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More Fury 'Buffy' Spoilers
David Fury is at it again, talking about what's happening ahead with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. According to What's Worth Watching, Fury spoke on Tuesday night at the University of Toronto's Innis College as part of their "Test Pattern" lecture series presented by the Canadian Film Centre.

What Fury has to say is definitely packed with potential spoilers. If you would rather not know what may be happening with the Scooby gang in the future, then move along to another story by using one of the handy links provided at the right side. For the rest of you, just keep reading.

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You have been warned!

Supervising Producer and staff writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, David Fury, revealed a number of potential spoilers regarding the series as well as Angel, as follows:

What will be happening to Faith?

"We'll see Faith this season on Angel for a couple of episodes, and let's just say she'll be back with some changes. As far as the future, we will see more of Faith, but on Angel rather than Buffy."

"In Angel there's a huge action sequence involving, and we came up with it and went, 'We'll never afford this,' and we're doing it, it's Buffy and Faith, on a rooftop with a helicopter of assassins trying to kill them. Jumping from rooftop to rooftop."

What's going to happen on the Buffy season finale?

"It's going to be a little bit like, I don't think this will spoil too much, think of Aliens a little bit in terms of, you're inside the Initiative when the lights are turned out, and there are emergency lights only, and there's a hundred demons in there with a hundred soldiers, and you'll get kind of a picture of what's going to happen."

What will be the direction of the next season on Buffy?

"Everyone will be back next season, how about that? And Buffy and the gang will be getting closer together. Everyone's been concerned about the splintering of the group, which is part of first year college… Next season you'll see a kind of rebonding of the group... and we'll be seeing some familiar faces next season and a lot of life changing events, and you'll love it."

"Joss has a general overview of the major events of the season tracked out. He's known for instance all of next season, the events of next season... And he's alluded to it in some episodes. There's a lot of people wondering if things like Little Miss Muffit is a reference to it. That's something you'll find out next year."

Could the series go on without Sarah Michelle Gellar?

"I think that Joss would be perfectly fine doing a show about Faith the Vampire Slayer, should that come about, out, or you know, Cindy the Vampire Slayer. I think that ultimately, as great as Sarah is, wonderful, she is a huge part of the success, she's terrific, she's a consummate professional and we love her to death, but the thing about Joss as you've seen, he doesn't have any problem firing actors. I mean, he doesn't have any problem telling, you know, no matter how popular they are, or no matter how important they are to the show, he just sees it as another creative challenge. Do we live in fear of (Gellar's departure from the show)? No, she's under contract for another couple of years, so you know, we'll have her for that."