The Moonlight Series

By Sunfire

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Part 10: A New Prophecy

Buffy shook Xander in an attempt to revive him. Giles gently laid Cordelia back down and began to tell her what had happened.

Duncan turned to Willow and looked at her quizzically. "How did you know she was waking up?" He asked her.

"The same way I knew you weren't human the first time I saw you, I just had this strange feeling, and I knew." Willow answered, not quite sure she understood herself.

"And me being an immortal does not seem strange to you? Mr. Giles sure thought it was." "Well you see Mr. Macleod, this is the hellmouth, the supernatural is normal around here."

The next few minutes were spent with Duncan giving the gang a quick explanation of what immortals where, that is once they found the smelling salts in Giles' office and managed to wake Xander.

To aid in the explanation Duncan gave Giles a book, much like the librarian's watcher diary, however this was written by Duncan and held within it some of his observations and experiences with immortals. Giles was looking through the book as the slayer and slayerettes asked Duncan questions about his long and interesting life.

"Oh my!" Giles yelled, getting everyone's attention. "What is it Giles?" Buffy asked as she walked over to where he stood by his office. "This book referrers to an ascension, and has a prophecy that talks of one occurring during certain astrological correspondences and it also mentions a way of stopping it." Giles informed the group.

"So you mean that if the ascension it talks about is ours, we know how to stop it?" Willow asked. "Y-Yes, that is exactly what I am saying." Giles affirmed. "I will compare the correspondences to the ones for graduation day, as that is when the mayor has scheduled his, uh, "big day", as Buffy put it." Giles said as he hurried into his office to get to work.

An hour later a triumphant cry was heard coming from the small office and a very excited librarian came out with a huge smile. "The correspondences match perfectly, it seems that if we do what this book says, we can defeat the mayor!" Giles exclaimed.

"Well, read what it says for us to do." Buffy said. "I want to know how to kick the mayor's butt."

"When Death is cheated by two of the same, a door will form. It will be unlocked by four. One will have a fire inside and out. Another of ancient turned new, one of the darkness reviewed, and a child from a line of power will. In the ways of old and the craft of the wise they will come together and will form the key. Blessed Be."

"That's it? Well, that shouldn't be too difficult, I just have one question. What did that mean? Cause I am just slightly, uh totally lost." Xander said when Giles was done reading the passage from the book.

"Well Xander, 'when death is cheated by two of the same' is probably referring to Mr. Macleod and Cordy, since they can not die, thus 'cheating death; and are both immortals so they are 'two of the same.' Since Mr. Macleod is now here and we now know that Cordy is an immortal then the door, or opportunity has formed. And 'in the ways of old and the craft of the wise...' is referring to wicca, or witchcraft since it is also called the craft of the wise, and the old way or old path; and 'Blessed Be' is also a wiccan expression meaning welcome, or go with luck and love." Willow explained. "What?" She asked as everyone looked at her with wide eyes.

But Duncan just smiled and clapped saying, "Well done Willow, it probably would have taken the rest of us two days to get that, you are very bright, I am impressed."

"Thank you." Willow said, smiling at Duncan. *I like him, he's nice.* She added to herself.

"Yes Willow, good job. So since Mr. Macleod and Cordelia being immortal will 'form a door' or give us the opportunity to defeat the mayor, they will probably have some part in the solution, however I am at a loss who the 'four' are that were talked about in the passage," Giles thought out-loud.

"Well, don't mean to help and run, but it is after 11:30 and I am kinda tired, so if you don't mind," Willow said as she gathered her things, still upset about the events of that day. Before she left she went over to Cordelia. "I am glad you're all right." She told the girl, then turned and walked out of the library.


Part 11: Walking Home

*I am surprised they let me walk home all by myself since they think I am so weak and helpless,* Willow thought as she made her way down her street towards her house. *I will not put up with them anymore. I know what will piss them off, I won't let them copy my homework tomorrow. They can do the work themselves for a change; in fact, maybe I won't even do my homework tonight. It's about time I did something unexpected and non- Willowish. It's not like my grade point average can't handle it,* Willow decided as she walked up her driveway.

Part 12: Decisions

It had taken him a month to get to Sunnydale, driving only at night, and slightly into the day. A vamp has to get his beauty sleep you know. Now that he was here he had to figure out who he was going to torture first. He mentally went through the list of the slayer's friends. The boy with the weird hair was too boring, the cheerleader was too weak and wouldn't last very long, the other boy was just fucking annoying, and watchers got on his nerves. That left the little witch. "She was kinda fun last time, she was really scared, and might make for some interesting conversation in between torturing sessions.* "The red headed hacker it is." Spike said decisively as he drove through the streets of the small town. *It is too late for her to still be at the library, but she is probably still awake studying.* Spike thought to himself. Maybe if I wait on her front porch I can catch her before she goes inside. I love the way little girls smell when they're scared, I can't wait to torture, what's her name? Willow. That's it, Willow."

Part 13: The Quiet, Shy Mousey One

Spike waited in the bushes eagerly, his anticipation and adrenaline growing as he heard footsteps approaching his hiding spot in the bushes by the Rosenburg's front porch.

Willow searched her bag for her keys as she ascended her front steps. However, she was cut short when she heard the bushes to her right moving. She looked up and came face to

face with Spike. "Spike, such a very pleasant surprise." Willow stated calmly, but with pointed sarcasm. "I should have guessed," Willow said exasperatedly. "Everything else has gone wrong today, why not have you show up too!"

Spike, expecting her to be scared shitless, was quite surprised when Willow regarded him with annoyance. He could also tell that she was pissed off about something. Spike was usually the type to tear someone's throat out that treated him the way Willow was. Instead he decided to sit back and see what she would do next, finding the situation amusing.

Despite the little voice inside her that told her to shut up before Spike killed her, she continued, having held everything in for so long she just wanted to unload; even if it was Spike. "I am so damned tired of this. First, I learn that my two supposedly best friends have been going out behind my back. Buffy, Xander, and Giles all treat me like shit, then I get called to the library to find out Cordy's dead, only she isn't cause she's immortal; which adds yet another complication to my already fucked up life. Then I come home to find the same pathetic blood sucking fiend who kidnapped me and Xander so I could do a love spell for him because his slut of a girlfriend left him! All in two weeks. Everything just keeps getting better and better doesn't it?!" Willow felt a lot better after letting some of the stuff that was bothering her out, and was also feeling confident.

Spike wasn't sure whether to be ripping the girl to shreds for yelling at him and calling him a pathetic blood sucking fiend, or be laughing at her surprising out burst. Being in a good mood, he decided on the later and doubled over in a fit of laughter. "Shit, I thought you were the quiet, shy mousey one! You sure are feisty. I have to say I am more than a bit surprised, and quite impressed." He told the red head who stood before him looking irritated by his laughing at her, after a minute or two of gut wrenching laughs.

"Ya, quiet, shy, mousey. That is what everybody thinks. If I were to actually show them even a little of my real personality they would think I was possessed or something. It is so fucking annoying. I can't be myself around any of them, I mean what the hell is wrong with me growing up anyway. They think I am so damn helpless and frail. I am not made out of fucking glass. I won't break. Shit! I want to be treated like a strong capable person." Willow had never cussed so much in her life, and she liked it.

Spike looked her over appraisingly. He had never imagined she had so much fire in her. He had always thought of her as just another one of the slayer's little lemmings, but maybe he had been wrong in that assumption. He was seeing a side of her that even the slayer had not seen according to the hacker. It was interesting and he liked it, matter of fact he wanted to see more of it. "What's the matter luv, get in a tiff wit' your friends?" He asked her, a smile forming on his lips at her reaction.

"A tiff? A tiff?! They are all just assholes plain and simple. Oz left me, and Xander and Buffy are too busy sucking face that they don't pay any attention to me what so ever unless they want to copy my homework, or want me to do something else for them. Giles is the same way. He just expects that I have nothing better to do than research for him. I am fucking tired of them! I am not their damn slave. I just want to have them leave me the fuck alone, I don't need them, and they can do their own damn work! I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even notice I was gone, until they needed a favor that is!"

"Well luv, it sounds like you are wanting a little change of scenery. If you'd like I might be of some assistance."

"Go on." Willow prompted, the opportunity to get away from Xander, Buffy, and Giles, sounding appealing, even if it did involve Spike. Besides, it would piss off three certain people if they were to find out.

"Well pet, I just purchased a place for myself to stay in while I am in town and I could use a spot of company, as could you, I'd wager." Spike suggested, and for some strange reason Spike found himself actually wanting her company.

*This is a great chance to do something unexpected and spontaneous, like you have wanted to do for so long. Don't think, don't analyze, just do. Follow adventure, pursue the unknown.* "Sure, why not, I don't have anything better to do." She said, feeling bold and daring. Willow went up to her room and packed some clothes, a couple of her spell books, and some supplies, including Amy.

"Well, if the lady is ready.." Spike said gesturing to his car, parked several houses down. "It was nice of you to bring me a bite to eat." He commented as they made their way to the car.

"Huh? Oh, you mean the rat. Her name is Amy and is a friend of mine who turned herself into a rat a couple of months ago when the whole town tried to burn me, her, and Buffy at the stake. So if your fangs come anywhere near her you are going to have a dangerously pissed off witch on your hands! Got it?" Willow emphasized the last two remarks by pointing at him, and giving him an icy stare.

"Sure thing Red. And you are going to have to tell me the rest of that story later." Spike responded as he put her stuff in the back and got into the car.

"So, where we staying?" Willow asked.

Smiling, two people, different in almost every way, except a shared loneliness neither would admit, Spike and Willow drove off into the night.


Part 14: Moving In

Willow walked into the large apartment, her eyes moving appraisingly over the living room. In the center of the room was a black leather couch with a glass coffee table with black iron legs in front of it, and a matching end table on one side of the couch. The medium sized

entertainment center on the far wall was surrounded by countless movies and CDs, while magazines, books, and other reading material littered the coffee and end tables. Upon further examination Willow saw several empty food containers and wrappers on the ground by the couch and wadded pieces of paper in and around the trash can in the corner. "I thought you said you just got the place?" Willow questioned as she set her things down. She followed Spike into the kitchen and sat at the counter.

"I did." Spike answered as he got two soda's out of the fridge, placing one in front of Willow, and opening the other one for himself. "I may live off of blood but that doesn't mean I can't have a soda. Human food doesn't do a damn thing for the hunger, but it does taste good." He said, answering her questioning glance when he took a drink.

"So, if you just bought the place, how did you mess it up so fast? I mean Xander has better house keeping skills." Willow commented as she glanced around the kitchen counters that where strewn with dirty dishes and various other items. Spike just glared at her and left the kitchen. Willow rolled her eyes, picked up her bags and followed him down the corridor.

"My room is down there, the door next to it is the library, across from that we got the bathroom, and this'll be your room. I'll leave you to unpack and do, whatever it is you do. I'll be in the front room if ya need me ducks." Spike explained as he gave her a quick tour of the apartment.

She thanked the blonde as he retreated down the hall and proceeded to look around the room. There was a small dresser against the left wall next to a walk in closet. A desk sat against the far wall. She set her suitcase on the black iron four poster bed and put her clothes into the dresser and closet. Next Willow put her hair brush, make up, and other personal items on the top of the dresser. Then she placed Amy's cage on the corner of the desk, along with her lab-top and books and her backpack on the chair. After surveying her work she placed the empty suitcase under the bed, and went into the front room.

When she got to the front room she found Spike watching TV. "'Lo luv. Would ya like somethin' to eat, considering you have been at the library you probably haven't had dinner yet I'd bet. I can make ya a sandwich if ya'd like."

"Actually I am kid of hungry now that you mention it, but I can make myself something, you don't have to." Willow said as she went into the kitchen and looked through the fridge and cupboards in search of something to eat. "You sure have a well stocked kitchen." She commented as she sat on the couch with her food and handed him a soda.

"Like I said, I don't have to eat, but I can. I take it Angel didn't eat?" When she shook her head he went on. "He used to if I remember correctly. Well, anyway, it gives me something to do during the day." Spike turned off the TV and shifted so that he was sitting sideways on the couch and looking straight at her. "Is that all you are eating? No wonder why you are so skinny." He commented, eyeing her plate.

"What's wrong with a salad and orange? It is healthy." She rebutted. "Well for one, there is no dressing on it. And second, if you keep eating 'healthy' you are going to waste away, you are already a toothpick." "For your information, I don't like dressing on my salad, and I am not a toothpick, I am 100 pounds, and am perfectly healthy." "Sure you are pet, why don't we just change the subject, I have a feeling you aren't going to believe me no matter what I say. So why don't you tell me 'bout that time you were almost burned at the stake you mentioned earlier."

That night Spike and Willow talked for hours, with Willow telling him of all the demons they'd faced since he'd left, as well as a more detailed description of why she was so pissed off at Buffy, Xander, and Giles.

"No wonder you were mad at them, personally, I would have beat the shit out of them long ago if they had treated me like that." Spike told her. "Yah, well, I don't have that much guts I guess."

"Well, we'll just have to fix that now won't we luv? They are treatin' you like shit, so don't treat them any better. Ignore the assholes. You have a right to be angry, and don't let them convince you otherwise." He told the redhead. *Why the hell are you tryin' to comfort her, what do you care?* Spike asked himself. *Because you feel sorry for the poor girl, she's been through a lot, not only does she have to worry about vampires and demons, but her only friends are the bitchy slayer, the idiot, and the watcher.* "It is almost sunrise and I am plum tuckered out, so I'm gonna turn in." He said as he got up and stretched his muscles.

"Oh, goddess. Is it really that late already? Shit, I have to go to school in a couple hours." Then Willow thought for a moment, "You know what, I am just going to skip it, screw school, I don't want to go and for the first time in my life I am just not going to go. I don't want to talk to them anyway, and it will be interesting to find out what they do without my homework to copy!" She stated, a smile curling her lips at the last thought.

"There ya go. That's the spirit. I'll see ya tomorrow, or today, that is." With that said, the two new roommates went to bed. *Spike is actually really nice, and normal. Well for a vampire that is. He is a lot of fun to talk to.* Willow thought as she got under the soft navy blue bed sheets. *Well, she sure is amazing, that one. She is feisty, brave, and surprisingly good company. She is intelligent, it's been quite a while since I have had someone to talk to that had a real opinion, and wasn't afraid to say it.* Spike said to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

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