FanFic Quiz

Objective: answer 7 questions correctly. JavaScript required!

1. Who are The Wicked Sluts?

Octa & Jane
Carrie & Mel
BeMu & Lorelei
Fred & Barney

2. What fic is this line from:Angel's jaw dropped, "Little girl, are you calling me a depressed jackass?"

Parallels, By Lorelei
Take Your Time, By Carrie
Angel Leaves His Hat On, By BeMu
Pet, By Melissa

3. Who wrote Friendship?

Melinda Dawney

4. In what fic do Willow and Spike travel back in time, and discuss "chocolate"?

With Changing Times
Take Your Time
Out of Time

5. Who wrote the "I Hated You Because..." Series?

Saber ShadowKitten

6. What story is this quote from: "So they're just going to fight until one of them cries uncle?" Willow asked. "They'll fight until one of them dominates the other," Cordelia said. "How will we know when that happens?" Xander said. Cordelia looked at Xander. "When one of them starts fucking the other."

The Chase
Treasure Island
Slaying Retreat
Beauty and The Beast

7. The author of "Pet" is:


8. In what series is Angel Willows boss?

The Obsession Series, By Lorelei
The Heart and ...Demon Series, By Emmangel
The Tinkerbell Series, By BeMu
None of the above

9. Who won Best Overall Story in the 99/00 Willow/Angel awards?

Willows Secret,by Emmangel
Twist of Fate, by Octa & Jane
The Elsewhere, by Morgan R
Take Your Time, by Carrie

10. Who is sexier - Angel or Spike?

Angel & Spike - TOGETHER!
Neither of them are sexy


0-3: Oh come on!  You can do better than that!! You should be ashamed of yourself!! Go read some fic...NOW!!  :)

4-7: Fairly Fanfic Fanatic.  Pretty good!  You know some of your stuff, but you still need to read more!  :)

8-10:   WOO HOO!  You are a certified Freaky Fanfic Fanatic!  Pat yourself on the back...or better yet, here are Angel and Spike to do it for you!  *g*