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By Inell

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Willow stood on the small balcony looking out onto the street below. She was in Paris. In less than a year, she'd lived in Venice and now Paris. Two places she never thought she'd visit, much less live in. Back in Sunnydale, they had defeated the demon rather quickly. Giles had found its weakness after much research. She had never been so happy to leave a place before. She felt a hand move around her waist. She looked back and smiled.

"Hello sleepyhead." She said, kissing Angelus softly.

"You are too wide eyed for it to only be dusk. I need to see about tiring you out more." He said seductively.


Spike chuckled as he joined them on the balcony. He kissed Willow, letting his hand linger on her thigh. "Morning sunshine."

"Morning." She said smiling as he sat down. "Have I told you how much I love this place?" She looked at Angelus.

"Several times but keep telling me. I'm glad."

"I love the view."

Spike looked over the side and made a face. "Why must we always live in a high rise? I hate heights." he grumbled.

" the big bad vamp a chicken?" Willow said, smiling at him.

"Chicken? Me? I'm William the god-damn Bloody. I ain't no chicken."

"Good" Willow said, getting up. "Come look at this." She pulled him to the edge. He jerked away and moved back to the door.

"Don't say a word." He said threateningly to his sire.

"Me?" Angelus asked innocently. "Why, I would never think about telling Willow about that time Dru and I took you to the top of the ..."His mouth was covered by Spike's hand.

"What?" Willow demanded.

Spike glared at his sire. "The damn poof here got me sick once....I don't like heights."

"Is ok." Willow said going to him. "I hate frogs."

He started laughing. "Frogs? Those cute little things with those big eyes?"

"Those slimy green icky things with those long tongues."

"Ok....I don't feel so stupid now." He said smiling.

"Thanks" Willow muttered as she moved inside the room.

Spike and Angelus followed her.

"Hey, mom. Ribbit ribbit" Spike said laughing.

"Angelus, take your childe out of here before I kill him" Willow warned.

"C'mon we'd better go eat. She's spitting fire." Angelus kissed her quickly. "We'll be back soon. Parisian food never takes that long to digest."

"Ugh." Willow said, making a face. "Just go."

They left and she shook her head. Sometimes she wondered how she could put up with them.....


Willow say goodbye to the neighbor who had ridden in the elevator with her. She unlocked the door and entered the dark apartment. Suddenly, she felt a tight grip on her arm.

"Where have you been?" Angelus demanded, pushing her against the door. He turned the light on, her eyes blinking in the sudden brightness.

"I went shopping" she whispered, looking into his angry eyes.

"Who were you talking to in the hall?"

"I don't know...he rode up on the elevator with down the hall. Ouch." She exclaimed as his hold tightened.

She watched in growing horror as he reached up and ripped her blouse open. She was pushed harder against the door. Her head stinging at the contact. She felt his teeth on her breasts. She closed her eyes and tried to think of something else. He ran his hand under skirt, tearing her panties off with one loud rip. He freed himself and slammed into her. She felt him kissing her neck....nipping at it...he thrust several times before releasing himself.

He took hold of her chin and looked into her eyes. "Never leave without my knowledge. I woke up and you were gone. I was worried. Save the tears little girl. Spike isn't here to wipe them." He pulled away from her, watching her slip to the floor, her skirt bunched around her thighs, her blouse and bra hanging. He saw the smear of blood on her chest. "Go clean yourself up."

He turned fighting the guilt that was eating at him. He could not back down. He was not soulboy. He had realized that he was acting like him lately. No more. He was Angelus. He would start acting like him.

"If I catch you talking to that guy again, I'll rip his throat open. You're mine. Don't forget that."

Willow slowly stood up and walked to the bathroom. She needed to get cleaned up before Spike came back. She didn't want him to know what had happened. She was too ashamed.


Willow went back into the living room. She wasn't surprised to see that Angelus had left. She sat on the couch and pulled her legs to her chest. She didn't understand anything anymore. She loved Angelus. She had accepted him and his demon. She never had an idea what that meant. She ran a finger over the bruise forming on her arm. Now she knew. What bothered her the most was that she should have been outraged....she should have cried and threatened him...hated him for hurting her. Instead, she missed him. It had taken her awhile before she realized that he had hurt her because he cared so much. It was his demon's nature to show these feeling by domination....claim ownership. That was how the demon viewed her right She could say that he had been easier with her this time. She wasn't in very much pain. He had kept enough control to remember that she was human.

She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She had changed so much this past year. It surprised to see how different she had become. She missed him already. She knew that he would feel guilty for having hurt her again. She didn't know why, but she didn't want him to feel guilty. He was being Angelus....the man she loved. She had read about him....had know about him...before she had entered into this relationship. She had honestly expected, in the back of her mind, something much worse. It had taken quite a long time for him to get this way. She remembered reading in one of Giles books that this behaviour was how the mate of a vampire was punished. By dominance. So, she guessed she should be glad him hurting her meant the demon thought of her as its mate. She remembered something else she had read. For him to be her mate, she would have to dominate him. Only then, would she be considered his equal. After that, he would belong to her as she belonged to him. His jealousy would not go away, but he might feel more secure. He would know that she truly accepted him...wanted him.

Willow heard a key in the door. Spike was back. She could tell it was him before he opened the door. She smiled softly. She wondered if he would help her. She didn't think she could stand very much more of the demonstrations of ownership. She made her decision when she saw Spike's eyes widen at her new bruises. She needed to claim Angelus.


"Pet, are you sure you can do this?"

"I have to try. What will he do if I actually have a conversation with someone? I love him Spike. I can't leave, but I can't live like this. Honestly, will my claiming him change him or will it just add more problems?"

Spike thought about it a moment. "I think in some ways it would help. There have been very few people to ever dominate Angelus. I can only think of two. and they were both vampires. He loves you. His demon loves you. I think that will help you. He will be more open to allow you to do it. If he tries to fight you, I don't see how you can do it."

Willow nodded. "He won't fight me. He hates hurting me. He just can't control it. With this ritual, he won't feel the need."

"Luv, he'll still feel the need. He was a jealous bastard even before he was embraced. That won't go away. What this will do is make him know that he belongs to you. He won't hurt you, I don't think."

She went to him and kissed him. "Thank you Spike. I know this must be difficult for you."

"Nah...I'll go buy him a leash for when you're through. I don't think you'll have any problems. If you do, I'll stake the poof and we can elope to Vegas. What do you say babe?"

"Deal." She said smiling at him. "Now, go. I don't want you involved in case something does go wrong. Besides, he might try to take out his anger on you."

"Nice to know you care pet. Good luck." Spike started for the door. "Oh, Mum. Remember....he's ticklish." he smiled and gave her a thumb's up before leaving.

Willow laughed softly. She didn't know what she would do without with him around to keep her spirits up. She again thought through what Spike had told her to do. He had said that she would not be able to do the typical vampire ritual. So, he had thought up an alternative. She really hoped it worked. She had to make Angelus beg her, accept her control...she would have to bite him....after that, if she succeeded, he would be hers. She smiled at that thought.


Angelus entered the apartment. He was surprised to find it dark. He moved quietly into the bedroom. When he opened the door, he expected to see Willow asleep. Instead, he saw the sheets pulled down and candles placed over the room. He felt someone move behind him. Hands touched his back.

"Don't turn around." she whispered, hoping he would cooperate.

Angelus felt a rush of desire shoot through him. He had expected her to be hurt. Instead, it appeared that she wanted to play. He smiled. He wanted to see where she was taking this.

"Tonight, you are mine. My toy to use any way that I see fit. You will not cum until I allow it. You will pleasure me and, if you're lucky, I will allow you pleasure. Do you understand?"

He nodded. He felt a smack across his ass.

"You will speak when a question is asked."

"Yes Willow." he said huskily. He was getting hard.

"Mistress....tonight, I am Mistress."

"Yes mistress...."

He felt her run her hands over his back and around to the front of his shirt. He heard the fabric rip as she tore it from his muscular torso. He watched the buttons fly and hit the floor. He was enjoying this.

She ran her tongue across his shoulders. She loved the taste of him. She traced the outline of his tattoo with her mouth. She ran her hands down to his ass. She smiled when she heard him groan. Slowly, she lowered the zipper of his pants, running her hand over his throbbing erection. She pushed the pants down.

"Move to the bed. Lay down and close your eyes. You have not earned the right to look at me yet."

He moved to the bed and followed her instructions. Willow took a moment to look at him. He was stunning. All muscle and flesh....she took a deep breath and began to continue. She was actually enjoying this.


Willow moved to the head of the bed. She kneeled over Angelus's face.

"Make me cum" she demanded.

Angelus could smell her arousal. He brought his hands up to hold her. She slapped them away.

"I didn't give permission for you to touch me."

He groaned. She seemed to be enjoying this. His cock was throbbing. He began to lick her wet folds. She closed her eyes and kneaded her breast. She rode his tongue enjoying the power she had over him. It was amazing. She came with a scream, staying on his tongue until he had licked her clean.

She moved down his body, running her hands over him. She ran her hand over his erection and saw him arch up.

"Who do you belong to?" she asked, tracing her finger of the head of his cock.

"Willow" he said in a strangled voice.

"I didn't here you." she said, licking his cock once before moving away.

"You. I belong to you." he said.

She smiled. She wasn't through with him yet. He had hurt her. She wanted him to suffer for just a bit longer.

"Open your eyes." She commanded. He obeyed. They were dark with desire. She smiled. "Cum for me." She ordered, sitting in a chair that was by the bed.


"Cum for me....I want to watch."

He locked his eyes with hers. He moved his large hand down to take hold of his cock. She watched wide eyed as he began to stoke himself. She felt another tingle go through her. She watched his face as his eyes narrowed. He came groaning her name. She smiled.

"Good boy....but you made a mess...Clean it up."

She waited. This would be a true test for him. His eyes darkened even more as he brought his hand to his mouth. She watched as his tongue slid out and cleaned his hand. He then moved down the bed and licked his cum from the sheets. She had won.

"Lay back down." He did as he was told, his eyes still on her, waiting.

She grabbed a candle that was burning beside the bed. She then straddled him, her wet slit over his stomach. He felt his erection coming back. She locked her eyes with his as she tilted the candle just a bit. Wax dripped down onto his chest. He arched up at the fiery contact. She smiled. She moved the dripping wax up his body, circling his nipple. He groaned at the feeling. She blew the candle out and placed it beside the bed, deliberately rubbing her breasts against his chest. He was hard again.

She was more aroused than she had ever been. The trust he had given her turned her on more than anything he had ever done to her. She reached down and ran her hand over his erection. He thrust up into her warm hand. She scooted down his body and impale herself on him. She smiled "You may fuck me."

Within minutes, she was thrown to the bed. He pounded into her like a man possessed. She cried out and arched up to meet him, thrusting him deeper inside. She felt his hands on her breast, his mouth on hers. Their tongues battled for dominance. She screamed his name as she came her fingernails digging into his flesh. He grunted and flooded her with his second release of the evening.

She tried to catch her breath. She ran her hand through his hair, and pulled his head back, looking into his eyes.

"Who do you belong to?" she asked.

"You. Willow. Mistress. Lover." he said smiling.

"Good answer." She said before she closed her eyes and drifted off into a much needed sleep.

Angelus laid beside her, looking at her with pride. She had actually done it. He knew that he had made it easier by not fighting. His demon hadn't even tried to fight. They both accepted her. He kissed her cheek before laying his head beside hers. He ran his hands over the bruises on her arm. He had done that. He pulled her close to him, moving his hand to cover her stomach. With her against him, he drifted off to a peaceful sleep.


Angelus opened his eyes and reached up to move the pillow. He couldn't move his hand. He looked over and saw that he had been tied to the bed.

"Willooooow!" He yelled out. He watched as she walked into the room from the living room.

"Oh...did someone wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Grumpy guss can't play." she said, pouting. She ran her hand over his nude body. "Willow wants to play."

"Willow...untie me. We can play all you want. I don't like being confined."

Willow looked thoughtful for a moment before smiling. "You're afraid of it aren't you? You have to always be the one in control. Even earlier, you were submissive, but I was never in control. I claimed you but we really didn't mate did we?"

"Willow, just untie me." he said, an edge of panic in his voice.

"You frighten me when you lose control." Willow said, looking him straight in the eyes. "I don't like that. I love you but I will not stand around and let you abuse me like that. So, maybe this time I will make you understand. I need to complete the ritual. I know that you will forgive me afterwards. If you relax, you might enjoy this."

"Willow...please." he hated begging. He had always despised being in someone else's power. Also, after the years of being trapped in soul boy, he hated confinement of any kind.

"Poor baby....guess I'll have to make you forget those bindings. I reinforced them with a spell I found, so don't try to escape. You might get hurt."

Angelus closed his eyes. He wanted nothing more than to rip his hands free and then fuck her unmercifully for not releasing him. He felt a hand on his chest. He opened his eyes.

Willow saw his eyes open. They were glittering with anger and hurt. She wondered if maybe she was taking this too far. She ran her hand over his nipple and saw his eyes darken with lust. Or maybe not.


Angelus waited. He knew he couldn't get loose but he didn't have to play her game. He watched as she moved above his head. Suddenly, he smelled her. She lowered herself to his mouth.

"Taste me" she said softly. She felt his tongue run across her slit.

Angelus froze. He tasted his Willow but there was something else. He recognized the scent.

"Do you taste him?" Willow said. "Keep licking."

He felt anger run through him. She had fucked Spike while he had been asleep.

"He is such a good lover. Always makes me cum several times. His cock is so long. When he fucks me, it feels like it will tear me apart. He gets me so wet. His hands are wonderful. Those long fingers. Such talented fingers. I had to seduce him tonight. He didn't want to play without your permission."

Angelus felt his cock growing harder as she spoke in that sweet voice. He was enjoying the unique flavor that was Willow and Spike.

"You like that don't you? Like knowing that he was so loyal to you I had to push him down and ride him. He enjoyed it very much. He liked for me to control him." Suddenly, she got up. Angelus closed his mouth as he waited.

She moved down to straddle his waist. "Spike. In here now." she called out behind her.

Angelus watched as Spike came in. He was nude, his slim body hard and ready. He watched Willow lean over and kiss him, running her fingernails down his chest to cup his hardness. She ran her hand along his length before moving her mouth down to his neck. She licked at a spot that Angelus hadn't noticed. A bite. The damn bitch had mated with his childe.

"Good Spikey. You get to play with Mommy now." She looked at Angelus, power and lust in her eyes. She saw his murderous expression. "Is someone jealous? Don't worry lover, if you please me, I may bite you too. Who do you belong to?"

He kept his mouth shut. She wouldn't get him that easily.

She sighed. "Spike, Daddy doesn't want to play. Who do you belong to?"

Spike smiled, enjoying seeing his sire at her mercy. "Willow."

"Good....Angelus, suck his cock. I want to fuck."

Angelus's eyes widened. There was no way he was going to suck his childe. Under normal circumstances he wouldn't have minded. But not like this. It would be the true show of submission.

Spike looked at Willow wearily. He knew that Angelus would refuse this. He watched as she moved down Angelus and took his cock in her mouth. Angelus gasped at the feeling.

"Spike....Fuck his mouth." She ordered before taking Angelus once again.

Spike nodded and moved to his sire. He was surprised to see utter devotion in Angelus's eyes as he watched Willow. Her plan was working. Spike felt a rush of pride on the girl's behalf. He ran the tip of his cock over Angelus's lips. He gasped when his sire opened wide and took him into his mouth. He reached down and ran a hand through the dark hair. He started to pump into Angelus's mouth.

Willow watched, smiling. She moved up and impaled herself on her lover. She began to move steadily, with a quick rhythm. She moved her mouth over his chest, stopping to play with his nipples. He began to thrust up and meet her motions. She licked at his neck, enjoying the taste of his skin. She saw Spike's eyes half close as he began to pump more forcefully. She felt the tension building up. She bit deep into Angelus as she came. She tasted the blood, licking it from the wound. She heard a groan as Spike came, flooding his sire with his cum. She realized that Angelus had cum when she bit into him.

She straightened up, a drop of blood on her lip. She ran her hands over Angelus's chest. "Mine." she said, looking into his eyes.

She saw acceptance and love as he whispered, "Yours."

She smiled and moved her hands to Spike. "Mine."

"Yours." Spike said, trying to collect himself.

Angelus frowned slightly but acknowledged her claiming of his childe.

Willow stood up. She was exhausted. "Unfasten him" she told Spike as she went to the bathroom. "I need to get cleaned up. You boys occupy yourselves while I'm gone. Just don't cum until I say...."

Angelus smiled evilly at Spike. Spike just grinned back. Their little family would never be quite the same.


Spike watched the bathroom door shut and smiled. "She is something else."

Angelus agreed. "Let me loose."

Spike moved to his sire's side and unfastened the cuffs. After he had undone the second one, he found himself flat on the bed, Angelus over him.

"You helped her." Angelus said as he smiled. "For that, you will have to be punished."

Spike felt himself harden again. He had expected this. Angelus hated being told what to do. Now, he would suffer for it.

They heard a voice call from the bathroom. "You boys play nice or you won't play at all."

Looking guilty, Angelus looked back at Spike. "Thanks" he said quietly.


"For helping her. I never want to lose her. I just couldn't control it."

Spike moved up onto his elbows. "I don't want to lose this." he gestured with one hand. He knew what he had to do. He needed Angelus to remind him of his place...he didn't want Angelus to get pissed. That would not be a good thing. "Not a problem. Now, fuck me, Daddy."

Angelus felt himself harden instantly. Spike asking to be fucked? What did that little witch do to him?

Not one to refuse such a request, Angelus moved, allowing Spike to turn over onto his stomach. Spike got to his knees, his hand running the length of his cock. He felt Angelus move behind him. He closed his eyes in pleasure when he felt a cold tongue on his ass....getting him ready.

"Don't cum....remember." Angelus said huskily. He moved behind his childe and entered him deeply. Spike's head came up at the force. Angelus leaned over and caught Spike's mouth with his. He pounded into his chide. He had cum so many times that he was remaining hard. Distantly, he heard the bathroom door open.

Willow stepped out and stopped. She smiled. They were so beautiful. One so so light. Her men. She moved to the bed, dropping the towel. Sleep could wait. She got in front of Spike, allowing him access to her core. She shivered as he began to lick her with gusto. Angelus moved slightly, pushing Spike's head against her wetness. She arched up and cried out. She saw the looks in their eyes. Dazed and lusty. Suddenly, she remembered and smiled.

"You both may cum." She said, watching as Angelus plunged in deeply, his eyes glazed with passion as he filled Spike with is cold seed. She felt something on her leg as Spike came too, licking her more fiercely. She grabbed his head and moved against his questing tongue. Soon, she exploded.

Sighing, she fell back against the bed. "I'm tired....let's sleep."

The men moved up on either side of her. She laid her head on Angelus's chest as Spike pulled her body against his. She felt his hand on her stomach before she drifted off into a deep sleep.


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