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By The Wicked Sluts

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The final guitar chord echoed through the almost empty club.   Cleaning up from the night's activities, the bar staff didn't acknowledge the end of the melancholy song.  One lone person began to clap, stepping out of the corner shadows and into the light.

Oz opened his eyes and, even though he was sure he knew who it was, looked for the source of his applause, Angel had, after all, been the one who'd set up the LA gig for the Dingoes.  A friend of his owned the club and needed a band to fill in when the lead singer and drummer for the house band had been involved in a car accident.  Angel had suggested the Dingoes and now, here the band was in LA for a two- week stint, making more money than they usually did in two months.

"Angel."  Oz nodded at the vampire.

Angel walked up to the edge of the stage.

"Sounds good.  A little on the down beat side, but good." Angel replied.

Oz shrugged. "Everything's been a little on the down side lately."

"I know." Angel nodded.

There wasn't need to go into it any further and for that Oz was grateful.  When Willow had left him for Xander three months ago, it had torn his world apart, even though he'd begun to suspect it was coming.
It had hurt worse than anything he could have imagined.   He'd loved her and now she was Xander's.  Through the pain, though, a piece of him knew that it was meant to be and accepted it.  He just had to wait for his heart to catch up with his head.

Oz stood and put his guitar in its case and hopped off the stage.

"Buy you a drink?" Angel asked.

"Sounds good."

Oz headed for one of the empty tables.  Angel retrieved the drinks and sat down.

"I heard the first part of the last set.  The band's really improved... not that you were bad before." He was quick to add.

Oz grinned, "No need to back pedal.  We've clawed our way up to acceptable."

"So, why are you still here instead of out seeing the sights?" Angel sipped one of the beers he'd brought to the table.

"Devon borrowed the van and took off with a few new converts.  Not my scene."

"Well, finish up and I'll give you a ride to the motel."

Oz shook his head. "I'm sharing a room with Devon, too."

Angel stood. "Come on, you can crash at my place."

"Thanks, man.  Let me get my stuff."


Oz sank back into the leather sofa, twisting the lid off his third beer.  Angel sat on the opposite end, nursing his first one.  The silence was a comfortable one; neither man was much of a talker.  They'd discussed very little, touching only briefly on Oz and Willow's breakup and how he'd been dealing.   Angel hadn't pursued it.  The pain in Oz's voice was tangible and Angel felt for him.  He knew first hand how hard it was to give up the person you love.

Oz finished his beer and stood, heading to get another one.  His senses were a little off kilter from the alcohol.  Usually lithe, he tripped over his own feet and started to fall on top of the chrome and glass coffee table.   With a lightening quick move, Angel reached out and grabbed a loop in Oz's jeans and yanked him backwards.  Oz landed ungracefully in Angel's lap.

Thanking him, Oz tried to pull himself off of Angel and found himself held fast.

"I don't think you should drink anymore." Angel said.

A brief look of anger passed over Oz's features, but slipped away.  He found himself staring into Angel's dark eyes and his stomach fluttered.  At that same moment, Angel realized they were treading into dangerous territory.  It had been too long since he'd had sex with anyone, male or female, and Oz was in no emotional state to be trifled with.  Despite his logical thought, the physical contact with Oz was giving him an erection.  Oz's breathing grew more rapid as he gazed at Angel with increasing fascination.  His tongue flicked out to wet his lips, and Angel made a sound, half groan, half growl, deep in the back of his throat.

" need to move before this gets so embarrassing we won't be able to pretend it didn't happen."


Oz leaned forward and brushed his lips against Angel, softy worrying the vampire's lips, slipping his tongue out and flitting it against the corners of Angel's mouth.  Angel gripped Oz's upper arm and squeezed, pulling him in a little closer and returning the kiss.

Oz broke away and nuzzled Angel's ear lobe.  "I don't think we'll be able to pretend now."

Angel groaned, gently pushing the smaller man away,   "Oz, stop."

Oz may have been a man of few words, but the embarrassed flush that covered his pale face spoke volumes.   He quickly moved off of Angel's lap and to the far end of the couch, trying to look as casual as possible without conveying his feelings of hurt and humiliation.

"Oz,"  Angel started.  "Don't... it's not that I don't want, or didn't like that kiss, but you know it's wrong."

"Haven't you ever acted on an impulse before?"   Oz asked quietly, turning his head to capture Angel's dark eyes.

Angel cocked his eyebrow towards him, answering him with a crooked smirk.


Angel nodded.

"I need to get out of here,"  Oz started towards the door.

"Where are you going?"  Angel asked,   "Sit back down.  I don't want you to leave."

"I can't stay here... not after..."

"Oz, why did you kiss me?"


"Why?  Why not one of those girls from the club?   You could have had any of them."

"I didn't set out tonight to get laid, Angel.   It just happened.  You were there and it felt like the right thing to do."

Angel thought about it for a moment and about the different paths he could take now.  He could take Oz to another hotel, or sit here in silence... or he could throw caution out the door and feel good for the first time in a very long time.

The decision wasn't a difficult one.

Oz was his friend.  They shared something that the rest of their friends would never understand... they both owned a demon, and they both had an uncanny knack for not needing to speak.  The years that they had known each other, they had both watched the other's significant other trying to mold them into something that they weren't.  Buffy was always complaining to Angel about his lack of verbal skills, while he knew that after everything he'd seen in his nearly two hundred and fifty years, silence truly could be golden.  Oz had a mind that was constantly on the move, speeding faster than his lips could possibly go.  He thought over every word that he spoke aloud, carefully and meticulously choosing them before he spoke.  Willow, for all her intelligence, always felt that Oz was holding back on her and tried constantly to get him to talk more, while he knew that he said everything he needed to say.

Angel knew what he wanted to do now;  what he was unsure of was how to do it.  Not the mechanics, certainly, but how to approach Oz.   Leaping to the other end of the couch seemed to be a bad option.

Standing from the couch, he turned to the Oz,   "I'm going to take a shower.  Join me?"  He didn't wait for an answer before he left the room.

Oz sat on the couch, stunned.  Just moments before Angel had told him that the place there were headed was wrong, and now he was asking him to join him in the shower which only meant, and could only lead to, sex.

Angel had stepped out of his clothes and turned the shower on.  Steamed billowed out of the stall as Angel stepped inside, dipping his head under the cascading water, letting the scorching water pelt his hard body.  He felt the cool air hit his body as Oz stepped in behind him, quietly closing the stall door behind him.  Angel held still, waiting to see what, if any, move Oz would make.

He didn't have to wait long as he felt Oz's hands glide across his wet back and shoulders, slowly, cautiously.  Angel arched his shoulder blades, silently encouraging Oz to continue, and he did, running his hands down to the small of Angel's back and around to grasp his midsection, holding him against his body.   Angel needlessly shivered as he felt Oz's lips on his back as he traced the contours of Angel's muscles with his tongue.  His first impulse was to turn and take Oz in his arms, but he stifled the impulse, instead relaxing, not wanting to rush what was shaping up to be a very interesting night.

Oz caressed his stomach, his hands continuing their exploration of Angel's body, advancing up to palm his erect nipples, moving in small, insistent circles across the hard nubs.  Oz's mouth was on his neck now, nipping and sucking the tender skin between his teeth.

Angel had expected the boy... no, the man, to be more nervous or timid, but Oz seemed to know exactly what he was doing.  There was no hesitation as his strokes became stronger and his kisses more tenacious as he worked Angel's body.

Finally, Angel turned in his arms to face him, his dark eyes meeting Oz's playful green ones.  Angel relaxed even further, giving in to what they were doing when he realized that Oz was having fun and enjoying himself, which is what Angel wanted it to be about.  Angel traced his strong jaw line with his finger, drawing his face closer.  Oz pressed closer, raising his lips to Angel's invitation.   Their lips met, firmly, with no hesitation or question.

Oz opened his mouth to Angel, luring his tongue into play.   Angel couldn't stop the smile spreading across his face behind their kiss.

Oz pulled his head back slightly,  "What?"

"Nothing,"  Angel replied.

"Why are you smiling like that, then?"

In answer, Angel slid his arms around Oz's waist, pulling him closer until the two men's erections pressed together.  Oz slid one of his hands between their bodies, taking Angel's cock in his hand, his fingers barely stretching all the way around his massive girth.  He pulled sharply, tugging his shaft, his fingers playing with the silky velvet skin until a deep growl poured forth from Angel's mouth.   Oz quickly covered it with his own, swallowing the sounds.

Angel's own hand quickly moved around and found Oz's heavy erection.  Shock registered in his brain as he finally looked down between their bodies.  Oz was a smaller man than Angel, shorter and with a much slighter build, but his penis was equal to Angel's own, and Angel was well endowed.  Angel's mouth gaped open as he drew his eyes back up to meet Oz's.

Oz had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes,   "Surprised?"

Angel stammered, not wanting to say what he was thinking aloud.

"Yeah, everyone always is.  I guess God felt he needed to make up for my height with something."

Angel chuckled and captured Oz's lips again, their tongues keeping pace as their hands stroked each other closer to the edge.

It had been so long for Angel, especially with another man and he longed for more now.  Pushing Oz gently back against the wall of the shower, Angel dropped to his knees in front of him.

Covering Oz's navel with his mouth in an open-mouthed kiss, he cupped Oz's heavy sac in his hand, caressing him with his fingers.  He ran his tongue around the center of his stomach, leaving a trail of saliva as he followed the course patch of hair that lead to his final destination.  He avoided the protruding erection and lowered his mouth to take one of Oz's testicles in his mouth, rolling his tongue across it.  Oz moaned, bringing his hands to rest in Angel's hair, not forcing or urging him for more.

Angel finally ran his tongue along the underside of Oz's shaft before licking the tip, then lowering his mouth to cover the head entirely.    His hands continued to massage Oz's testes as he pulled his head back and repeated his movements, grazing the base of his cock with his tongue before sucking the tip into his mouth.  Small droplets of pre-come leaked from the tiny slit on the head and Angel quickly kissed them away.  He could feel the tightening in Oz's heavy sac and knew he was drawing closer.

Carefully wrapping his lips around the thick head of Oz's penis once more, Angel lowered his mouth further, taking him slowly, inch by inch, down his throat.  His mouth was stretched wide as Oz's cock disappeared down into his mouth.

Angel somehow managed to keep caressing the shaft with his tongue while swallowing more of Oz's length, memories of the past coming to him.

< Gee, it really is like riding a bike > he thought to himself sardonically, taking Oz completely, until his nose was buried in Oz's course pubic hair.  He released his grip on his testes and braced both of his hands on the shower wall, pulling his head back before furiously swallowing Oz's cock again.

Oz thrust forward and the pair found a rhythm until Oz couldn't take it anymore.  Angel took Oz's shaft in his hand and sucked just the tip into his mouth, harshly pulling Oz's orgasm from him as Oz came.  Angel caught the ribbons of semen on his tongue, savoring the flavor of another man as he hadn't in years and years.   He milked Oz, pulling the final vestiges of the young man's release into his eager mouth.

Angel rested his forehead against Oz's stomach as he waited for him to come down and became painfully aware of his own erection jutting forward, begging for attention.  He wrapped his hand around it, intending to give himself some relief when Oz's voice stopped him.

"No way, man... it's your turn now."

Oz waited until Angel pulled himself up to his feet and took the bar of soap from the tray.  Sudsing up his hands, he lowered them to Angel's solid inner thighs, lightly raking his nails up them. A gentle groan emitted from Angel's mouth.  Oz grinned, storing that tidbit of information away for later.  It really didn't surprise him that Angel liked a little bit of pain with his pleasure.

Swiftly, Oz grabbed Angel's rock hard shaft and slid his fingers over the slick surface of it. Then cupping the vampire's balls in his hands, he kneaded them tenderly.  A little more soap, and he slithered one hand back and rubbed against Angel's rectum.  Angel thrust backward unconsciously and Oz turned him to wash away the soap on his nether regions.  Angel looked down at Oz, wanting so much, but afraid of pressuring the younger man into something he wasn't comfortable with.

"Just because I did, that doesn't mean you have to."  Angel said.

"I know.  I want to." Oz paused, never comfortable with revealing too much about himself, but knowing that Angel probably needed to know. "This isn't the first time I've done this.  It's the first time in about four years, but not the first time ever."

With that, he knelt and lowered his head to Angel's cock. A brief kiss, a swirl of the tongue on the tip and he moved further along, tracing his tongue down the side of Angel's penis and skirting his balls. The shower stall was big enough, Oz decided, and moved Angel onto his hands and knees.  Finally, with a little careful repositioning on his part, Oz's tongue found its intended destination. Spreading Angel's cheeks apart, Oz began to lave the quivering opening. One hand found Angel's pulsing erection, while the other went to the older man's testicles, squeezing them in counter rhythm with his pumping hand and stroking tongue.

Angel was shocked at the continuous moans that were pouring out of his mouth.  It had been so long since he'd had an orgasm with a partner that the pleasure was almost unbearable.  Oz's clever tongue and agile hands were sending shocks of ecstasy coursing through his body.

Oz, sensing Angel's impending orgasm, pushed his tongue further into Angel's opening and sped his hand up.  The bliss that was evident in Angel's incoherent moans filled Oz with a sense of unequaled satisfaction.  Angel had, after all, been around a long time and undoubtedly had been with numerous partners.

Angel stiffened; gasping in an unneeded breath as his climax hit him.  He pushed back against Oz as his seed fairly flew from him, running in rivulets down the drain.  It seemed to go on forever, as jolt after jolt of divine sensation ran through his body.

Finally it ended.  Oz sat and leaned back, drawing Angel to him and settling the vampire between his legs.  Oz clasped Angel to him, his arms tight across his chest.  Angel relaxed into him, after a moment of indecision, and brought Oz's lithe guitarist's fingers to his lips, kissing the tips with affection.

"Well, this isn't exactly how I planned this night to end up,"  Angel stated.

"Is that a complaint?"

"Not at all,"  Angel told him, grinding his lower body slightly against Oz for emphasis.

Oz groaned, dropping his head against Angel's strong back.   Angel chuckled and repeated his motion, feeling Oz's hardening erection.

"What do you want to do about that?"  Angel asked, leaning his head back against Oz's shoulder.

Oz brought his lips to Angel's neck, nuzzling gently, and flicking his tongue at the vampire's earlobe,  "I thought maybe we'd go to your bedroom and try doing this the right way,"  he murmured.

Angel started at his words.  He hadn't expected any of this, and certainly never pictured Oz taking the initiative or taking the top.  It had been a long time since Angel had sex with a man, and when he had, Angelus had been in command, and Angelus wasn't one to be controlled or dominated by anyone.  As a result, there had been very, very few times when he'd allowed himself to be penetrated.   It wasn't that he didn't like it-in fact, he very much liked it, but it wasn't in Angelus's nature to be the low man, so to speak.

Angel pulled himself up off the bottom of the shower stall, then helped Oz stand.  Turning off the water, he handed Oz a towel and the two dried themselves off before moving into the bedroom.

Once there, it seemed for a moment that neither man knew exactly how to proceed.  Finally, Angel dropped the towel that he had been holding around his waist and pushed Oz back onto the bed.  The younger man fell easily back onto the down comforter and Angel covered his body with his own, straddling his legs.

With a feather-light touch, Angel began stroking Oz's erection with his fingertips, running from the base to tip with a delicate stroke before bending down and laving one of Oz's hard nipples with his tongue.  Oz groaned, arching his back to Angel's touch.  Angel bit down gently, pulling Oz's nipple between his teeth.  Shudders wracked his body as his fingers tangled in Angel's hair, holding him in place as the vampire worked one nipple, then the other, his fingers never slowing their light torment of Oz's cock.

Angel knew Oz was ready and pulled back to look into the younger man's eyes.  Oz arched his eyebrow at the vampire, knowing what was coming next.

Angel moved off of Oz, lying on the bed next to him on his stomach, allowing Oz to make the advances to the next stage.  Oz rolled over on his side, propping himself up on one elbow as he caressed Angel's back softly, moving lower with each pass.

When his hand settled on Angel's cheeks, he slowly ran his index finger gently down along his crack.  Angel unconsciously spread his legs open wider, and Oz took the advantage to reach between his legs and softly knead his balls.   Angel moaned softly, grinding his hips into the covers.  Oz took the opportunity to move behind Angel, kneeling between his legs.  He pried his cheeks apart with his hands, running his thumb over the puckered opening so that it quivered beneath his touch.  He pressed inward with his thumb, meeting with some resistance as Angel naturally clenched his muscles tight.

Oz went back to his caresses, moving his fingers easily over Angel's taut cheeks and anus, not trying for penetration as he waited for Angel to relax.  When he felt Angel's muscles begin to loosen up, he wet his index finger with his saliva and easily slid it into the tight hole, working gently as Angel clamped down around his finger.

Oz slowly worked his finger in and out of the vampire as he came to a realization and hesitantly looked around the room.  Angel felt Oz's distraction, concerned that the young man was having second thoughts.

"What's wrong, Oz...?"

"Nothing... lube... we need something."

"Bedside table... look in the drawer."

Oz pulled himself away from Angel and opened the drawer, his eyes widening in surprise.  Not only did he find a tube of K-Y jelly, and a pack of cigarettes, but there was also an assortment of pornographic magazines.  Oz slowly pushed them around in the drawer, noting that they not only depicted heterosexual sex, but also a couple of gay magazines, too.  He noticed something peeking from the top of one of the magazines and pulled it out.  It was a picture of the Scooby gang.   Oz looked to Angel with questioning eyes.

Angel answered with an almost melancholy grin,   "I may be a vampire, but I'm also still a man."

He didn't mention the picture of the gang, and Oz chose not to press him on it.

Positioning himself again behind Angel, he opened the tube and squeezed a generous amount into his palm, rubbing his hands together.  He proceeded to run his hands across Angel's cheeks again, spreading them with his hands.   He easily pushed his finger back into Angel's tight hole, pumping it slowly in and out before adding a second finger, stretching Angel in anticipation of what was to come next.

Angel writhed slowly on the bed beneath him.  He couldn't believe what was happening, who it was happening with, and how good it felt.   While the intrusion was a bit difficult for him... it had been a long time... Angel felt completely relaxed with Oz.  He cared for him, and knew that this was something that they both needed and deserved.  Oz's heart had been broken badly, and Angel knew that for a few hours, at least, he could help Oz forget about Willow.  And on Angel's part, the diversion from his thoughts of Buffy was a welcome one.  The gentleness between the pair was odd... it wasn't at all the way Angel remembered sex between two men, but he knew it was the situation.

This wasn't about domination, or even really about sex.   It was about comfort and companionship and need.  Both men needed to feel something again.

He pushed back against Oz's fingers, letting him know he was ready for more.  Oz got the message, and gripped his own cock in his other hand, greasing himself.  Angel pulled himself up to his knees, and Oz's fingers left his body.  He felt the tip of Oz's erection pressing against his tight hole and tried to relax his muscles as Oz pushed forward.

He groaned loudly as Oz slipped past his sphincter muscles, filling him in a way that he hadn't felt in, literally, over a hundred years.   Oz held still for only a moment before pushing himself all the way in, feeling Angel's tight hole spreading to accommodate his immense size.

It felt so incredible to Oz to be able to sheath himself inside someone else's body this way.  Angel clenched around him, trying to get used to the feel.  Oz smoothed his hands across Angel's back, squeezing his sides before running his nails, none-to-gently, down his spine, leaving behind a trail of red welts.   Angel immediately arched back against Oz, his own cock surging to life as he heard the slap of skin against skin.

Oz pulled back, and thrust in again.  Angel grabbed a pillow and held it tightly in his grip, needing the leverage as Oz began to pound inside of him.  The gentleness from before was gone.  Angel felt his demon snarl to life and knew that if Oz were to see his eyes right then, they would be glowing yellow.   He buried his face in the pillow, hissing in satisfaction as Oz's cock rubbed against his prostate gland with each thrust.

Oz held Angel's hips in his tight grip, guiding the rhythm of their frenzied sex, his nails digging into Angel's skin.  Angel slid his own hand underneath the pair, gripping his erection tightly, intending to give himself over to the waves of pleasure coursing through is body.  He was surprised to feel Oz's hand cover his own, stilling his movements, and pulling his hand away.  With his other hand, Oz grabbed the back of Angel's head, tangling his fingers in his hair, sharply pulling his head back.  Angel almost lost control then, his cock painfully hard at Oz's show of dominance.

"When you come, I want you to come in me,"   Oz whispered harshly.

Angel felt drops of pre-come oozing from the tip of his cock, unsure as to whether he could actually wait that long.  Suddenly, he felt Oz's hand covering the tip of his penis, squeezing tightly.  After a moment, Angel knew he would be able to hold back, and silently wondered where Oz had learned that trick.

Oz himself seemed to be lost in his thrusts, bucking with wild abandon inside Angel's tight hole.  Angel was still wild with arousal, pushed back almost violently again Oz.

"God... yes... squeeze it, Angel... so tight..."   Oz was mumbling, nearly incoherent, and Angel knew he was close,  "Oh, God... fuck..."

Oz thrust deeply inside, his balls slapping against Angel's cheeks, and Angel gripped him hard, his tight walls constricting tightly around him.  Oz stilled, spasming and shaking as he released his warm seed inside of Angel.   Angel relaxed his muscles as Oz thrust a few more times, emptying himself completely.  Oz fell across Angel's back, spent.

"My turn,"  Angel hissed, pushing backwards.

Oz wasn't expecting the movement and fell back onto the bed.  Angel spun around, his erection jutting out from his body.  He covered Oz's smaller body, his mouth seeking Oz's lips.

He thrust his tongue inside, alerting Oz to his need.   Oz pulled his mouth away, mumbling something to Angel.

"What?"  Angel asked, shocked.

"I've never..."

"I thought you said you had done this before."

"I've done... all those other things, but I've never been..."

"Oz, we don't have to.  I don't have to..."

"I want to, Angel.  I want this.  I want you inside of me.  I just thought you should know."

Angel covered Oz's mouth with his own, much more tenderly this time before rolling off to the side.

"Are you sure?"  he asked.

Oz simply nodded,  "How do I...?  Should I get up on my knees?"

"No,"  Angel told him,  "I want to see your face.  Lie back against the pillows."

Oz did as he was instructed, and Angel took one of the pillows and placed it under Oz's hips.  He knelt between Oz's legs, pushing his knees open further with his hands.

Angel leaned over his body, capturing his lips again in a tender kiss,  "Tell me if you want me to stop, Oz."

When the younger man shook his head, Angel took his face in his hands,  "I'm serious, Oz.  If I do anything... anything at all that you're uncomfortable with, tell me."

As he kissed Oz again, he encircled the younger man's soft penis with his hand, gently pumping it.  He felt Oz slowly begin to harden, twitching in his hand.  Angel lowered his head and covered the tip with his lips, suckling gently.  Grasping his hips in his hands, Angel lifted Oz up off the pillow slightly.   With his tongue, he licked a wet trail from the tip of Oz's penis down to the base of his shaft and beyond.  He pressed his tongue roughly against Oz's perineum, feeling Oz jerk as pleasurable sensations washed through him at the attention paid to the oft-neglected area.

When Angel's tongue smoothly slid across his opening, Oz jerked up off the bed, his hands gripping the sheets tightly as his penis surged back to full erection.  Massaging the hole with his cool tongue, Angel coaxed Oz's muscles to relax and he pushed into the opening.  Releasing Oz's hips, he grasped Oz's legs, pushing his knees up against his chest.  Licking and thrusting with his tongue, Angel let go of one of his legs and begin rubbing the sensitive skin around Oz's anus with his fingers.

Angel removed his mouth and pushed his middle finger, wet with his own saliva, deep inside, wriggling it around to stroke Oz's prostate.  With his mouth, he turned his attentions back to Oz's perineum, planting forceful, wet kisses on the small patch of skin.  He could feel his own finger pressing upward to meet his mouth as Oz shuddered, never feeling anything like this before.

Releasing his grip on the sheets, Oz pushed Angel's head back, and Angel's confused brown eyes looked into his own.

"I thought this was your turn,"  Oz murmured.

"I'm getting there,"  Angel replied with a feral grin, pushing another wet finger into Oz's passage.

"Man, I'm going to come again..."  Oz groaned.

"Go ahead,"  Angel instructed, curling his fingers to press against Oz's gland,  "I want you to."

When Angel added a third long finger, and took one of Oz's testes in his mouth, Oz lost it, splashing long streams of semen across his own stomach.

Angel pulled back and scooped Oz's come onto his fingers before spreading it across his own hard cock, lubricating himself with Oz's secretions.

Angel pushed Oz's knees up to his chest again, and pressed the head of his erection against Oz's anus.

"Ready?"  he asked.

"Just do it..."

Angel pushed forward, enveloping himself in Oz's tight heat.  Allowing Oz a couple of moments to adjust to him, Angel leaned forward to kiss him.  Oz wrapped his arms around Angel's shoulders, holding him tightly against his body as he returned the passionate kiss.  Angel began constricting his hips, moving only slightly inside the younger man, content, for the moment, to just be inside of him.

Oz caressed Angel's shoulder before sliding his hands around to his chest, scraping his nails roughly across Angel's nipples.  Angel straightened up and pulled out slightly before fully thrusting back in.  The tightness was almost unbearable for Angel and he nearly came at that moment.   Gripping the backs of Oz's legs for leverage, he pushed him open wide, violently thrusting.  He felt the ridges forming as his true face began to appear, but he was so lost in his lust, he didn't care.

Watching Angel losing control as he was, Oz's cock twitched back to life.  He gripped himself and began pumping as Angel's golden eyes grew black as his orgasm approached.  Oz's fourth orgasm was growing dangerously close and more than anything at that moment, he wanted Angel to come with him.

"Come on, Angel... do it... harder,"  he begged, contracting his muscles around Angel's erection,  "Fuck me..."

With an animalistic cry, Angel pulled out, falling across Oz's body.  Their cocks rubbed together as they each strained for release.   Angel snaked his hand between their bodies, closing his hand as best he could around their erections.  With a final thrust, they both let go, come splattering between their bodies onto their stomachs.

Angel collapsed on top of Oz, feeling the warm liquid adhering their bodies together.  After a couple of minutes, he rolled off Oz onto his back.

Oz rolled onto his side, his hand drifting to Angel's muscular stomach, massaging the sticky secretions into the course hair just below his naval.

"Thank you,"  he said quietly.

Angel turned his head meeting his eyes, and reached out with his hand to run his fingers through Oz's sweat-dampened hair,  "Thank *you.*"

The two men lay in silence for a few minutes, neither sure what to say not that the passion had ebbed between them.  Oz finally spoke.

"Uhm, yeah.  That worked for me.  You too, right?"

Angel grinned, "Yes. It worked for me just fine.   What now, though?  Do you want to go back to your hotel?  You can stay if you, with me.  Or you can take another bedroom. Whatever you feel more comfortable with."

Oz scooted closer to Angel, rolled over and kissed him. "If I sleep in another bed, then we'll have to go through the whole awkward stage when I want a repeat performance in the morning. You still haven't come inside me."

Angel's voice was very sincere as he spoke, "You're okay with this, then? I'm okay with it, if you are.  I don't want our friendship to be ruined."

"Nope. Not ruined.  We can just consider it a friendship with fringe benefits, for the time being. For the next two weeks, anyway.   I don't think I could handle the benefits on a...well, I just don't see myself growing old with another man."

Angel was quiet for a moment, a little surprised at Oz's forthright statement. "That sounds good to me.  I agree with you.  I think we both need a little carefree fun."

Oz yawned sleepily, resting his head on Angel's shoulder. "You know me, man.  I'm all over fun."




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