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By Emmangel

Disclaimer: Angel, Willow and co. do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and the WB. All characters are used without permission. No copyright infringement intended.

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Willow sat in a chair next to the window, watching as the streetlights turned on for the evening.

After they had woken up later in the evening last night, Angelus had gone to great lengths to make sure Willow forgave him for his earlier outburst, and Willow had defiantly enjoyed it.

Lost in her own thoughts she didn't hear Angelus approach her from behind.

Crouching down behind her, he he reached out and touched her arm, jolting her out of her thoughts.

Turning to face him she smiled and gently kissed him on the lips.


"Hey, yourself. What were you thinking so hard about?" he said as he absentmindedly stroked her hair.

"Oh, nothing really. Just thinking about last night and trying to remember what my life was like before."

"Before?" he said.

"Before you."

"I know, I've been thinking the same thing."

"Well, that doesn't really matter now does it." She said as she stood up, drawing him with her.

"Not in my mind." He said as he pulled her to him.

"It's stopped raining." She said as she looked out the window.

"Yep, I almost wish it hadn't."


"Well, if it hadn't been raining two nights ago you would have never come in here for cover, and I would of never found you in my bed and things would be very different now." Angelus said.

"I know." She said rested her head on his chest.

After a few moments Angelus pulled away from Willow and started laughing to himself.

"Angelus?" Willow asked.

"Oh, I'm sorry Willow. I didn't mean to-"

"Why did you start to laugh?" she interrupted him.

"It's…its just if only Spike could see me now."


"One of my children I share this place with. I always used to taunt him about being so sappy and soft when it came to his feeling for Dru and espically how how he acted around her. And here I am doing the exact same thing with you."

"Well," Willow said as she whispered in his ear, "I won't tell if you won't."

"A secret huh?"

"Yep, just ours."

"I like that idea. Look, It's dark outside now, why don't we go out and get something to eat?"

"Sounds good to me, I am a little hungry. But theres a problem."

"What's that?" he asked.

"What are we going to wear?" Willow said, gesturing to their naked bodies. "We're at the other end of the building from you're bedroom and all your fledglings are probably walking about."


"Add the fact that you have no clothes and all I have that's wearable is my skirt. Which I can't even find at the moment."

"Ah…good point."

"Uh huh."

"Okay, I'll tell you what. You wait here and I'll go back and get some clothes for us to wear okay."

"Alright, just don't be too long."

"I won't." he said, pressing his lips to hers before heading to the door.

Opening it he said, "remember to lock the door after you. You may be more than capable of handling any fledglings but I don't want any of them getting a look at you. I plan to be the only one with that honor." He said with an appreciative gaze over her body.

Feeling his eyes run over her body, Willow felt herself start to get aroused. Realizing that if they wanted to actually make any process Angelus had to leave now she nodded her head. "Of course I will."

"Okay, I'll be right back."

And with that he was gone. Locking the door shut after him, Willow sat back down and waited for his return.


Angelus had just finished getting himself dressed and was trying to find something suitable for Willow to wear when he felt a pair of eyes on him.

Turning around he found Spike lounging against the doorframe, watching him.

"What do you want?"

"What, no hello? Now is that any way to treat your childe?" Spike said.

"Spike, leave me alone." Angelus warned. He normally had little patience for him, but he had even less today, anxious to get back to Willow.

"What? But I was…concerned about you. Me and Dru haven't seen you in day or two, and just wanted to make sure you weren't a pile of ash."

"Oh, I'm sure you would have loved that." Angelus said.

"Well, one can always hope."

"Well, sorry to disappoint you. Look, now you know I'm still here why don't you go away. I'm busy."

"Busy? With what?"

"None of your damn business!"

"Fine," Spike said, annoyed that Angelus wouldn't tell him what was going on, "I'm going now anyway, me and Dru are going out for a snack. Later."

Not waiting to watch him leave, Angelus went back to looking through his clothes until he dug up a a pair of tight leather pants a shirt that had shrunk in the dryer one time. While it too tight for him but would probably be okay for Willow.

Gathering them up along with Willow's boots, he headed back to her.


At hearing her name being called Willow walked to the door and found the voice to be Angelus'. Opening it, she let him in and walked over to the bed.

"Here, I found these, they should be okay for now. We can go and get something better for you tonight."

"Thanks," she said taking them. "What took you so long?"

"Spike came in and wouldn't leave. He wanted to know where I'd been the past few days."

"Did you tell him?" she said as she slipped the clothes on.

"No, I want to keep you to myself a little longer before I let them know about you. Besides, I enjoy winding Spike up."

"I bet you do. Well, I'm ready. Lets go." she said as she finished trying up her boot.


As they entered the park, Willow and Angelus were both lost in there own thoughts about the past few days. Angelus couldn't actually believe he had almost let her go. At the time he had felt a need to prove himself, he was a master vampire after all. But he now knew better. Willow herself was as good as a master and what he had earlier regarded as disrespect, he now knew was just her being playful.

Walking towards the center of the park, the walked past a young couple foolish enough to be out at night. Instead of attacking however, they let them go by, both having fed more than enough tonight, and both far to reluctant to move away from each other.

Walking over to a nearby bench, Angelus sat down on it, and motioned for Willow to join him. Instead of sitting next to him however, she chose to straddle his lap, and wrap her arms around his neck.

Wriggling around to try to make her comfortable, she suddenly felt Angelus' hands on her hips, stilling her.


"Don't do that, you're getting me…distracted."

"Angelus, stop being so…. Oh!" she said, her eyes widening as she felt just what had gotten distracted.

"See, I did warn you."

"Well I didn't know you'd get turned on just by me sitting on you" Willow said, moving about a little more.

"Red, I get turned on be just being in the same country as you."

""Hmm, I know the feeling." She said as she bent in to kiss him.

Letting his hands loosen on her hips, he groaned as she stared to rock against him.

Deepening the kiss, Angelus lowered his hands to her ass, pushing her tighter against him, trying to get the contact he desired.

Moving his hands up to her shirt, he reached up and massaged her breast though the thin material, making her arch into his touch.

Breaking the kiss, he raised her arms above her head and slid her shirt over her, and let it drop to the ground. Giving her a quick kiss on the lips, he lowered his head and sucked a nipple into his mouth, causing her to moan.

While working it with his mouth, he roughly pinched the other into hardness with his fingers, eliciting her to whimper low in her throat, both in pleasure and in pain.

Releasing her breasts, their lips met again, ad Willow began to again grind herself into him.

Shifting slightly on the bench, Angelus tried to relive his erection, now pressing tightly against his pants.

Feeling his erecting straining in their confines, Willow decided to take pity on him and reached down between them. Her eyes never leaving his, Willow undid his pants and let his erection spring free. Grabbing it in her hands, Willow started to stroke up and down it's length, causing Angelus to groan.

Noticing at how Angelus thrush towards her when she brushed her thumb over it's head, she released him and ignoring his growl of warning at her stoped actions, she slid down off of him to the ground.

Licking her lips, Willow lowered her head and took the tip of him into her mouth sucking on it for a moment before she withdrew her mouth and swirled her tongue around the tip, causing Angelus to moan deeply.

Smiling at his actions, she worked her way down his length, and worked her way up the other side. Running her tongue over the tip Again, she ran her tongue down the underside and kissed her way back up, noticing how Angelus' moans were increasing. Waiting a moment, she placed a kiss on the head and Angelus thrust his hips up, trying to get her to take him into her mouth.

Taking pity on him, she engulfed his member in one quick motion causing Angelus to cry out in pleasure. Smiling around him at his behavior, Willow began to move her mouth up and down over him, while massaging his balls in her hands.

Glancing up at him, she found him with his head thrown back, moaning loudly at her actions.

Telling he was close to the edge she sped up her actions, the sounds of his desire filling her ears.

Felling his hands leave the bench and move to grip head, he held her to him as he began thrusting his hips towards her.

Feeling him twitch in her mouth, she took all of him in, and squeezed his balls hard, causing him to shout her name out as she emptied himself into her mouth.

Swallowing hungrily, she milked him of every last drop before pulling away and moving to sit down next to him.

Turing his head towards Willow, he could her licking her lips, swallowing the last few remains of his semen, causing Angelus to harden again immediately.

Pulling her to him he kissed her, tasting himself on her lips.

Smelling her arousal, he realized that she still needed release.

Pulling her to her feet with him, her kissed her roughly, as he semi-soft cock came back to life. Reaching between them, he unzipped her pants and pulled them down and off her.

Moving back up her body, he stopped briefly and ran his tongue along her folds, before moving back up her body.

Sitting back down on the bench, he pulled her onto him, and bit lightly into her breast while she rubbed herself against him.

Raising herself off him Willow suddenly slammed herself back down, engulfing his cock in her core.

Lifting herself up again, she slammed back down , moaning as he filled her once again.

Capturing her mouth, Angelus thrust his tongue into it and explored her mouth as Willow bounced up and down on him.

Realizing that neither of them could go on for much longer, Angelus raised his hips up and met her, their bodies grinding against one another.

Not being able to hold on any longer, Angelus reached down between their bodies and twisted her clit in between his fingers, causing her for explode into her orgasm, screaming out his name. The feeling of Willow's walls contracting around him was too much for Angelus and he came as well, shooting his seed into her as he bit hard into her neck, swallowing her blood hungrily as it flowed into his mouth, as she exhausted, collapsed on top of him.

When their orgasms we're over, Angelus withdrew his fangs from her neck, and licked away the last few reaming droplets of blood that had escaped.

Wrapping his arms around her, Angelus let Willow snuggle closer to him as she absently nibbled on his neck.

Deciding to leave her for a few minutes before they got dressed again, Angelus held her close to him and wondered if they were ever going to get Willow her new clothes.


The End



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