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By Inell

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Willow sat at the table enjoying the music at the Bronze. Angelus and Spike had to feed, so they had sent her on ahead. She looked over and stiffened. Buffy and Cordelia were on their way over. She really hoped they were gone before Angelus got here.

"What happened?" Cordelia asked, seeing the bruises on Willow's arms.

"I fell" Willow said.

Buffy laughed. "Yeah right. I bet Angelus got bored and decided to play. You're lucky he didn't kill you. That's what he usually does to his human sex toys. He fucks them hard and then discards them."

"Buffy, cool it." Cordelia said, upset at the blonde's attitude.

"What? Like I'm not saying anything you haven't thought."

"What happened to you?" Willow asked curiously. "I mean, I know you were a bitch before I left, but you're even worse now. Maybe I was just too blinded by you to ever see your true face. No wonder Angel went to LA. I can see why he would want to get away from you."

Buffy slapped Willow. "Don't ever talk about Angel. He loved me. You killed him and took him away from me."

She felt herself jerked back, her arm twisted at a painful angle. She looked up into Angel's familiar brown eyes. Anger burned bright.

"I warned you bitch. Angel never loved you. He wanted you. He even liked you at one time, but it was never anything compared to what Willow and I have. He loved her completely. She was his mate. It was never you."

"You're lieing."

"Why would I lie when the truth hurts so much more?" he smiled sinisterly.

Cordelia was scared of Angelus but she had to say something. She hoped he wouldn't kill her. "If you love Willow so much, why does she look like that?"

Angelus looked at the brunette curiously. She had dared to interrupt him. He saw the fear in her eyes but deep down he saw loyalty. To Willow? He looked at his mate and saw the puzzled look on her face.

"That is between Willow and myself."

"No. If you love her, you wouldn't hit her. I don't care what stupid I am Vampire, hear me roar shit you practice. She isn't a vampire. She's my friend....well, she was. I don't like seeing her looking like that. So, if you really love her, find yourself some minion to beat next time. Got it?"

Willow had to smile at Cordelia's outburst. For a few minutes, she had seemed to have forgotten everything that had happened. She thought they were friends. Willow was suddenly glad that she had prevented Angelus from killing the ex-cheerleader.

Angelus fought back a smile. The girl was spunky. And she was defending his lover. He decided to call off the hit on her. He looked at Spike. Spike saw what he was thinking and went to make a few phone calls.

"Nice to know someone cares. If I were you, I'd keep the bitch away from me and mine. I won't be held responsible if you find her in pieces. Now, leave."

Cordelia nodded. She had survived. Surprised, she looked at Willow who had taken her hand. Willow hugged her and whispered, "Thanks. Keep her away. I don't know how much longer I can protect her."

She smiled at the redhead. She didn't agree with her choices, but she seemed happy. Hell, there were worse things than living with Angelus and Spike. They were both major hotties. She pulled Buffy away, glaring at her.

Angelus chuckled as he watched the slayer the leave. "We need to get out of this town. I can't put off the inevitable if she constantly is in our face."

Willow sighed. "I know. I'll talk to Giles tomorrow. Maybe we can speed this whole demon hunt up a few days."

"Good." He looked around the club. "Let's dance." he said, pulling her into his arms and out onto the floor.

END GAME (2/?)

"Please?" Angelus purred, running his hand up Willow's leg.

"No." Willow said, her voice trembling slightly.

" know you want me to." He smiled.

"No I don't." She said, catching her breath as his hand kept sliding higher.

"Yes you do."

"Angelus, stop. I'm not a child. That won't work." Willow said, enjoying the feel of his hands on thighs.

"You do" he said, winking as his hand cupped her wetness.

"Oh..." Willow said as he invaded her.

"Say yes" he whispered as his fingers teased her.

"Nuh.." Willow managed to squeak.

"It could be such fun" he said silkily.

"Oh my..." Willow ignored him concentrating on the tremors that were going through her body.

He smiled as he saw her eyes widen with lust and desire. He kept her right on the edge, never letting her go over.

"Please" he smiled seductively.

Willow felt herself coming, her juices spilling out onto his hand.

She tried to catch her breath, watching as he took his wet finger and licked it clean. She opened her mouth slightly as he brought the other one to her mouth. She watched his eyes darken as she licked her juices from it.

She saw the question in his eyes.

"I told you no." she said, reaching over to run her hand over his hard chest.

"I asked nicely" he almost begged.

"Angelus." her tone was warning.

His eyes closed half way as he felt her small hand on his cock. The warmth almost made him forget what he was asking.

"Red" he managed to say, not liking the look of amusement in her eyes. "Quit that. Will you let me?"

Willow sighed and rolled her eyes. "NO. Geez, after two hundred years you'd think you'd know what that meant."

"Please" he asked one more time.

"Angelus, I am not going to let you torture and kill Buffy. Now, shut up, get your cute ass over here and fuck me. Or do I have to call Spike?"

Angelus frowned at not getting permission to kill the slayer. When he heard her say Spike's name, he smirked. He'd forget about the slayer for the moment. Right now, little miss tease needed a good fucking. He was the perfect man for the job. He moved over her and entered her fully.

She moaned his name, thankful he had forgotten about Buffy. She knew she'd better get him away from Sunnydale soon. If she didn't, she might not be able to protect the slayer. She felt him move over her and decided to worry about that later. Right now, she wanted to enjoy this.

END GAME (3/?)

"We need to get this done." Willow said, trying to make Giles understand.

"I understand. It shouldn't take more than a few days. We know the demon is coming. We just have to find him." Giles replied, oblivious to her distress.

"Giles, Angelus wants to torture Buffy until she is begging to die, then slit her open and let the local vampires have a buffet."

Giles looked up and saw the seriousness in her eyes. "Oh...well, yes, I could see where that might change things. I thought he agreed to play nice."

"That is nice, for Angelus. He doesn't like her attitude." Willow said, smiling at that.

"I'd have to agree with him on that one." Giles muttered. "I think she could use a reality check, though torture and death is a bit extreme."

"Trouble in slayer paradise?" Willow asked, curious.

"Let me just say that this will be the last mission I accompany Buffy on. I'll have you be the first to know that I am leaving Sunnydale. I'm thinking of going back to London."

"Giles! Are you joking?"

"Do I joke Willow?"

"Not usually...thought this might be one of those rare occasions." Willow thought a minute. "What will she do without you?"

"Live long and prosper I'm sure. The council will be sending a replacement."

"Poor Buffy....I hope it isn't Wesley."

"Actually, I'd get a slight thrill knowing she'd be stuck with uptight priss." Giles said, smiling at the thought.

Willow had to laugh. "It would be rather funny."

"Please, Willow. Don't mention this to anyone yet. I'd like to keep it from turning into the latest episode of The World Revolves Around Buffy, if I can."

"Not a problem, G Man" Willow said impishly. "I'll tell Angelus and Spike, of course. They won't mention though."

"Willow...I'd prefer them not knowing and don't call me that."

"Don't worry....I can handle them. They won't tell until you're ready for it to be public knowledge." She looked at Giles seriously. "I can't keep it a secret from him. If he found out that I knew, it might get ugly. I'd rather avoid that if possible." She unknowingly ran her hand over the faint bruise on her arm.

"Of course." Giles said, understanding the girls situation. "Now, why don't we see what we can find out about this demon. I'd like to have you back in Europe by the end of the week."

"Me too. Give me a book" Willow said, reaching for a dusty volume.

END GAME (4/?)

Willow's eyes flew open. She was laying on her stomach and had been deeply asleep moments before. She felt a cold tongue on the bottom of her foot. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. Spike saw her watching and winked.

He slowly licked his way up her body. She sighed and lay her head on the pillow, enjoying the feel of him. He finally made it to the back of her neck after bringing her to an astounding orgasm. He claimed her mouth and kissed her fiercely. She could taste herself on his lips.

"Bout time you woke up" he said, his lower lip thrusting in an exaggerated pout. "I was bored."

She sat up, balancing her head on her elbow. "Poor baby...let mommy make it better." She leaned down and caught his hard erection in her mouth.

She felt his hand move to her head, guiding it down over him. When she felt him about to cum, she was surprised when she felt him pull away from her.

"Not there..." he said smiling. He flipped her onto her back and positioned himself between her legs. She saw the door open and Angelus walked in.

"Playing without me?" He said, smiling as he stripped of his clothes.

"Go away" Spike muttered as he thrust deep into Willow. He heard her gasp as he started a steady rhythm. Not surprised, he felt Angelus move behind him. He tried to conceal his excitement when he felt his sire running his hand over his ass.

"Let's make baby ready for daddy" Angelus whispered, running his hand along Willow's wet slit. He used her juices to lubricate Spike. Soon, Spike was thrusting back to meet his probing fingers.

He pushed them both higher on the bed. He then kneeled behind his favorite childe and slid in to the hilt. Spike jerked his head up and the pleasure. Angelus took advantage of that to bite into his neck. Spike groaned, filling Willow with his cold seed. Willow caught Angelus's eyes as he started to cum. He brought his hand to her face. She licked his finger then began to suck it. She felt Spike's finger rubbing her clit. She bit into Angelus's finger, tasting his blood mixed with her own juices. She came the same time that he did.

Spike lay between them, enjoying their feel. One hot, one cold. Fire and Ice. His lovers. His mates.

END GAME (5/?)

"She doesn't trust me" Angelus said, unaware of the whine in his voice.

Spike fought a smile. "Why would you say that mate? She's shagging you isn't she?"

"Not the same." Angelus said, looking into the dark alley. He and Spike were sitting on the roof of one of Sunnydale's many abandoned buildings.

Spike rolled his eyes. If he'd known that Angelus was wanting to chat, he would have stayed at the hotel. "Why isn't it the same?" he asked, trying not to grimace.

"I see it in her eyes. She wants me. She even loves me still. But she doesn't trust me. It's as though she expects me to go off at any moment and hit her."

"Well, you did it once. Guess I could see where her fear is coming from."

Angelus glared at Spike. "You're not helping."

Spike laughed. "What? Do I look like Oprah? I think not. If you want lies, you're asking the wrong bloke. I tell is as I see it. You fucked up. You beat her because you felt threatened. I can see where she might have issues with that."

"If it were anyone else speaking to me like that, I'd kill you" Angelus said, his eyes glistening in the dark.

Spike just laughed. "Yeah...I feel so threatened now." He just shook his head. "Give her some time. Soon, this whole damn trip will be a memory. A distant memory."

Angelus started to speak when he heard shouting. Curious, he looked down into the alley. He started to smile.

"Well, it looks like the slayer is outnumbered. This could be fun."

Spike looked down and grinned. "Fuck yes. We're gonna see some slayer blood."

They watched the fight unfold. Buffy was alone, fighting off seven vampires. She dusted two, but was soon caught by the remaining ones.

Angelus suddenly groaned. "We have to help her."

"What?" Spike demanded, looking at his sire like he was crazy.

"Willow." Angelus said simply. "If Buffy is killed she'll think I was behind it. I already have too much to make up to her. I doubt she'd forgive me for this."

"But...It isn't even you."

"It's something that I would do. I have to stop them. Shit." He grumbled as he started down the fire escape.

Spike thought about it a minute then realized his sire was right. He took after them.

Soon, Buffy was falling to the ground as the two vampires made easy work of the ones holding her. Angelus grabbed the last one.

"While I am in town, no one will kill the slayer. There will be no attacks. If there are, I'll be pissed."

"You don't want to see him pissed." Spike added helpfully. "Not a pretty sight."

"Yes...Angelus." The vampire stuttered.

"Good. Tell the others." Angelus let him go. He turned to Spike, ignoring Buffy. "I feel sick suddenly. Let's go back to the hotel. Willow will be waiting."

The men left, leaving Buffy sitting in the alley, a confused expression on her face.

END GAME (6/6)

"I can believe Buffy apologized." Willow said, still surprised. "What did you do?"

Angelus just smiled. "Nothing lover. Guess she finally realized her mistake."

"I don't believe you, but I will accept that." Willow said, kissing his cheek. "Thank you."

He beamed, exchanging a wink with Spike.

Willow looked at Giles. "So, you're really going?"

"Yes. I leave next week."

She hugged the watcher. "Keep in touch. I expect to hear from you as soon as your settled."

"Of course. I will send you an email thingy."

Angelus stepped forward, looking serious. "I hate to do this, but thank you for everything you did for Willow this past week. I won't forget it." He shook the startled man's hand. He suddenly smiled, "And, if you ever get to Paris, look us up."

"Peaches and I will give you the creature of the night tour." Spike said, smiling. He saw Willow's expression and winked.

She just laughed. "Giles, I'd better get these two comedians to the airport. We'll be lucky to make our flight."

"Lover, I rented the plane. It can't go anywhere without us."

She smiled sheepishly. "I forgot. Oh, I hate goodbyes." She kissed Giles on the cheek. "Tell Xander and Cordelia I said bye. I'll keep in touch, but I won't be back. Bye," She hurried outside to the car.

"We'd better catch up or she'll leave without us" Spike said, nodding at the watcher.

Giles smiled at Angelus. "Take care of her."

"I will. Don't ever doubt that." He turned and left the man's apartment, seeing Spike sitting in the back with WIllow. He just laughed as he got into the car, pushing Spike against the car door. He kissed Willow, wiping the tears from her eyes. Willow would love the place he had bought for her. They would all enjoy Paris. It was time to start their lives together. No more interuptions. He smiled at the thought as the cab drove to the airport.


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