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by BeMu


DISCLAIMER:  As much as I wish I owned Angel, I don’t… he’d be much more fun if I did.  Joss owns Angel and Willow both, and while I think he’s blind, he’s showing signs of coming around…  Oh, and Randy Newman wrote the song, and the version that I used is Joe Cocker’s.

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“Tinkerbell, I’m tired… let’s stop for a while.”

“No, Angel… let’s get this finished.  Then we can relax.”

“You’re exhausted…  these boxes can wait until tomorrow.”

“I’m—we’re immortal, Angel… it’s not like we’re going to die from exhaustion,”  she teased.

“You’ve been dying to say that, haven’t you?”   he retorted.

“You’re going to be the death of me…”

“Stop…”  he pleaded, laughing.

The pair were unpacking Willow’s belongings into their new apartment in Los Angeles.  Originally, they had planned to move into Angel’s old apartment, but Willow had too much stuff that she was unwilling to give up, so they found another apartment large enough to house both of their belongings.  Willow had been running around like a whirling dervish all day.   All Angel could do, for the most part, was stand back and watch.

They had unpacked his things first.  The furniture had been moved in, and arranged according to Willow’s specifications, along with the computer and entertainment center and other appliances.  Angel’s personal belongings didn’t take up much space… all he had were his clothes and a few trinkets.  Willow learned that most of the belongings Angel had collected over the years were in storage.

Willow was furiously unpacking box after box while Angel rustled through a single box of CDs, filing them alphabetically next to the stereo.

He paused, turning one over in his hand examining the songs.   A playful smirk crossed his face as he popped the CD out of the case and put it in the player, queuing up the song he wanted.  He disappeared into the bedroom for a minute.  Willow was so engrossed in her unpacking that she didn’t even notice his departure.

A few minutes later, Angel slunk back into the living room, hitting the light switch on the wall, bathing the room in soft darkness.

“Angel!”  Willow whined, spinning to face him.

“Shhh….”  He hushed her.

It was then that Willow noticed his appearance.  A pair of black slacks had replaced his dirty jeans.  He still wore his white t-shirt, but a black satin button down shirt now covered it.  On his head, he wore a black fedora.

“Where did you get that hat?”  she asked.

“No questions… just sit down and relax,”  he instructed her, hitting the play button on the stereo.

Willow giggled as she heard the song start and plunked down on the couch, settling in for the show.

Baby, take off your coat…
Real slow….

Willow applauded as Angel slowly gyrated his hips, casually unbuttoning his shirt.

Take off your shoes…
I’ll take off your shoes…

He toed his Doc Martens off, moving towards Willow on the couch, sliding his shirt off his shoulders.

Baby, take off your dress…
Yes, yes, yes…

He held the shirt in his hands, using it as a prop as he moved to the music.  He draped the shirt over her head, slowly pulling it away and dropping it in her lap before moving back to the center of the room.

You can leave your hat on…
You can leave your hat on…
You can leave your hat on…

Angel lip-synced the words, moving his hands across his chest, stretching the white t-shirt, and slid them down his stomach and his hips, rotating his hips and shoulders in time with the music.

Go over there…
Turn on the light…
Ehh… all right…

Willow’s amusement turned to awe as she watched his sinewy movements as he performed for her.  She had danced with him before, but watching him seduce her so blatantly was quickly making her breathless.

Come over here…
Stand on that chair…

Angel had grabbed a chair from the dining room table and spun it around with its back to Willow as he straddled it, tipping it back slightly.  He rocked his hips into it as he continued to mouth the words to Willow, his eyes never leaving hers.

Yeah, that’s right…
Raise your arms in the air…
Now shake ‘em…

He dropped the chair out from underneath him, and it fell to the floor as Angel moved away, back towards Willow on the couch.  He straddled her legs, grinding his hips almost in her face as he bent over, taking her face in his hands.

You give me reason to live…
You give me reason to live…
You give me reason to live…

With each line, he squeezed his thighs against her legs, trapping her, until the last line when he jumped away from her, grabbing his t-shirt in his fists and ripping it off his body.

You give me reason to live…

Willow gasped aloud as he tossed the shreds at her.

Sweet darlin,
You can leave your hat on…

He unbuttoned his pants before slowly unzipping them.  He turned around, facing away from Willow and bent over.  Willow watched the smooth muscles in his back stretch as he gyrated his shoulders, languidly swaying his butt in rhythm with the song.

Ya can leave your hat on…
You can leave your hat on…
You can leave your hat on…

He stood and turned back to Willow, sliding his hands across his rippling chest once again, over his rock hard nipples and over his washboard stomach, stopping at his hips.

You can leave your hat on…
You can leave your hat on…

He started to slide his pants down over his hips, stopping just below his hipbones, before pulling them back up.  Willow growled at him and a look of pure adoration and amusement slid across his face.

Suspicious minds keep talkin’…
They try to tear us apart…

Once again, he slid the pants down his hips, not stopping this time.  Once past his hips, he let them fall to the floor, stepping out of them and kicking them away.

They don’t believe in this love of mine…

He reached up with one hand, running it across his own shoulders and chest, a dark, seductive look playing across his features.  With his other hand, he cupped himself through his black boxers.  He knew Willow loved to watch him touch himself, and took this opportunity to let her indulge as he caressed himself.

They don’t know what love is…
They don’t know what love is…
They don’t know what love is…

He gyrated and rocked his hips in time with the brass rhythm behind the vocals before stopping suddenly to mouth the next line to Willow.

But I know what love is…

Willow finally stood from the couch and moved towards him, wrapping her arms around his waist.  He put his arms around her and they moved to the music together, Angel grinding his hardness against her belly.

You can leave your hat on…
You can leave your hat on…


He kissed her deeply, his tongue plundering her mouth as he began removing her clothes as the music faded away.  He slid down her body, kneeling on the floor in front of her, leaving a wet trail across her stomach from the kisses he planted there.

He took her one of her breasts in his hand, kneading it between his fingers.  He slipped his other hand around to grasp one of her cheeks, sliding his fingers along the delicate crease.  Burying his nose in her next of curls, he deeply inhaled the scent of her arousal.  He loved that he could have this effect on her, and couldn’t believe that she was finally with him, living in the same apartment, sharing the same bed every night and day.

He dipped his tongue into her folds, tasting her wetness.   Willow finally pushed the fedora off his head, running her fingers through his hair, holding him close to her.  When Angel began gently nibbling her clitoris, she pushed his head away.

“What?”  he asked, confused.

“I want you inside me…”

She fell to the floor beside him and stretched out, beckoning him.  He positioned himself between her legs, gently pushing her knees open with his.

His erection was straining against the fabric of his boxers.   He rubbed himself against her wetness, soaking the front of the boxers.

“Angel, please…”  she writhed on the floor beneath him.

“Patience, Tinkerbell,”  he teased.

In response, Willow grabbed his cock through his boxers and positioned him at her entrance.

“I’m not going very deep this way,”  he chided, thrusting his hips a tiny bit.

The friction caused by the feel of the silk boxers and his head just inside her small hole nearly made Willow come immediately.

He closed his eyes, enjoying the heat emanating from her as he slowly teased her, rolling his hips.  He sensed she was nearly ready and slid his hand between their bodies, squeezing her hard little nub between his fingers and she came with a shout.

“Angel… I wanted you inside me.”

“You’re the one that got all impatient…”

“If you hadn’t been such a tease…”

“And since when can’t I make you come twice, Tink?”

He finally wiggled out of his boxers and kicked them away, lying back on top of Willow, propping himself up on his elbows on either side of her head.

“Want to come again?”  he asked, his voice growing husky.

“Uh huh,”  she grinned at him, her green eyes flashing dark from her arousal.

He slid himself against her again, lubricating his hard cock with her wetness before entering her.  He covered Willow’s body with his own, almost, but not quick, placing all his weight on her.  She brought her arms around him, holding him tightly against her body.

Angel began a slow pace, in no rush to reach his orgasm, loving the feeling of Willow beneath him as their lips met time and again, tasting and feeling their love.  He nuzzled his face between her neck and collarbone, greedily sucking her skin into his mouth as he felt her blood coursing through the veins just below the surface.   Willow was close to her second orgasm, while Angel was content just to be inside her for the time being.

He held himself still as she writhed beneath him.  She wrapped her legs around his body and ground herself against him, rolling her pelvis to crush her clit against him.  Angel barely moved, barely helping her set the pace as she drove herself towards her climax.

It spread through her slowly, like a fever coursing through her body.  A soft-pitched, keening wail escaped her lips as she clenched her muscles around Angel’s massive shaft and milked herself.

After a few moments of recovery time, she held Angel’s face in her hands, planting soft kisses across his cheeks, nose and lips.

“Your turn, old man,”  she whispered.

Angel started to thrust against her, but she stopped him.

“Nope,”  she giggled.

“Tink?”  he questioned.

“Finish your dance.”


“Finish what you started for me earlier.”

Suddenly Angel understood and pulled from her, shaking his head with a wry grin,  “I never would have imagined you to be such a voyeur.”

“Come on… you’ve never… you know… finished…”  she stuttered.

“There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, Willow.   Whatever you want, just ask.”

“I want to watch you make yourself come,”  she murmured.

“On one condition.”


“If you like it… if you really like watching what I’m going to do… you’ll do it, too.”

She felt the hurt surge through her body as the moisture began dripping down her legs in anticipation.  With a small nod, she agreed.

Angel moved away from her, leaning back against the recliner.   Willow scooted up next to the couch, her legs curled underneath her as she watched him.

He pulled his muscular legs into a loose semi-circle and grasped his still-hard cock in one hand.  He slid his fist from the base to the tip, searching Willow’s face for signs of her enjoyment.

She was watching intently, nibbling on her lower lip.  Her eyes were glued to the spot where his hand and his cock met.

Angel closed his eyes, trying to momentarily forget that she was watching, forget that he was doing this for her pleasure, concentrating only on his own.

Masturbation was certainly nothing new to him.  Like most males, it was a necessity in his life, especially when Willow had still lived on the other side of the country.  Many nights after hanging up the phone from talking to her, and once or twice while she was still on the phone, he had given himself release.  They had never talked about it, and Angel had often wondered if she had allowed herself the same pleasure with her lover so far out of reach.

He knew she loved to watch him touch himself.  Whenever they were getting ready for intercourse, whenever he held himself getting ready to enter her, he would see her eyes grew wide and even darker with lust, but she never once asked him masturbate for her.  Several times when they had been getting ready to go out for the evening, Willow would be in the bathroom with him putting on her make-up while he showered.  Even though his reflection couldn’t be seen in the mirror, Willow forgot that he could see hers, and more than once he had caught her staring at him as he washed himself.  But, again, she never asked him, until now, and he wasn’t about to let her down.

Pushing thoughts of why he was doing this to the back of his head, he concentrated on the feelings of his hand gripping his shaft, working himself closer to orgasm.  With his free hand, he reached down and grabbed his balls, feeling them tighten as he massaged them.

He heard Willow gasp lightly from the other side of the room and opened his eyes to watch her through his lashes.  Angel could see she was squirming, clamping her thighs together, her arms wrapped tightly around her body.

Angel moved his hand faster, feeling the usually slow-moving blood in his veins quickening as it pulsed through his cock.  On each upward stroke, his fingers brushed against the sensitive skin just underneath the head of his penis, causing small drops of pre-come to dribble from the tip.  With his thumb, he smeared it across the swollen head, massaging it in as he felt the beginnings of his orgasm surge to life.

He watched Willow.  She was rocking against the couch, not touching herself, but Angel could see how much this was affecting her, and how close she was.

“Willow,”  he hissed through clenched teeth.

Her green eyes flashed to meet his, barely focusing.

“Do it,”  he begged,  “Please…”

Cautiously, she slipped her hand between her legs so that Angel couldn’t really see what she was doing and began to slide her fingers across her wet folds.

Angel gave himself a few more hard strokes before his uncontrollable orgasm washed over him.  He milked himself roughly, shooting ribbons of semen into the air where it landed on his stomach and hands.  His eyes fell shut as he collapsed back against the chair.

He heard Willow moving towards him and opened his eyes just in time to see her hovering over him on her hands and knees.  He groaned as he felt her hot, wet tongue snake out to begin cleaning his muscular stomach.

“Oh, God, Tink…”  he moaned as her lips moved over him.

He curled his fingers in her hair, brushing the red strands out of her face as he watched her.  He cock began stirring to life once again, bobbing against her chest.  Her mouth closed over him, gently suckling the head, worrying the slit with her tongue.

With a hard shove, he pushed the chair away from him and fell onto his back.

“Willow, turn around,”  he instructed her.

She continued her ministrations, and Angel knew that she didn’t understand.

“Tink, turn around and straddle me…”

Willow was utterly confused by what Angel wanted her to do.    It wasn’t until he leaned forward and grabbed her, pulling her body around and over him that she realized what he was going for.  She felt completely open and vulnerable lying on top of him in this position, even with all the things that they had done before.

She felt his fingers at her entrance, prying open her wet folds before he gently touched his tongue to her clitoris and she promptly forgot her fears.

Focusing back on Angel’s hard shaft, she closed her lips around him again, sucking him deeply into her mouth.  Mimicking the rhythm she was setting, Angel plunged his tongue deep inside her, causing her to gasp, a task that wasn’t easily accomplished with her mouth preoccupied as it was.

Recalling how Angel had pleasured himself earlier, Willow took his balls in her hand, lightly caressing them.  Angel pulled his mouth away from her for a moment.

“Harder, Willow…”

She followed his instruction, and tugged on the sacs, feeling them tighten beneath her fingers.  She felt Angel’s tongue tracing the outline of her vagina, lightly nibbling on the sensitive area between her entrance and her tight anus before concentrating on her nerve center again.  He smoothly rolled it between his teeth and tongue sensing her body tensing as the muscles in her legs began to twitch.   He slipped two fingers into her, curling them upwards, searching for her g-spot.

Willow was taking Angel deeper now, sliding nearly his entire length down her throat.  She was so focused on what Angel was doing to her that she didn’t even realize how deeply she was taking him.  Angel, being only slightly more aware than she was, was desperately trying to hold himself still, longing to thrust upwards into her mouth, but knowing it would cause her to pull away.

Finally, he felt her nose brush against his balls and realized that she had taken him fully.  She pulled back, roughly stroking his balls, before plunging back down, this time taking him completely on the first try.

Angel groaned, loudly, causing his lips to vibrate against her clit.  She bucked against his face, grinding herself against him, and came, drenching his face with her juices.  As she came, she sucked harshly on his cock, squeezing his sac and he emptied himself with a shout down her throat.  Willow swallowed hungrily, greedily continuing to suck him clean as he lapped at the remaining juices that dribbled down her thighs.

“God damn, I love you,”  Angel muttered.

“I love you, too,”  she mumbled back, equally incoherently.

With a gentle prodding from Angel, she rolled off of him.   Angel turned himself around so that they were lying the same direction, and fell onto his back.  Willow pulled herself up to lay across him, giving him a long, slow kiss before resting her head on his chest.

“Where did you get that hat?”

End Part 4

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