The Tenth Circle of Hell BtVS Drinking Game!

Put together by THP

What you need:  Two or more people (works better with large groups), atleast 2-3 episodes of BtVS/Angel, LOTS of alcohol!!!  WARNING: Rated R/NC-17!!


Drink 1

Everytime Angel and Cordy have a moment, drink 1

Everytime Angel touches his face, drink 1

Everytime Spike and Xander share a moment, drink 1

Everytime some gets drained, drink 1

Everytime a vamp gets dusted, drink 1

Everytime one male cast member touches another when not throwing a punch, drink 1.


Drink 2

Everytime Xander makes a homophobic quip, (i.e. 'not in a gay way', 'quit looking at my neck') drink 2

Everytime Spike and Giles share a moment, drink 2

Everytime Buffy gets her ass kicked, applaud and drink 2

Everytime Spike calls Willow anything other than her name, "Witch", "Red", etc., drink 2

Everytime Angel touches his hair, drink 2

Everytime Anya says "orgasm", drink 2


Drink 3

Everytime Angel touches Willow, drink 3

Everytime Angel touches his bum, drink 3

Everytime Spike mentions how much he hates the Scooby Gang, drink 3


Drink 4

Everytime Giles checks out another man's ass, drink 4


Drink 5

Everytime Giles hugs Willow, drink 5

Everytime someone insults buffy, applaud and drink 5


Drink 6

Everytime Buffy brushes her breasts against Willow, drink 6

Everytime Angel comes out of the shower with a guilty look on his face, drink 6


Drink 10

Everytime Angel becomes sexually aroused, drink 10

Everytime spike touches willow, drink 10


Just Not Right Rules

Everytime Willow and Angel sleep together, loot a liquor store and drink till you puke

Everytime Angel touches his naughty bits, CHUG!

Everytime they all throw their clothes off and fuck each other silly... Hop a plane to LA and get Joss drunk

Everytime Wesley and Angel have a moment, skip 1