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By Emmangel

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"Oh Angelus! I can't believe how beautiful these clothes are!" Willow exclaimed.

"There just clothes Willow. It's you in them that makes them beautiful." Angelus said from his position on the bed.

Turning around to face him, she placed the dress she was holding on a nearby chair and walked over to him.

Stopping in front of him she watched him for a moment, before giving him a wide grin and climbing onto the bed. Crawling over to him, she stopped when she was beside him and lay next to him.

"You don't believe me." He said, not a question, a statement as he ran his hand along her cheek.

Not getting an answer form her he rolled over and pinned her beneath him. "Don't you see how pretty you are?"


"No." Angelus said cutting her off.

"You hair is as red as fire, a face so perfect it looks like it was made of the best porcelain. Lips as red as blood and a body…well I think you know what I think of that already." He said smirking, grinding his body into hers.

Looking up, she met his gaze, and saw the desire that was there and smiled.

Grinning back at her, he leaned down and kissed her.

Opening her mouth instantly for him, she felt Angelus tongue slide into her mouth and she reached out with her own, invading his mouth.

Reaching down between them, Willow came into contact with Angelus erection. Smiling evilly into is mouth, she undid the button and unzipped his pants and snaked her hand inside. Running her finger along him, she smiled as he groaned in is throat and pressed himself closer to her trying to get more contact with her hand.

Wrapping her fingers around him, she removed him from the confines of his trousers and began to slowly pump up and down the length of him.

"Willow…" he warned his mouth breaking away from hers.

"Yes Angelus?" she replied, the picture of innocence.

"You'd better stop that if I were-"

"Stop what? Oh this!" she said as she gave him a quick squeeze. " I would but I don't think that you really want me to Angelus."

"Yes…yes I do Willow now. I want take you with me." He said feeling himself getting closer by the minute.

"You will later." She whispered, her other hand reaching out to touch him also. Bringing her hand up to her face, she looked him in the eye as she raised her finger to her lips and extend her tongue, licking her finger of the pre-cum that was on it, before sucking her finger into her mouth.

Losing himself at what she was going, his head fell down to her shoulder, biting deeply into it as he came, while her hand continued to milk him of every last drop.

Collapsing on top of her, he retracted his fangs and looked up her, seeing her smile at him.

Just as he was about to speak he heard someone clapping from the door.

Both looking towards where the noise had come from they saw someone leaning against the door, a smug look on his face.

"Spike." Angelus hissed, staring at his child. "Outside. Now!"

"Okay, okay, no need to yell."

Getting up from the bed, he zipped he pants pack up and left the room to talk to Spike, shutting the door behind him.

"So that's what has kept you busy for the last few days." Spike smirked.

Grabbing hold of him, Angelus slammed Spike against the wall, a dangerous look in his eyes.

"How dare you enter my room without permission, how dare you look at her without my approval!"

"Hey, someone could have been attacking you. I though it best to check it out."

"Nice try Spike." Angelus said. "But if I were you I wouldn't 'check' on me again got it!?"

Not waiting for an answer, he slammed him against the wall one more time for emphasis, and walked back into his room, locking the door behind him.

Turning around he faced Willow and let out a groan at what he saw.

She was sitting there on his bed, licking her hands clean of cum. Feeling himself harden instantly at the sight, he quickly shed himself of his clothes and joined her on the bed.


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