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By Inell


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Buffy sat on her bed and looked at her psych notes. There was something
nagging the back of her mind. It had been there since she had gone to
Willow's place earlier. She knew it was stupid, but she had sensed that
the man with Willow had not only been familiar, but also a vampire. She
thought she was going crazy. (It must be because he reminded me of
Angel....that's the only thing I can think of....Willow would never
sleep with a vampire...) Her thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of
the phone.
"Thank God. Where the hell have you been?" the voice demanded.
Buffy rolled her eyes. "Cordelia. How wonderful to hear from you. To
what do I owe this honor?" she said sarcastically.
"Trust me Buffy. I wouldn't call if it wasn't important."
"Angel! Is it Angel? What happened?" Buffy demanded.
"Huh?" Cordelia asked. "What-ever. Can I talk to him?"
Buffy was confused. "Talk to who?"
"Duh. Angel. He is there isn't he?"
"Well, he left here Friday afternoon. He said he wanted to be in
Sunnydale by Friday night. He isn't back yet. Why, haven't you seen
Buffy closed her eyes. Hurt filled her. She could feel tears in her
eyes. "Yeah...I saw him." she said softly.
"Well, then. Where is he?"
"Try Willow. She should know." She hung up the phone, feeling betrayed.
(Why...Willow. I would give anything for your are my
best friend...  You didn't have to lie. It would have been hard, but if
Angel was what made you so happy, I could have tried....You didn't give
me the chance,  you lied. I don't know if I can forgive that....) Giving
in to the tears, she fell back on her pillows.


Willow picked up the phone and was surprised to hear Cordelia's voice.
"Let me talk to Angel."
"God, not you too. I thought Buffy was bad enough. She said he was with
you. Let me talk to him."
The phone fell out of Willow's hand. Angel looked at her concerned.
"Buffy knows" she whispered.
"Good that who's on the phone?"
"Nuh uh. Cordy...for you."
"What is it?" he demanded. "Yeah...ok. I'll be there." he hung up and
looked at Willow. She hadn't moved.
"I have to go back tonight. Doyle had a vision. I don't want to, but I
have to."
She just nodded her head. Buffy must hate her now. (What am I going to
do? Xander and Giles will find out...they'll never forgive me....)
"Willow..." Angel brought her face up and looked into her eyes. "Come
with me?" he asked softly.


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