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By Inell

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Willow felt a mouth on her breasts. A cold tongue reached out and circled her nipple. Soon, teeth bit at her, nibbling. She groaned at the sensation. A hand reached down and found her wet core. A finger slid inside of her, and paused. She waited. She felt the mouth slowly kissing its way down her stomach. She started to move, wanting the finger deeper. She felt a hand push her back into the mattress. She was dieing to open her eyes. She had been told that if she even peaked, she would be punished. She kept them closed.

Suddenly, the bed dipped near her head. She felt something cool and familiar rub across her lips. Her tongue darted out, tasting him. She opened her mouth wider, and began to suck on his long cock. Her tongue lapping at him with each stroke. She felt the mouth touch her core. She thrust up and met a wet tongue. She felt him lapping at her juice, moving his fingers in time with the thrusts in her mouth. She came clenching the sheet beside her tightly. The cock from her mouth was removed and soon she felt it at her entrance.

"You may open your eyes now." Angelus said smoothly entering her as she opened them. She tightened around his thrusts, wanting to hold him inside.

She saw Spike standing beside the bed. His mouth still wet from her juices. He leaned over and kissed her, letting her taste herself on his mouth. Angelus watched his mate and his childe. They were both beautiful. He moved himself out of Willow and motioned for Spike to take his place.

Spike smiled. He knew what was coming. It was strange. Before, he'd always fight. Now, he didn't mind. It usually meant that he was buried deep inside his Willow. Not to say that he didn't like to make it more challenging for Angelus once in awhile. The old man needed a challenge every so often.

Spike began to leisurely enter her. She hated when he played with her. Almost more than Angelus. She had known Angelus liked to play games. But, she had never guesses that Spike had inherited that trait from his 'daddy'.

"Spike..." she begged.

Spike just grinned. "Now Mother....what kind of gentleman would I be if I just fucked you hard?"

"Pleeeassee" she hissed. She needed to cum.

He waited until he felt Angelus at his entrance. After he was well lubed, Angelus slowly pushed his cock into his childe's right opening. Spike started to thrust deeper, harder...Willow was in heaven. She met him thrust for thrust. Her eyes capturing her mate's. She loved the look on his face when he was about to cum. His eyes narrowed and he growled softly. For some reason, it made her even more excited. Soon, she came again, screaming both of their names. Spike shot himself into her when he felt his sire's hot release in his ass. They stayed in position for a few minutes, each trying to catch their breath, so to speak.

Angelus pulled out of Spike and moved beside Willow. His mouth claiming hers. Spike stood and headed to the window. It was getting warm. He opened it, enjoying the breeze on his naked, wet body. On the way back to the bed, he noticed Willow's mailbox flashing.

"Hey, Luv. You got mail."

"Really?" She asked tiredly. "Who from?"

Spike went over and clicked several times. "The watcher." he read and started to laugh. "You'll love this Daddy. Seems the slayer has decided that Angel would rather have her than Wills. She plans to seduce you when you get back to Sunnyhell. Oh, and she has Wolfie ready to make amends with Red. "

"The watcher is warning us about this? Must be a very bad situation back there...well, Willow, what does this do to your plan? I can say now that I will not tolerate that mangy mutt lusting after you. I'll kill him. And I have no desire to endure that bitch's attempt at seduction."

Willow listened as Spike read the entire letter at her request. She had thought it would be easier if they went home, kept Angelus's reappearance a secret, tell them that Spike was helping because they threatened him, and kill what ever it was then leave quietly. No one knowing anything was going on between the three of them. Hearing Giles comments, she felt anger growing through her. Buffy seemed to think that Angel was only with her out of convenience. That self involved bitch. Willow looked at her boys and smiled.

"I'm thinking that we throw away my previous plan. Forget it was mentioned. Go back to Sunnydale and let them know exactly how much fun we're having."

Angelus and Spike exchanged a smile. They saw the wheels turning in Willow's mind as she thought up a new plan. They couldn't wait to see the fireworks. This was the Red they knew and loved, and boy was she pissed. The slayer had better watch out. Let the games begin...


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