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By Emmangel

         Disclaimer: Angel, Willow and co. do not belong to me. They are the property of Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and the WB. All characters are used without permission. No copyright infringement intended.

Authors Notes: This is a prequel to my story 'Red and the three Vampires.' Part one of the Heart and...Demon Series.  < > Indicates thoughts.

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            She woke. She hunted. She fed. She slept.

            That was it. That was her existence on this world.

            It was boring...dull. In the beginning, when she was first turned it was enough. She was so much more than her old              self, the possibilities seemed endless. They weren't.

            After living as a vampire for a few years and tiring of the same old routine she had discovered the fine art of                            torturing her victims before she fed.

            She was so vicious when it came to inflecting pain on those that she wanted, that she soon was well known among the               vampire population, and was often compared to another vampire, although she never learned his name.

            Unfortunately though, with recondition came risk. Many vampires tried to kill the great Red, hoping to make a                           name for themselves by killing her.

            They failed.

            And Willow took great pleasure in showing those who dared try why she had such a reputation.

            But over time even that stopped. Vampires and demons knew better than to cross her. And there was only so                many times you could play with your food before eating till that became the nom...boring.

            And so she was empty again, left hollow and vacant.

            She wished she could find someone...someone like herself who shared the same interests and likes as herself.                  Unfortunately everyone she had seen nowhere lived up to her standards.

            She briefly wondered about the vampire everyone compared her too, but every time she went up to a vampire to              find out his name they normally ended up destroying themselves before she even spoke, in fear of what she might do to               them.

            She knew that the chances of finding this mysterious vampire were slim though, that she would probably never find him.

            And so she went back to what she knew best.

            She woke. She hunted. She fed. She slept.

            But deep down inside she knew she'd find him.

            She had a gut feeling.

             The End



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