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By Inell

Disclaimer: Joss owns them all; Song belongs to B Streisand & Columbia Records

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 I was alone You were alone Parallel lines that touched one another.

Just feeling our way, Lost in the dark, Drawn to each other 

"Angel?" Willow asked.

The figure moved into the light. "Willow."

"Goddess, you scared me. It's great to see you." She said, going to him and hugging him.

His brown eyes showed surprise at her trusting gesture. "How do you know it's really me? I could have lost my soul again."

"Nope. I know. Besides, the soul is permanent, remember?"

"Yeah...well, you should be more careful." he said gruffly.

Willow rolled her eyes. "What-ever. Now, tell me, dear friend, why are you here?"

"I heard about Oz...thought you might need a friend." he said simply.

Willow felt tears in her eyes. He'd come to her from LA. He would never know that his departure had upset her far more than Oz. She had sensed the end to her and Oz's relationship during the summer. She knew now that she had never truly loved him the way that he deserved. The events
of the past weeks had been surprising, but not unexpected. Her heart had belonged to the man standing in front of her since he had first saved her. She was just very good at hiding that little fact.

"You heard? About Oz?"

He nodded. "Are you ok?"

" hurt the first few days...still does. It feels like I lost a great friend."

So much to say So much to do So much of you for me to discover

Like what makes you laugh What makes you cry How does a friend become a lover too?

Angel pulled the small girl into his arms, offering comfort. He had to be honest with himself. When he had heard about Oz, he had been overjoyed. It had taken some true soul searching on his part before he had realized why. He loved Willow. Over the past few years, she had become the best friend that he had ever had. There were numerous times that she would come over and watch tv and just talk. He had never told Buffy nor had she. It was just something secret between them. After he had lost his soul, he had been obsessed. He had wanted to possess had been far worse than anyone had ever know, that need to have her with him for eternity. When he had returned to hell, he had
avoided her as much as possible. Memories of his thoughts, his desires...had haunted him. She had badgered him until he finally let her into his life once again. She was truly an amazing young woman. Why was he here? Because, now that Oz was gone, he wanted the chance to make her his. He looked down and was caught by her green eyes. She had pulled back and watching him with a smile on her pretty lips. He felt his eyes narrow as he leaned forward and claimed her mouth.

 I've waited all of my life to find Someone who'd need my heart and read my mind

To light my days and warm my nights Someone I know I could call My someone for all my life

Angel was kissing her. It wasn't a dream this time. She could feel his hard chest under her roaming hands. His wet lips on hers....his tongue in her mouth....his hands on her was electric. She had never felt this passion with Oz. With him, it had been sweet and soft, just like him. Not this demanding....this needy. She felt as though she had found a lost piece of herself. She felt herself pushed against the hood of car. Oh wow...Angel was full of sweet love here. Just passionate need.....She whimpered when she felt his hand caressing her core. She opened her eyes and looked into his. She saw lust and desire and love....Angel loved her. She smiled as she knew what she need to do. She reached for the zipper of his pants, slowly sliding it down over his erection. Her eyes never left his. As soon as he was freed, he pushed her skirt up and balanced her on the car. He entered her with a deep thrust. She felt as though she might be splitting in two. She and Oz had made love several times, but he had never filled her this way. They set a rhythm, their mouth joining once again. After several deep thrusts, it became too much. She felt herself tighten around him as she
climaxed. He thrust two more times before he joined her in release. She tried to catch her breath, laying her forehead on his shoulder. She felt his hand under her chin as he lifted her face so that their gazes caught. She knew her eyes reflected the love she saw in his. He leaned forward and gently kissed her. They would discuss the repercussions of their actions and their future later. Now, now was the time to simply feel.

Looking at you Looking at me Loving the look of love that I see there. I find when I look deep into your eyes

Reflections of me there. I've waited all of my life to find Someone who'd need my heart and read my mind

To light my days, and warm my nights Now all at once in your arms, everythings new,

All that I feel tells me its true All that I ask is all of my life with you

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