Who Are You?

Air date 2/29/00


Written by Joss Whedon
Directed by Joss Whedon

As a premise: For those of you who didn’t see last week’s episode entitled
‘This Year’s Girl’ in the final scene Faith uses a gadget the Mayor left her
to switch bodies with Buffy. In this coming episode when we see Faith, it’s
really Buffy and when we see Buffy it’s really Faith.

*As the cops are putting ‘Faith’ on a stretcher Joyce and ‘Buffy’ are
watching on. A cop tells them that after she goes to the hospital she will
be going to jail, they say she is very dangerous. ‘Buffy’ agrees. When
passing them, ‘Faith’ looks up from the stretcher and sees ‘Buffy’ holding
Joyce’s hand.
*‘Buffy’ and Joyce are talking about ‘Faith’ inside. ‘Buffy’ is a little
overzealous about ‘Faith’ making ‘friends’ in jail. Joyce stops her; she
doesn’t understand her attitude. ‘Buffy’ explains that it’s just from the
fighting, she’s all worked up. Joyce tells her she misses her. ‘Buffy’
says she’s been busy with school and all. ‘Buffy’ goes to take a bath with
some stategicallly placed bubbles.
*After the bath ‘Buffy’ is standing in front of the mirror, checking out her
new face. She’s practicing being Buffy.
*‘Faith’ is on a hospital bed being restrained. The nurse is trying to
administer a sedative while ‘Faith’ is telling them they have to let her go.
She says, “She’s with my mom. She stole my body.”
*In Tara’s room, Willow is saying she wishes Faith would just make her move.
She’s worried about everyone. Willow says she ‘thinks’ Buffy can handle
her. Tara says Willow should be safe there with her because no one knows
where she is, no one even knows about her even though she knows about them.
Willow tries to reassure her. She tells Tara that Buffy is her best friend
and they have a whole ‘group’ thing going on that revolves around the
slaying. She says she wants her to meet her friends, but she also wants
something that is just hers. Tara says she understands. As Willow is
leaving to check in with Giles Tara stops her by saying, “I am, you know.”
Willow asks “What.” Tara says “Yours.” Willow gives her a genuine smile in
*‘Buffy’ is getting dressed in her room. She finds credit cards and calls
for a flight out of Sunnydale. Joyce comes in and asks her what she is
doing. She says she’s just checking her mail. Joyce says Giles was on the
other line and that he wants her to come over, for an update. ‘Buffy’ says
she’ll go, she has some time to kill. As she’s leaving she asks if she can
borrow some lipstick, Joyce says it’s the same one Faith picked. ‘Buffy’
tosses it at her and says, “Burn it.”
*In the police car ‘Faith’ is waking up. She realizes where she is. An
armored truck pulls out in front of the police car. The police car slams
into it. Two guys get out and take ‘Faith’ from the car. They say “By the
order of the Watcher’s Council you are being taken into custody.” They
drive off with her.
*‘Buffy’ goes to Giles’. When she comes in she says hi to the Scooby Gang.
Anya is there and she doesn’t seem to recognize her, but plays along with
it. Giles tells them all that the Watcher’s Council has sent a team to pick
up Faith. ‘Buffy’ reminds them about when Wesley went to pick up Faith.
Giles tells her this team is sent out on harder recon jobs. ‘Buffy’ asks if
they will take her to England. Giles says yes. ‘Buffy’ starts laughingly
uncontrollable. Finally she stops after they are all looking at her. She
says she’s just happy. Willow says she is to. She says she hopes the
Watcher’s Council throws the book at her. ‘Buffy’ says she forgot how much
Willow hates Faith. Willow says it’s because of all the things Faith did to
‘Buffy’. She says she’d like an hour alone with her in a room, if she were
larger and had hand grenades of course. ‘Buffy’ says, “I bet I know what
Faith would say to that.” Then ‘Buffy’ steps forward and slams a huge knife
into Willow’s stomach. Immediately it goes back to ‘Buffy’, she was
*Anya says that it’s great that everything is handled, but is wondering why
it couldn’t be conveyed by phone. Willow asks ‘Buffy’ what’s wrong.
‘Buffy’ says she would never let Faith hurt her. She smiles at Willow.
*Giles tells Anya and Xander they can go if they want. Xander says they
have other plans. Anya says they are going to light a bunch of candles and
have sex by them. ‘Buffy’ says, “Wouldn’t want to cut into that 7 minutes,
would we?” Anya and Xander both say “Hey!”
*‘Buffy’ tells them all to go have fun. Giles stops her by reminding her
they still have ADAM to deal with. ‘Buffy’ looks puzzled, then covers. She
tells everyone to go have fun she will patrol all night if that’s what it
*In the very next scene ‘Buffy’ is doing the bump and grind on a dance floor
at the Bronze with several guys and girls. In leaving the dance floor she
accidentally bumps into Spike. She obviously doesn’t know Spike. He says
she doesn’t have to worry about him, he can’t hurt anyone. She says,
“You’re a vampire.” He thinks she’s making fun of him. He tells her to
“Sod off.” She starts to walk away and he says “Oh fine, throw it in my
face, Spike’s not a threat anymore’. With that ‘Buffy’ turns around
realizing he is William the Bloody. She is taunting him. He says, “You
know why I never liked you, Summers?” She says, “Because I’m a stuck up
tight ass with no sense of fun?” He says that about covers it. She tells
him she could do anything she wants, be rich and famous. She says she could
have anyone she wants, even him. She says I could ride you at a gallop
until your knees buckled and your eyes rolled up. I’ve got muscles you’ve
never even dreamed of. I could squeeze you til you popped like warm
champagne and you’d beg me to hurt you just a little bit more. And you know
why I don’t? Because it’s wrong.” Then she laughs and walks away. He says
when he gets the chip out they are going to have a confrontation.
*In an underground place some vampires are talking. They run into ADAM. He
wants to know what they fear. He says they hide from the cross, sun, and
fire. He says he believes decapitation is a problem as well as he is calmly
ripping the head off of a vampire. He says vampires are a paradox, demon in
a human body. They walk in both worlds and belong to neither. He tells
them they need to talk.
*‘Faith’ wakes up in the back of the armored truck. Mr. Weatherby from the
council starts to question her. ‘Faith’ tries to explain to him that she is
Buffy Summers, that Faith used some kind of magic to switch their bodies.
They tell her that they have heard it all before. She asks them to get
Giles. They tell her she is just a package they are delivering. One of
them tells her that the Council used to mean something and she perverted it,
she’s just trash. He spits in her face and leaves the truck.
*Willow and Tara go to the Bronze. Willow is telling Tara about how they
all used to come here when she spots ‘Buffy’. ‘Buffy’ is with some guys
chugging beer. Willow takes Tara’s hand and leads her over to meet ‘Buffy’.
Willow introduces them. ‘Buffy’ is pleased that they’ve never met, since
she didn’t know Tara’s name. Willow goes to get them a drink. ‘Buffy’
starts to question Tara. Tara says they hang out a lot, Willow is cool.
‘Buffy’ says “So, Willow’s not driving stick anymore, who would’ve thought”.
She says I guess you never know someone til you’re inside their skin.
‘Buffy’ brings up Oz, him being out of the picture. She says Willow
couldn’t get enough of him. Tara starts to talk, but starts stuttering.
‘Buffy’ makes fun of her. Willow returns and says there is a guy over
there, a vampire. ‘Buffy’ sits there for a minute and then realizes she
should go slay him. She goes after him and grabs a pool stick. She slays
him out back. She tells the girl she will live. The girl tries to thank
her; ‘Buffy’ seems touched by this.
*When ‘Buffy’ comes back Willow tells her Tara isn’t feeling well, she’s
going to walk her home. ‘Buffy’ tells her “You give her whatever she
needs”. Willow asks if she is coming home later or going to Riley’s. At
the mention of Riley, ‘Buffy’ just smiles.
*In a warehouse where they are holding ‘Faith’ one of the guys goes into the
truck to sedate her. She grabs him and threatens the others to let her go
or she’ll kill him. One of them tells her that before they start a job they
always put their affairs in order just in case something happens. They walk
away and leave him. As the other two walk away they wonder if she’s more
trouble than she’s worth. They wonder if the Council can even them passage,
they decide it’s time for the contingency plan. ‘Faith’ throws the guy out
of the truck.
*‘Buffy’ shows up at Riley’s. She says “Hi, baby.”
*Back at Tara’s Willow tells her she will really like ‘Buffy’ after she
spends time with her. Tara says she doesn’t think ‘Buffy’ is ‘Buffy’. She
says a person has an energy and hers was fragmented, like something forced
where it doesn’t belong. Tara asks if she has something of ‘Buffy’s. She
suggests a sort of astral projection to find Buffy. She tells Willow that
she will have to be her anchor here while Willow goes looking. Willow says
she trusts her.
*At Riley’s, ‘Buffy’ asks if he missed her. He says he did and asks if
everything is ok. She tells him ‘Faith’ is on her way to England. ‘Buffy’
sits on him and starts grinding, she tells him he wouldn’t have liked Faith
she has a tendency to give into her animal instincts. He tells her the door
is open, she doesn’t care. He gets up and closes it. She is being all
seductive on the bed. She asks him how he wants her, what does he want to
do with this body. She asks “What nasty little desire have you been itching
to scratch? Am I a bad girl, do you want to hurt me?” He asks what they
are playing at. She says she’s Buffy, he says he’ll be Riley. She starts
to get mad and leave the bed but he pulls her back and gently kisses her.
*At Tara’s Willow and Tara start the spell. They are sitting in a circle
and breathing heavy. A circle of light appears around them and floats up.
They join hands. Willow falls back in a laying down position.
*‘Buffy’ and Riley are making love, when Riley says, “I love you.” ‘Buffy’
starts to freak and tells him to get off of her. She struggles and finally
sits up. Riley wants to know what is wrong. ‘Buffy’ says ‘Who are you?
What do you want from her? This is meaningless”. Riley comes to her and
holds her. He wants to know what happened. She says nothing.
*ADAM is telling the vampires that he has been given a gift, he knows why he
is here. He has been created to kill, to distinguish life wherever he finds
it. The vampires want to know what to do. He tells them they are there to
tell people about him. He wants to know what is it, more than man that they
*The next morning ‘Buffy’ gets dressed and goes downstairs. She runs into
Forrest. He wants to know if she left Riley in one piece. He calls her a
killer, she gets mad. She says she’s not a killer and he doesn’t know the
first thing about her. Forrest asks if she really cares what he thinks.
She shakes it off and says no, she doesn’t care.
*In the warehouse the one of the guys from the Council says they’ve just
found out the Council can’t get them passage to England, they’ve ordered the
kill. They are supposed to torch the place with gas. The guy that ‘Faith’
didn’t kill, but let go, starts to argue with them. He says she could’ve
killed him and didn’t. When they open the door of the truck she grabs a gun
and shoots her locks off. She starts the truck and drives out of the
*‘Buffy’ is at the airport. Checking in at the ticket counter.
*‘Faith’ goes to Giles’. She starts explaining that she is Buffy. He
doesn’t believe her. He wants to tie her up until they know what is going
on. She starts telling him all kinds of things Faith wouldn’t know. At
that time Willow and Tara come in. They know it’s Buffy, they contacted the
nether realm and found out Faith switched with Buffy. Willow and Tara
concocted a Katra, which can be used to switch them back but they have to
find Faith. Xander calls and tells them to turn on the TV. There is a
report on TV about some ‘horribly disfigured men’ holed up in a church with
hostages. They have already released one with severe neck injuries. As
they are watching this…..
*‘Buffy’ is in the airport watching the same news special.
*In the church the vampires are amazed that they have been hiding from
church all this time, when there is nothing to be afraid of. They decide to
start killing off the parishioners until the ‘Lord’ arrives.
*Riley is outside and tells police to back off. ‘Buffy’ shows up. She
tells Riley she is going in to save the people. He wants her to wait, but
she refuses. She says she is Buffy, she has to do this. She has tears in
her eyes. Riley says he’s going with her. She jabs him lightly in the
stomach and he flinches. She says she can’t use him. She tells him to help
people that come out, unless they have fangs. She goes inside.
*One of the vampires tells her that he will start killing people because she
came in. She says he is not going to kill them. He asks why. She says
because it’s wrong, and you can tell she means it this time.
*She starts fighting with the vampires. They realize she is the slayer.
*Willow, Tara, Giles and ‘Faith’ show up. The police try to keep them out.
Giles distracts them.
*Inside ‘Buffy’ takes on the vampires. The people start exiting. One of
the vampires runs out and Riley kills him. ‘Faith’ runs up and hugs Riley.
She wants to know how many are inside. He wants to know who she is.
*Inside ‘Buffy’ is fighting one of the vampires, he is very strong. He
tells her that she can’t stop him because ADAM has shown him the way. Just
then he is staked. When he disappears ‘Faith’ is standing there. ‘Buffy’
attacks her. They begin to fight in the church. During the fight ‘Buffy’
is beating up ‘Faith’ saying “You’re disgusting, you murderous bitch, I hate
you.” ‘Faith’ grabs ‘Buffy’s hand and a light passes through them, throwing
them both backwards. They have switched back. Buffy sits on the floor
stunned and Faith runs away.
*Later at Riley’s, Buffy is on the phone. She tells Riley that Faith is
gone, so is the council. He says he should’ve picked up on it. She
realizes he slept with Faith. He says he slept with her. She is visibly
hurt. She says she doesn’t think Faith is coming back. Riley says she had
her fun. Buffy says “Yea, fun.”
*Faith is on a train in a boxcar. She looks sad and weary.