and hushed her as she stiffened in surprise at his cold touch. She immediately relaxed as he pressed his body close to hers.

"Giles says there are more than one," she said softly. "The guy who grabbed me couldn't have been the one who killed Aaron since he ran the other way when Angel went after him."

He turned her in his arms and looked down at her, "You're safe here, Willow. Neither one of us are going to let you get hurt."

She nodded, "I know. This is the only place I _do_ feel safe anymore. All this time, I thought it was vampires I was supposed to be afraid of. Pretty ironic."

"We don't know why they're after you," he reminded her. "They may be working for someone a lot less human than they are."

"If that's possible," she smiled weakly. "I can't understand why they'd want me, though."

Spike's blue eyes pierced the emerald of hers, and his mouth descended to taste the warmth of her lips. They parted, silently inviting his tongue to delve into the sweet cavern of her mouth. He untied the sash of her robe and slid if off her shoulders. Willow's arms slipped around his neck as he lifted her to carry her to the bedroom. Spike lowered her onto the bed, and Angel's arm curled around her, turning her to rest against his hard chest. Spike slid in beside her and placed soft kisses along her neck as Angel drew her leg over his and captured her clit between his fingers. She shivered between the two vampires as her juices seeped from her core, readying her as Angel slid his cold shaft between her thick folds and inside her soft, wet channel.

Willow moaned, arching into Spike's hand as his fingers gently pinched her nipple, rolling it until it hardened. He braced her against him as Angel began a slow rhythm inside her. Spike's hand replaced Angel's on Willow's slippery clit, and she whimpered and thrust her hips against Angel, driving him harder inside her. The dark vampire nipped and suckled each of her breasts in turn, and Spike swept her fiery hair away from her face to press his lips against her cheek.

Willow closed her eyes as her walls clutched at Angel's shaft. He growled as she milked his seed from him. His fangs pierced her right breast just above the nipple, and she screamed out his name as she succumbed to her orgasm. Angel lapped at the small dots of blood oozing from her wounds and withdrew from her.

Willow's head dropped to the pillow between her two lovers, and Angel kissed her softly, gliding his tongue against hers. He drew her body up to rest against his shoulder and turned her toward Spike. The blonde vampire kissed her forehead, her heavy eyelids, her lips, and he folded an arm around her. He lay close to her, her breasts pressing against his cool, smooth chest, and her back pressed close against Angel. Spike's mouth played over her lips, kissing her gently. He stroked her hair comfortingly until he heard her breath take on the rhythmic pattern of sleep. *** Giles removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose as Willow, flanked by Angel and Spike, entered his library. Xander and Buffy shared a quick glance as the two vampires drew chairs up close to the one in which Willow sat down. The watcher, fully absorbed in the problem at hand, took no notice of Angel's hand curled around Willow's smaller one, or of Spike's hand resting on the redhead's knee.

"So, what have we got?" Willow asked after a brief silence.

"I think we can safely assume this young man--Aaron--wasn't knowingly involved in the effort to abduct you. Buffy checked out his dorm room and spoke with some of his friends."

"He was chasing after three or four different women on campus," Buffy explained. "So I think he wasn't obsessed with you or anything like that. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

"Unless the guy that grabbed you knew Aaron had the hots for you," Xander spoke.

"Which is probably the case," Giles nodded. "They knew he could lure you out of that store. You didn't get a good look at the man, did you?"

"No," Willow shook her head. "He came up behind me. He was wearing a baseball cap, and he had his collar pulled up around his neck. I couldn't see much of his face."

The watcher sighed heavily, "What concerns me is that there is obviously more than one person involved."

"Well, if you've ever seen how many guys knock on her door, you wouldn't think that was so strange," Buffy told him.

Spike tensed, and his fingers gripped Willow's leg.

"Have you dated many of them?" Giles asked Willow.

"No--ow! Spike!" she gasped, placing her hand over his and prying his fingers away from her thigh.

"Sorry, luv," he mumbled, lacing his fingers through hers.

Willow consciously ignored the grin on the slayer's face and continued, "I'd only gone out with a couple of them, and we always went some place public, but I hadn't even come close to a serious relationship with any of them."

"I don't think we're looking for an obsessed stalker," Giles told them. "I haven't found anything concrete in my research, yet, but I think these people are after Willow for a different reason. That man outside the store could have hurt you far worse then he did. He hit your head hard enough to stun you, but he wasn't trying to kill you; he was trying to take you some place."

"Or to someone?" Buffy asked.

"It's very possible," Giles nodded.

"So, where do we start researching?" Willow asked eagerly.

"You don't. We do," Buffy answered.


"Will, no one wants you buried under a mountain of moldy old books until dawn," Xander told her.

"But I'm safe here!"

"Yeah, and then what happens when you have to leave in the wee hours of the morning?" he asked.

"I'll be with these guys!" she argued, gesturing at the two vampires.

"You were with us when that bastard grabbed you," Angel pointed out.


"You're safer at home," Spike told her.

"Then we're all in agreement," Giles said, trying not to grin at Willow's disgruntled expression.

"No, we're not!" she protested. "I want to--"

"Great," the slayer smiled as if Willow hadn't spoken. "I'll stop by the apartment tomorrow and fill you in."

"But--hey!" she squealed as Spike and Angel each latched onto an arm and pulled her up out of the chair.

"Night-night," Buffy giggled and waggled her fingers as the vampires literally carried the squirming redhead out of the room. *** Willow was still sputtering the next morning about being unceremoniously dragged out of Giles' library by her two lovers.

"Here," Spike grinned, ignoring her latest tirade, and pressed a cup of coffee into her hands.

She glowered up at him, and he chuckled and bent to place a long hard kiss on her lips.

"You could at least fight fair," she grumbled breathlessly when he at last pulled away.

"I'd rather fight to win," he replied, trapping her in his arms and ravishing her mouth once again.

The cup of coffee still clutched in her hand was quickly forgotten as her lips responded with an equally intense assault on Spike's mouth. Angel drifted out of the hallway and observed the heated kiss for a long moment.

"You trying to suck that coffee straight out of the cup, up through her arm, and out her mouth?" he finally asked Spike.

"What coffee?" Willow's dazed voice murmured, her reddened lips still brushing against Spike's.

Angel laughed and shook his head before leaving them to go take a shower.

"Still angry, pet?" Spike asked, staring into her eyes.

"I'm getting over it," she grinned.

"Good," he nodded and pressed his lips to hers.

He backed up her until her knees hit the sofa. Taking the cup from her hand, he set it on the table beside the sofa and ran his hands up under her skirt. She moaned against his mouth as he hooked his thumbs around the waistband of her panties and dragged them off of her. Her skirt soon met the same fate, and Spike's hand cupped her sex as he thrust a finger inside her dripping channel. His cock swelled painfully at the scent of her arousal. Her trembling hands fumbled at his zipper, and he gently pushed them away.

Spike tugged her sweater over her head and stepped back to discard his own clothes. He pushed her down onto the sofa and ripped open the clasp on her bra. His mouth nibbled hungrily at her breasts as he lowered himself down on her, and Willow wrapped her legs around him. He positioned himself at her entrance and brushed his cock along the length of her slit.

She whimpered impatiently under him, and he sucked at her lip, grazing it gently with his teeth as he plunged into her. Their mouths and hands traveled over each other as their bodies moved together in a frenzied rhythm. Spike brought Willow to the edge and kept her there until she cried out in frustration. Spike's fingers found her clit and pinched it, and she screamed as he shot his seed deep within her. He rolled over, pulling her with him, and held her trembling body tight to him until she slowly relaxed in his arms.

"Still angry?" he whispered, nipping at her earlobe.

"About what?" she murmured.

He laughed softly and cradled her head in his hand, and she kissed his chest before snuggling down against him.


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